September 9th, 2011 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “clipped”

  1. Clips could be anything, paper clips, book clips, bulldog clips. Last week was teacher’s day. We were supposed to get either alcohol gel or bulldog clips for the teachers. I chose bulldog clips. Much easier to get. And so cheap too! They were a big hit at school, somehow,

    By reesa vasquez on 09.09.2011

  2. The young boy sat on the edge of the bathtub as the girl chatted away merrily in his ear. She took her kindergarten safety scissors and clipped, clipped, clipped away at his hair. Clumps of blonde fell to the floor, and still the girl continued to trim it away.

    By Kaylyn URL on 09.09.2011

  3. No names, he said.

    I reacted like a bird with a clipped wing–warbling, piteously, flopping about. He shrugged.

    I quieted, and in my mind, I gave him a name.

    And me. I gave myself a name, a new one. And in the shadowy, mildewy room, all was silence, for hours and hours and hours, but in my head: her name, her name, her name.

    By RS Bohn URL on 09.09.2011

  4. They clipped her wings but in her heart she flew and there’s nothing they could do.

    By Bridiejo URL on 09.09.2011

  5. the paper clip, clips for hair and clips as in a way to hang on to people … being clipped – a good thing … clipped … i dont know what else to write ;) so im cracking awkward jokes

    By nida on 09.09.2011

  6. A poodle came in to get clipped. The owner insisted on one of those pom-pom cuts, but I talked her into something a little less embarrassing for poor Scarlett, a beautiful black standard poodle who really was too dignified for the little red bows her owner insisted on tying in her fur.

    By Lisa Klink on 09.09.2011

  7. I think of a paper clip? Or those little paper.. Clipper.. Things, that have a black plastic tent and two metal prongs.. I’ve used those so many times on projects.. Not to mention I’ve stuck them on my lip, and fingers..

    By Meow on 09.09.2011

  8. I’m clipped off from the real world. I don’t know whats going on anymore. Everything is so strange. I just don’t understand.

    By Katarina URL on 09.09.2011

  9. ruby red blood bubbles from his shoulders. tears stream down his face, disregard for whoever sees him in such a state. he doesn’t care he doesn’t care he doesn’t care—


    his wings oh god oh god his wings are clipped and broken and torn apart all because he gave his heart away to someone—


    By cam URL on 09.09.2011

  10. The clipped tone in his voice was disconcerting. Micah blinked, taken aback, hurt, but more than anything he was… angry. This was bullshit, and it had gone on for too long. He took a moment to breath, gather his thoughts, then stared up at his– friend. Yes.

    And shoved him roughly by the shoulders, sending him over the edge of the railing, hurtling towards the ground, scream caught in his throat, blue eyes shut tightly.

    And Micah smiled, for the first time in months.

    By lukas URL on 09.09.2011

  11. The car clipped the side of my bike. They say things like this feel like slow motion but let me tell you that this happened in the blink of an eye. I felt the impact and then the next thing i knew i was on my back on the road. I felt the pain searing through my body….i knew this was it.

    By Kirsty URL on 09.09.2011

  12. She clipped coupons every Sunday, sitting crosslegged in threadbare pajamas on the bare living room floor in the corner where the sun was certain to come in. Every penny counted.

    By JJ Thorpe URL on 09.09.2011

  13. i clipped my toe nails today. and god will clip your wings tmw.

    By sayla URL on 09.09.2011

  14. sex
    peace tea
    are both
    on a lonely night
    but only one
    wont hurt you
    in the end

    By Kennedy on 09.09.2011

  15. You were the love of my life. You were my everything. You were my present, my future, and my forever.
    And now you’re gone.
    You gave me no warning. Reminded me that very day how you would always be there.
    And then you shredded the heart that I had happily handed to you. You clipped me out of your perfect little picture like I meant nothing.
    If that is what this sick twisted world calls love, then please. I no longer want a part of it.

    By Noel URL on 09.09.2011

  16. She clipped the scissors, her hands shaking as they hovered over her hair, around her people bustled and hustled for attention, but she ignored them, only focusing on her long blonde hair that would soon be floating the ground below her. She wondered if it was possible for hair to become human — no, of course not, but the affection she felt for her hair was ridiculous. Taking a deep breathe, she cut.

    By Jess on 09.09.2011

  17. Her lips were clipped with secret thoughts and clandestine words. How much of the present can she keep to herself, and for how long?

    By Circinus URL on 09.09.2011

  18. My clipped feathers have grown, now I am free.

    By Ninan on 09.09.2011

  19. toenails lying across the bathroom floor
    like decaying petals that fell from a tree

    By Corinne on 09.09.2011

  20. On the way by, the guy at the bar clipped my elbow. You know the way I mean. I didn’t exactly knock the air out of my sails, but it certainly brought his animosity across. I turned toward him, screwing up both my face and my courage to tear into him, when all of a sudden, Melinda stepped in front of me, holding up her well-manicured hand.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 09.09.2011

  21. I breathe in
    and you breathe out.
    I breathe left
    and you breathe right.
    I forget to breathe
    and you hold your breath
    so we both pass out
    at the same time,
    and then we can be together
    in another world
    unlike this one.
    And then sometime,
    we’ll wake up and look
    in the mirror
    and we will see each other
    staring back like a scissor
    entering our eyelid
    and we cry
    because the pain
    stabs at us,
    so we breathe in and out
    and in and out
    until we stop breathing.
    until we wake up again.

    By Scythe42 URL on 09.09.2011

  22. I clipped my nail a little too close. On accident? Not really. On purpose? I don’t know. But the pain felt good. Pain has become my best friend, it seems. always there to lend a hand, and even when it leaves, it leaves a mark, unlike many of my “friends.”

    By Jessica on 09.09.2011

  23. The hair fell from her face. There were no words to describe how she felt. It wasn’t just a little trim. She was changing everything. Shear it off, hide everything by taking it all away, that mass of curtain-like hair. To disappear into the world of no recognition, to run away from all that was familiar and comfortable. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? No fucking idea.

    By ohthekings URL on 09.09.2011

  24. clipped wings stop me from soaring and have me slinking through life.

    By Debbie URL on 09.09.2011

  25. wat am i going to do????????????????????
    ohhhhh yeah.
    60 seconds?!?!?!?!?!??!!
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    By justine URL on 09.09.2011

  26. i clipped my hair because i was inspired by P!Nk’s FUCKING PERFECT video. The moment when the girl slit her wrists, but lived. Then chopped her hair off.
    Well so did I
    With both things.
    Though the former was not due to the video.

    By manio on 09.09.2011

  27. I clipped the articles out of the newspaper, it was now time to start my scrapbook of the Past four years of my life. I looked back on my time in this place, with these people. Everything seemed like such a waste, and so fake. I didn’t wanna remember my high school years as this. I wanted him outta my life. I wanted all of the fake bitches out of my life. I just wanted to be able to do me without all the shallow judgements. It’s my life, so let me live it my way, you all have your own lives to worry about. It gets old, but knowing that after this year I’ll be gone was good enough push for me to get through this one last year…

    By foost URL on 09.09.2011

  28. My nose was clipped. My wings sniffed the air. I felt the rain with my stomach, and satiation with my hands.

    By Levi on 09.09.2011


    By SHANNON on 09.09.2011

  30. A year from now, I will be cut out of this life, this town. Everything that stresses me out daily will be left for another generation, and I’ll move on to something else; I’ll move onto something better. But even that optimistic thought cannot help me now. I’m far down in the depths of melancholy, and no one is offering a hand.

    By Marissa URL on 09.09.2011

  31. She heard the sound that brought her back to the days before society got the best of her. Clip, it went. Clip. Clip. Clip. As if a segment of life was being cut off. Clip.

    By Pibi M URL on 09.09.2011

  32. Greek mothers and bored fathers sprawled all over the glass floors, my hair shrinking into my scalp as someone behind me creeps up like a bottle of pain killers. Kill my pain, I want to tell him, shake him until the white capsules tumble from his ears like marbles pressed against teeth by a slick tongue. Clipp me.

    By N.J. URL on 09.09.2011

  33. so much has been taken away from us. information has been hidden, images have been altered. so much hidden by being clipped away.

    By Priscilla URL on 09.09.2011

  34. Clip my wings and bind me to my cage. I’ll snap through the bonds and squeeze through the bars like a fugitive, quiet as a mouse. Unclipped, released, slipping through the night… a spy in disguise. You’ll be clipped next.

    By Meghan URL on 09.09.2011

  35. The clips fell into the sink,
    pieces of him he no longer needed.
    And each one fell so easily,
    so willingly.

    Like dreams.

    By Destin URL on 09.09.2011

  36. I have clipped my nails. I have clipped my hair. I have cliipped my dogs nails and I have clipped my daughters hair. I have heard of getting your tounge clipped. I could only imangine how painful that could be

    By Erica on 09.09.2011

  37. The lawnmower started with a groan of rusted steel, and it produced a whirlwind of dried, brown, grass.

    “How much will that be.”

    “For you, fifty dollars.”

    “How about forty nine.”


    The man gave him forty eight dollars.

    “Close enough.”

    By Carson on 09.09.2011

  38. he cut the newspaper article out last sunday, clipped the coupons in the shopping pages, and tried desperately to think of a way to organize his life like the neat piles of sorted coupons he was making.

    By Selena URL on 09.09.2011

  39. as she clipped along the highway. thinking of nothing but getting away from the place she’d grown to loath. she began to sing. the song burst out of her with so much passion it brought tears to her listening mothers eyes.

    By Taylor Kaye on 09.09.2011

  40. I clipped your wings; I am sorry. I clipped your love; I am sorry.
    I clipped my freedom to see you fly; but didn’t realize that kept both of us down.

    By Ehhh on 09.09.2011