April 19th, 2013 | 141 Entries

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141 Entries for “cliffs”

  1. The wind passes through the leaves, combing through the wild tangles of my hair. It brushes my face, beckoning me; the air carries murmured whispers floating over cliffs.

    By Ashley on 04.20.2013

  2. people jump off cliffs to release themselves from the world. Is it suicide or freedom? Is it a need to fly or a need die?

    By Vonzolia on 04.20.2013

  3. The cliffs were high and rocky. We stepped into our harnesses and latched onto the rope that had carried so many people up this stretch before. Rock climbing was our passion, and this was the cliff that had always eluded us. Today, we could conquer it, once and for all.

    By Kristina on 04.20.2013

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    By Ivan on 04.20.2013

  5. cliffs the most dangerous things a human being can encounter. They are high and may cause severe damage if an individual happens to fall off from it.

    By jocelyn on 04.20.2013

  6. i fell, that’s true,
    but i wasn’t pushed.

    i leapt.

    By isa on 04.20.2013

  7. We were driving in the car, the breeze flowing through my hair, all I remember is the cliffs, that were pointing west to a far off country, the colour of fire. I could just imagine myself on top, eyes closed, letting my skin absorb the wind and the dust coming from them.

    By purpleyrain on 04.20.2013

  8. Looking over the cliffs, I knew I was where I wanted to be. His arm was around me, gentle but firm. The sun was setting far off over the cliffs, and the wind was blowing. We had been here most of the day, and while we were tired from walking, I was reluctant to leave the solitude of his arm and the open space.

    By AnnieB on 04.20.2013

  9. Standing, I stared out, feeling the wind blowing against my back, almost urging me on. To jump. To leave. To sink into the darkness of rocks and water. And wouldn’t that be perfect? I wouldn’t be stuck in this desolate place. I wouldn’t have to live around here.

    I wouldn’t have to live in this silly little idealistic place.

    By Charlie on 04.20.2013

  10. The cliffs almost compel me.
    I can’t think about anything else.
    He calls me and says my name but I choose not to look.

    “Please, please don’t go.”

    And I realize all the cliffs in my life.
    Friends, Sleepless nights.
    Broken hearts.

    The cliffs come to call me.

    And I completely oblige.

    By erin on 04.20.2013

  11. I see her standing at the edge. She’s so beautiful like this, in her flowing white dress and long black hair in the wind. She turns and looks at me, a deep sadness in her eyes, an incurable pain that no amount of love could heal.
    And I let her go, I let her hand slip out of mine.
    And finally she is at peace.

    By Aphrodite on 04.20.2013

  12. CLIFFS





    I AM DOG

    By erin on 04.20.2013

  13. cliffs
    ocean water milk season diving people universe earth sky stars horizon seascape painting endless abiss city atlantis clouds tom

    By Dasiree on 04.20.2013

  14. the sky is dark. unsurprising, given that it’s night. the air is totally silent; the seagulls gone. i can see a tiny light in the distance; i wonder briefly if it’s france, then shake my head at my own stupidity.
    whereas once the smell of the salt would have thrilled me, now i feel sick. i become more and more aware of the blood pounding through my body; i wouldn’t disbelieve you if you said it was about to pour out of my ears; the lift scene in The Shining in human form.

    By n on 04.20.2013

  15. People stand at the edges of cliffs all the time, whether it’s metaphorical or literal. But looking over is just the first step. In order to really live, you have to find the courage not only to stand at the edge, but to jump off and fly.

    By Amanda on 04.20.2013

  16. People stand at the edges of cliffs all the time, both metaphorically and literally, but standing there is just the first step. In order to really live, you have to find the courage not only to stand at the edge, but to jump off and fly.

    By Amanda G. on 04.20.2013

  17. She’s standing at the very edge: eyes focused on the churning water below, the turbulent white-capped waves that tossed and turned as if the ocean were a sleepy child caught in the throes of a terrible nightmare. It would be so easy, she thinks. It would be the easiest thing in the world: to step into that cold embrace, to let yourself sink to the very bottom, to not think. To not feel.

    It would be so easy. But she steps away carefully from the edge of the cliff.

    By Skäila URL on 04.20.2013

  18. The cliffs rise up on either side like towers, puffy clouds edging their rims. A swallow circles the bluffs, a black dot against blue sky. The sand, burning the skin of my feet like summer.

    By Aubrey on 04.20.2013

  19. A ledge of sorts, created out of land that overhangs a giant canyon. One of life’s natural beauties.

    By KatieJo on 04.20.2013

  20. The boy stood on the towering cliffs, peering over the edge in to the abyss of night. A shudder ran through his bones. He knew what he had to do.

    By Heather on 04.20.2013

  21. She stares down, gazing at the painfully small scenery bellow. Grassland, sure, but in the distance the skyscrapers she grew up with, gazing at her apathetically.

    By Regina on 04.20.2013