January 13th, 2019 | 69 Entries

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69 Entries for “classical”

  1. I’m sitting in my room, a headache coming due to frustration alone, listening to pseudo-classical music that leaves no real impact on anyone’s memories. I wish I had the option of walking away, but as of now, I must be calculating and careful. God, to have the luxury of recoil! To be able to step back without leaving cracks on the sidewalk!

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.13.2019

  2. I like classical music. I don’t know much about this subject but I do enjoy listening to classical songs. It sounds more authentic than most types of music these days. Sometimes it’s nice to listen to while studying or cleaning.

    By Seka on 01.13.2019

  3. classical music is usually what I think about when I see or hear the worked classical but now that I am living in Barcelona I hear my dad talk a lot about classical things. I think the word classical is just another word for describing old things or ancient things. I do like the things we see and hear and experience in Spain in a classical sense.

    By Duncan Bates on 01.14.2019

  4. that’s just classic of you to put it on your head. you know damn well it’s a receptacle for getting rid of trash not gathering it. you apply it to your consciousness like it’s treasure for future sorting. you know they don’t recycle here.

    By Britta Kallevang on 01.14.2019

  5. I think of music and how relaxing the sound. Also,the person that created the classical music. The powerful mind that created the the master pieces.

    By Dottie Bernat on 01.14.2019

  6. Classical reminds me of the piano. I love classical music, it puts me in a good mood, and sometimes I can imagine myself playing the pieces and i can feel the emotiont

    By Jenny on 01.14.2019

  7. I enjoy classical music. It is very relaxing and I like to hear the different instruments. It is a nice type of music to play on any type of holiday. I also enjoy classic movies and historical events. Some people say that Classical music is boring but I think they are wrong. I believe

    By Alicia Martinez on 01.14.2019

  8. There is never a silence here anymore. Everything runs and purs and screeches and cracks and howls and I can’t turn it off. I’ve been listening to music to drown out everything else, but despite it being relaxing, I feel as though I’m running away from something. A dash. A headache. I’m scared to be alone anymore. Keep the noise coming but turn it off entirely.

    By Aisling on 01.14.2019

  9. Hi,my name is De’Asia White, but you can call me DeDe for short. I’m am 12 years old, about

    By De'Asia White on 01.14.2019

  10. About to be 13 next month. I have 3 siblings, a 16 year old sister, 11 year old sister, and a 10 year old brother.

    By De'Asia White on 01.14.2019

  11. when sophia called her parents they were shook and rushed home to find there son balling his eyes out

    By madison brooks on 01.14.2019

  12. they ran fast to the car they didnt know how much longer he would live. they made it to the hospital.

    By madison brooks on 01.14.2019

  13. She listened to the swells of the music, closing her eyes and letting is sweep over her. His hand found hers and she found tears prickling down her cheeks even through her closed lids. There was something so comforting and wonderful about all of this. She was settling into a contentment she hadn’t felt in a long time.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.14.2019

  14. The Crucifix was a classical symbol of sacred death,
    in today’s fast moving world,
    a willow tree and a deep breathe,
    can be a stretch.
    A human is not like a house,
    after it is dilapidated,
    it can be renovated,
    plugged into the an outlet of positivity,
    and recalculated.

    By Milad URL on 01.14.2019

  15. I think classic music is classical. I don’t know exactly what this word means but it is fun to say and type! classical, classical, classical. I like this word.

    By Peighton on 01.14.2019

  16. classicl is so cool i dont know what it means but yor find out later along in life but yea back to what i was saying to u you are cool i dont.i dont even like classifiacla somthing like tat it is very soopid fly like the murchandt from funnny mikecical jr. idk care a bout not minutuide to write a t all

    By jr bnard 3 URL on 01.14.2019

  17. Hey Dede this j j but u can call me j i wondering if u are werid or cool at all u know get to know each other

    By jr bnard 3 URL on 01.14.2019

  18. Hey Dede this j j but u can call me j i wondering if u are werid or cool at all u know get to know each other ever day u kn ow what i mean cool gurl understandable classical i dont know the definenation to if but yall do its okay to forget somethings like was and if to tooo go home now how cow then there then they

    By jr bnard 3 URL on 01.14.2019

  19. The notes soared, lifting her to another place and time. She was transported to a familiar living room filled with piano music, the smell of newly baked sugar cookies, and her mother scolding her brother.

    By DarkJanuary URL on 01.14.2019

  20. Classical music its what people used to listen to. But now people have something to chose between like Country, Rap, Pop Oldies and more but we sure are glad for that.

    By Briana Jo Dailey on 01.14.2019

  21. Classical music is when you use only instruments. It is really cool if you ever get into that knid of music but it is really neat.

    By Briana Jo Dailey on 01.14.2019

  22. I don’t like classical music is very bad I like pop classical music my mom says help you think but i gives me a headache

    By Jesse Martinez on 01.14.2019

  23. Classical music, Classical art. Classical history. Classical cars,

    By Ridge URL on 01.14.2019

  24. What I think of the word classical I think music, art, old European stories, and classical history. I don’t know what it means specifically.

    By Valor Mexia on 01.14.2019

  25. Classical is a type of music that consist of musical instruments joining together to bring a lovely sound to peoples ears. It can be loud, soft, and quite peaceful. Also, there’s no voices in it.

    By Mia on 01.14.2019

  26. music of a partical type

    By Mareyon C on 01.14.2019

  27. Music has a genre that is called classical. Classical music has a many instruments including, piano, violin and many more.

    By Katelyn E. on 01.14.2019

  28. Classical music is relaxing to listen to. I like to listen to it when I am studying or doing my assignments. Recently, I started listening to a genre called lofi its a genre that mixes classical and hip hop with jazz.

    By Alexandria on 01.14.2019

  29. Al escuchar música clásica siempre le queda el sentimiento de estar envejeciendo paulatinamente, una fina capa de cera y polvo le recubre y poco a poco se convierte en otro clásico cliché.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 01.14.2019

  30. There was a classical school in Columbia Maryland that I once attended. It was very strict and taught all subjects including Latin. We studied classical text and classical music and classical paintings. Classical means a long time ago. It was sometimes fun but not always to learn this way.

    By Joy Pretend on 01.14.2019

  31. This word reminds me of music. The education and talent that goes into making classical music. The talented artists from the past and present that make slow and fast paced sounds for us to enjoy. How do present day artists keep classical music alive ?

    By Caroline Hatcher URL on 01.14.2019

  32. One of my best friends had always said I mixed two writing styles to make my own. I didn’t really understand what he meant until one day he put it into perspective. Suddenly, I understood that being trained in the classical sense but weaving in my own practical style had been part of the transformation as a journalist.

    By maxwellduryea URL on 01.14.2019

  33. classical music isnt then type of music i like. i like hard rock, now i like classic rock, but i really dont like classical music. its borning to me, if im honest.

    By deann on 01.14.2019

  34. The violins swayed to their melody as it floated through the dimly lit hall. The echoes carried across the stone, colder with every step she took away from the room. The wind ripped through an open window, tangling her hair.

    By snowthatremembers URL on 01.14.2019

  35. Classical music- when I’m sitting in a cafe bench, writing about this and that and sketching people twisting, I’d always expect it to be playing… but instead, there are classical paintings, classic asswads- there’s something classical about that.

    By ssturg URL on 01.14.2019

  36. Today I listen to classical music on my phone. I sketch and sketch and think of my fantasies coming to a reality- I can never fully realize them, though. Pygmalion in a way. Classical music which drifts me away to the next reality… even when my fantasies can not come to me, at least the notes will bring me some kind of realized dream.

    By ssturg URL on 01.14.2019

  37. music, dance, art

    By jill on 01.14.2019

  38. I don’t really know what classical means or what it is

    By Mekayla on 01.14.2019

  39. A style of old school music. Classical art

    By zoe on 01.14.2019

  40. The word classical is a type of fashion or genre. For example, there is classical music, classical cars, classical art, etc. Some people like this fashion, and some don’t

    By Amy URL on 01.14.2019