December 28th, 2009 | 228 Entries

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228 Entries for “clasp”

  1. The clasp on a bracelet my sister bought me when I was about 10 broke the day she gave it to me! I remember…it was Xmas day and I was swimming in the pool at my nans house with my cousins and I grased it along the cement at the bottom of the pool and broke it some how. I was too scared to tell her about it.

    By Kola on 12.28.2009

  2. There is a clasp on the back of my favorite red dress. In recent years, it has become bent. I fear this not due to age, but rather due to the expansion of my body.

    By Megan Elizabeth on 12.28.2009

  3. The connection is too great.
    It clasps to me; I clasp, and don’t let go.
    It is me. I am too many sick memories, too many hospitals. and too many false good-byes.
    I am–

    By Charlotte Ravenswood on 12.28.2009

  4. when you take someone else’s hand, that you don’t want to let go, you pretend like there’s nothing more important than holding that person close to you, just like the clasp of a lock, which holds a door shut or a safe tight, you know that person is your everything

    By nick on 12.28.2009

  5. i think that “claps” is a better word, so imma write about that instead. i happen to be a really loud and awesome clapper, no offense (to YOU, because i really do intend offense because your clapping quivers in fear at the sight [sound?] of mine). claps are so awesome because they feel like a wave of happiness and congratulatory thanks when directed towards you. there’s an awesome band called MuteMath that uses claps as creative percussion in their songs. while it is true that others have done and continue to do this in other songs, MuteMath is the only worthy of being listed. claps for this epic one minute rant.

    By griffin. on 12.28.2009

  6. this is what you do when you are trying to hang on to something very tightly. you could also clasp someone’s hand if you were longing for something important from them or needed their help. A clasp also comes on a hair band or on a bra, it can be used to keep things together

    By Mandy on 12.28.2009

  7. i don’t know what is clasp?

    It is class? or what? I have no idea.

    By Mike on 12.28.2009

  8. to hold on to and never let go. to intertwine, to lock on to for support, love, life.

    By jenny on 12.28.2009

  9. i think there’s some kind of wearable item that goes by that name.

    when i think of this word i automatically think of the words associated with the ways you can hold an object:





    and clasp.

    By hanley on 12.28.2009

  10. I clasp my hand. My own hand, because….because there isn’t anyone else to hold mine? I like to think I don’t spend that sort of time feeling sorry for myself, and it’s not like I sit around and bemoan my single status. But I definitely have an inner romantic, the annoying little imp that makes me like rom coms so much. Well, some rom coms.

    By Anon Y. Mouse on 12.28.2009

  11. my hand help tight and the grip was good. The clasp was tiny but I was careful to grab the tiny pieces and place them in the correct place to allow all to let go/ What a clever contraption, simple yet so effective. I also clasp

    By steph on 12.28.2009

  12. he grabbed at it. he wasn’t really sre what to do with it, other than to open it. theclasp. the only thing that held him back from what he really wanted. it signified a dam, something was behind it waiing to burst

    By Kim on 12.28.2009

  13. clasp my memories to my mind
    as if i could ever forget you
    fastening the clasp on my necklace
    and your kiss on my neck

    By kay on 12.29.2009

  14. I clasp you to my breast. Your wrinkled tiny face rooting and nuzzling. Then the tug of that rosy mouth at my nipple. The relaxin flows through me. For the first time in hours, I’m at peace.

    By L Smith on 12.29.2009

  15. asdasd

    By dfads on 12.29.2009

  16. He fell thirty feet. It must have been a misstep, or a slip in engineering. He tried to hold on, but he was torn straight off the face of the planet.

    He fell thirty feet.

    By r.a. on 12.29.2009

  17. clasp them together while you ascend your thoughts. eyes closed, and mind open. this faith is strength.

    By pie on 12.29.2009

  18. fern

    By nerf on 12.29.2009

  19. She clasped my hand and lead me out into the night. She was all I had left and really dang you woman but you are now going into my soul. Will I be able to forget you? If only I could hold you again

    By flashdiesel on 12.29.2009

  20. The clasp on her new bikini broke as she leaned over to tie her sandals.

    By Muneerah on 12.29.2009

  21. It was a simple clasp, but that was largely why he liked it so much. It had no pretensions of ostentatiousness, it simply existed to fulfill a purpose. The utilitarian nature of the thing was comforting; steadfast.

    By Joshua David on 12.29.2009

  22. When I looked around,
    I saw
    dirty laundry,
    abandoned plants.
    Nothing held me
    nothing kept me
    nothing needed me.

    I left.

    By yours truely on 12.29.2009

  23. Our hands, clasp them tightly together so that we never lose each other. Hold on tight, it will be a bumpy ride, but as long as we have each other, we will make through this; and be stronger in the long run.

    By Rae on 12.29.2009

  24. my hands clasped around the beer, i had just finished it before starting to write. if that gives any sense of the current state, which it coudl but i’ve erased enough that it really, it really wouldn’t make a difference, merely because you couldn’t tell.

    By sklemmmmmma on 12.29.2009

  25. you clasp your hands together in awe, in suspicion or when you shout eureka. Its a complete expression of enthusiasm or any sort of nervous anxiety that gets stored inside you. Clasp! Clasp! Clasp! i say.

    By Harry on 12.29.2009

  26. i don’t know what does this mean
    but I may tell from the

    By Anonymous on 12.29.2009

  27. the clasp on the necklace was loose. She’d been meaning to fix it, but now it was too late. Instead, she hastily shoved the fallen necklace into the handbag at her side. So much for the perfect day. Already, the necklace was broken, and her shoes were muddy. The rain washed out her hair.

    By Echo on 12.29.2009

  28. folding hands together

    By ibangalorean on 12.29.2009

  29. she clasped his warm coat over her shoulders, keeping most of the cold at bay.

    By froo froo on 12.29.2009

  30. she clasped the necklace he gave her for her birthday.

    she smiled,

    “I’m happy, thanks for the gift Sasuke-kun…”

    he smirked,

    “Daijobou Omedetou, Sakura.”

    By unknown yeah xD on 12.29.2009

  31. clasp is a word that i dont evan know

    By chase on 12.29.2009

  32. He was sure that the clasp would come off eventually. He just had to work it off. She was waiting for him, but he just couldn’t do it.

    By Katie on 12.29.2009

  33. I clasp my hands on yours. This is forever. I see it. My necklace clasp holds the charm you bought me that symbolizes our life together. We are clasped together/ Conjoined as one entity. Forever.

    By Anonymous on 12.29.2009

  34. The clasp of her necklace was stuck on the clothing tag of her shirt. Clumsy dude tried yanking it free. The necklace separated, liberating the dozens of balls and trinkets to rattle and bounce across the tile floor of his kitchen. He’d be stepping on tiny gold reminders of her in the insomniac nights ahead as he wandered through the apartment, her damn perfume lingering in the air and on every object within, including himself.

    By gino on 12.29.2009

  35. Men always fumble with clasps perhaps that is why we construct our bras with them to defy the large awkward fingers and to make men pay attention to details, small ones. The clasp is an impediment to sex.

    By carol on 12.29.2009

  36. i just remembered about someone in my past. it made me think of the good possibilities that would have happened if we have gotten things right.
    awhile ago, as i listen to an OPM song, I LOVE YOU, GOODBYE by Nina, memories flashed back. While singing to it, i didn’t notice that a tear fell across my face.

    i just remembered the old sweet memories.

    By JILL on 12.29.2009

  37. for me, for all the good work I have done on working on myself to find my way back home

    By Yep on 12.29.2009

  38. The clasp on the necklace was hard to open. You needed strong fingernails. It was gold and tiny. Lifting it open was tricky.

    By Chris G on 12.29.2009

  39. put a new clasp on it

    By Anonymous on 12.29.2009

  40. He feared many things. Crowds, enclosed spaces, spiders, all manners of human contact. He chose to live alone, as sterile as possible, making his way out for supplies. He

    By ThomG on 12.29.2009