July 8th, 2016 | 46 Entries

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46 Entries for “clarify”

  1. Let me clarify the butter while you take the bread out of the oven…I can’t wait to eat dinner, it all smells so good!

    By Sister Golden Hair on 07.08.2016

  2. Clarify it when you say
    “Life is meaningless”
    Clarify your mind of the useless clutter
    and tell me what you mean
    clear your mind of the useless clutter of life.

    By Luc Cooper on 07.08.2016

  3. Clarify your mind
    rid it of the stresses and doubts
    clear as a blank canvas
    and let my love paint it

    By Lukas Nair on 07.08.2016

  4. butter.

    By David URL on 07.08.2016

  5. say what you mean. be precise. don’t make me guess. I want to know what you’re thinking, but use your words. and let me use mine. give me the time to speak, the room, the freedom, because thoughts aren’t easy. they don’t come out clean. and sometimes, sometimes I need to clarify. so please just listen. please. i need to be heard.

    By DustyJustice on 07.08.2016

  6. “Are you going to be there?”

    I raised my head from my book. “Huh?”

    Stacey stared at me, hands on her hips, as if I had just missed her reciting a gospel of truth. “I said, are you going to be there?”

    “You’re going to have to be a bit more specific,” I replied. “Clarify the ‘there?'”

    “The party! Gosh, Nick! It’s like you don’t even care!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.08.2016

  7. “Are you sure?”
    “I’m sure.”
    We stare at each other, our eyes locked, and I fight looking away, though I blush.
    “I wasn’t certain you love me.”
    “I asked you to marry me, of course I love you.” The eye roll, the dismissive comment, makes my heard thud and I exhale in relief, feeling slightly ridiculous for my need to clarify.

    By Sharna on 07.08.2016

  8. How can I fucking clarify If i don’t even know what? That’s ridiculous. You’re ridiculous. I’m only wasting my time here. Such a waste. I’m sick of that. All the way the same.

    By nieviem on 07.08.2016

  9. Would you like me to clarify the Wealthsimple company ad plan to get people to invest with their Canadian firm? So hip and cool their strategy, clearly. Simply ask musicians, some from privileged backgrounds who don’t know how to save or spend wisely, to explain their money history and poor financial choices even though they ultimately attained some Indie success and are not poor and broke hence their being interviewed to generate web traffic and interest because of their celebrity status. Case in point: Matt Berninger, the human melancholic bass of voices out there singing about being afraid to be evil enough to eat brains and other cry baby geeks. He can’t save for shit, but knows how to live even if he’s not really with it on investing options. He ends this “article” (which is really an advertorial) urging people to spend extra on nice underwear and socks because that’s where it’s at. But should these small comforts of life sustain you when you know situations like the Panama Papers exist? How far are you willing to look into a company profile when they call their advertorial an “article” anyway? And therein lies the rub, that small obscuring smudge of a line between brand awareness and actual journalism.

    By Intuition on 07.08.2016

  10. ‘I didn’t mean…’
    ‘Then what did you mean?!’
    ‘I didn’t mean to hurt you!’
    ‘You should’ve thought of that before you said it, and in front of all those people!’
    ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t think.’
    ‘No, clearly you didn’t. I need some time.’
    ‘I really am sorry.’
    ‘I know.’

    By Roisin H on 07.08.2016

  11. Clarice tugged at the chain on her ankle. No luck. She stood up and struggled to reach the far wall, and hanging on the key hook, a donut. Just one measly donut was all she ever wanted. To clarify, the donut would supposedly remove her from her earthly body, but between you and me it was probably just gonna add to the bulk of her earthly body. That’s science right there. Yeah.

    By The battle for the second muffin on 07.08.2016

  12. The meeting of one’s self seemed to be a very tricky business. Ginny set about it in her usual diligent fashion. Each morning around nine thirty she would sit herself cross legged in the same position, by the window, face to the sun and she would breathe, slowly, purposefully, mind-ful-ly. And then in the gap between her thoughts, oh yes there is such a thing, she would look for her SELF, which was an extremely most important thing to do according to Leo and Deepak and various other spiritual youtube sensations.

    It wasn’t her every day ego self that she needed to find, not the one that wanted desperately to lose 20 kilos and shag Robert Finburn from the bus stop. That self was already sitting there on the shabby green carpet, full of despair. The other self. The one that was connected to the universe through supreme consciousness. She looked. She looked bloody hard. Went searching through the rainbows of colours behind her eyelids and the sounds of a babbling brook coming from her meditation podcast. She had literally been searching for months. She really began to wish that one of these god damn gurus would clarify what exactly her SELF might look like, because it sure as hell didn’t seem to be showing up anywhere in her ‘field of awareness’. Apparently you just had to FEEL it. After four months all Ginny could feel was her protruding stomach resting on the top of her thighs and the occasional tingle in the general genital region when images of Robert with his geisha girl tattoo surfaced in her mind.

    By bb333 on 07.08.2016

  13. Just to clarify, i’ve never been very good at understanding. What frustrates me the most, i think, is when I can’t even see to explain what i’m looking at. There’s nothing worse than not getting it. Can you clarify?

    By Mia on 07.08.2016

  14. I need you to clarify. I need you to tell me what I am to you. Because to me? To me you are everything. You are the light, you are the darkness. I need you to clarify.

    By Cas on 07.08.2016

  15. Clarify. To clarify means to make clearer. Typically with an explanation. When you need someone to clarify something for you, it usually means you

    By Paige URL on 07.08.2016

  16. The demon enters the room unceremoniously and an exponential warmth spreads over every surface: wood, glass, metal, stone, wool, cotton, silk, canvas, nothing is left untouched. I feel flush when she stops a foot in front of me. There in the depths of her pupils radiates an intensity, not hate, but something much more tender. I would ask her to clarify the intent of this visit, but it does not do to offend such a creature. We linger here in this unclaimed space and choose our words long before they ever grace us with their presence on our tongues.

    By Intuition on 07.08.2016

  17. To clarify means to clear up with a simple explanation. I don’t know what else to say. Can someone clarify to me if this is right?

    By Paige URL on 07.08.2016

  18. butter
    a cooking teacher
    teaches aliens and stuff how to cook or do other human stuff
    a school for aliens instead of the cliche typical school for humans that teaches alien stuff

    By Ana on 07.08.2016

  19. “To clarify, we are now listening to U2. Next we will be moving on to Stevie Wonder.” Jenna sat back on the bed, trying to figure out how she got here, listening to the harsh barking of orders. Even though she loved the music that was about to be played, the way that it was told to her made her hate it already.

    By MsShel330 on 07.08.2016

  20. The clarification is a skill in League of legends where someone clarifies himself from debuffs and stuns, it use mainly used by ad carries as if they’re debuffed they can not perform and if they die the team instantly lose the fight, so it’s a pretty important skill for adc

    By Ahmed on 07.09.2016

  21. clarify… misunderstandings..communication gaps… spoiled relation…. all you require to do is talk and keep clarifying things time to time before you believe and react on it.. coz 1000 pepole have 1000 stories to tell about your loved ones to spoil your relation…

    By sukanya de on 07.09.2016

  22. I can’t tell you how difficult this has become. Maybe I shouldn’t have visited, but I had to see you. I just don’t understand what happened to us, and you must explain. Please explain. My blood boils with uncertainty and I can’t go on this way. Tell me to go if you feel there’s nothing more for us.

    By Jeanne URL on 07.09.2016

  23. It’s really all there is to it. Once you can clear your mind, you’ll see the world differently. You’ll see what’s right there – not what you imagine is there, not what you fear is there, but only what is. Enlightenment isn’t difficult to understand, and to be frank, it’s quite boring in its simplicity. Seeing the world clearly is all you need to do.

    By FuMashu on 07.09.2016

  24. “I just wanted to clarify my position.”
    “You’re position is that you disagree.”
    “Oh… yeah, you’re right. I guess I don’t need to clarify that.”
    “But I did want to reiterate it.”
    “You have.”
    “Just so it’s clear. Clarified.”
    “Oh my God.”

    By Bridget Grace on 07.09.2016

  25. Squinting at the white board, the letters began to move into focus. He knew that if he told his father that he had lost his glasses again, he would be in worse shape than trying to live without them.

    By Mary URL on 07.09.2016

  26. to make yourself understood, means that you should to make your ideas, you speech, and your thinks clarify…. PLZ ;)

    By romi maiss on 07.09.2016

  27. Clarify what you mean.
    Clarify what you said.
    Make clear of what you said.

    By Paige URL on 07.09.2016

  28. “Clarify the command.” The monotonous voice rang out again.
    “Close the god damn airlock!” The captain screamed, his voice hoarse from the smoke clogging his lungs. “Close it already!”
    “Unable to comply.”
    All thoughts of escaping were cut short as the metallic clunk of an unwanted footfall interrupted his next command.

    By kat on 07.09.2016

  29. past what’s said
    I’m on a new level
    not any sort of devil
    but relinquished clarity
    moved on to what’s done
    playing a lute on the seaside
    where my worries reside….
    a malignant cell squirms when it shouldn’t
    a life-long library of resources,
    now that’s the new level
    shroud how you pour a cup of success
    into morning brew
    sip it up
    it’s personally created stew
    exhale hatred inflated by the underrated gators
    giddy nitty gritty is within her titty
    now your on a new level

    By Milad URL on 07.09.2016

  30. “Clarify our love, our love, our love,” FKA Twigs sings on “Papi Pacify.” Plays on loop in my head thinking about you, how you’re back from the tropics and have said nothing to me yet.

    By whatever artemesia on 07.09.2016

  31. i think its important to clarify on several subjects on which we need to discuss in today’s world i mean honestly , do you thinks its okay that we go against the very fabric of nature everyday just to fulfill our needs. further more I don’t think that people appreciate being ignored either , it hurts , they try so hard to get attention because they need a friend at that moment.

    By ajay crank on 07.09.2016

  32. I clarify the situation to my grandson. He has to talk louder because I’m losing my hearing. He has to walk slower or he’ll get too far away from me. He has to remember things for me because I’m losing my memory. He has to still love me as I deteriorate daily. I will love him always.

    By Joanna Bressler on 07.09.2016

  33. My parents had to clarify that life isn’t a big video game and not everything has to be a gun.

    Joanna’s grandson Evan.

    By Joanna Bressler on 07.09.2016

  34. The Oldest Man alive had to clarify that he was the oldest een though he looked like a thirsty, wrinkled, dehydrated, and groaning prune.

    Evan the Grandson

    By Joanna Bressler on 07.09.2016

  35. i don`t know what`s clarity
    i think that is somethink like light
    now i remember
    yah clarity
    my life is clarity

    By thiago on 07.09.2016

  36. io do not

    By thiago on 07.09.2016

  37. ohh again
    i write about this word so much times
    i need to meke myu english better
    this phare…

    By tigosu on 07.09.2016

  38. “Please,” the woman said sincerely. Her hair was tied with a shoelace up and tidy, waiting for a demand of answers. “Well, i must clarify that you are real,” his dark tone followed with the shoelace falling on the concrete with no more sincere words from the mysterious woman that will never be revealed to this day.

    By seawuito on 07.09.2016

  39. I speak so clearly, I voice what I want, what I need. But as a result, I am burned. Everyday I slowly become ashes.

    By Kae URL on 07.09.2016

  40. The brightness of light clarifies, makes things new, and brings insights to the darkest places, the places we hide from, the darkness of the self we dare not share.

    By RobynsPen on 07.09.2016