August 3rd, 2013 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “clamp”

  1. Jennifer proceeded to clamp her teeth down on her mother’s hand, hard, though not hard enough to draw blood. The bite, however, was enough to elicit a high-pitched, squawking scream, as the poor woman tried to shake her daughter off her arm like a bird trying to ruffle its feathers. I stood up from my chair then, leaving my unfinished meatloaf behind.

    “Jennifer,” I said. “Sit.”

    She stared, mouth still on skin.

    “You’re going to act like a dog, I treat you like a dog. Sit.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.03.2013

  2. you press your heart and against your chest
    and you stop and clamp it
    then take a rest
    or you don’t know where
    it’ll jump out and hide
    into the abiss
    or someones eyes
    you know for sure
    that you’ll make a new mess
    and loss your self
    in a beautiful dress
    because you’re always searching
    for something new
    and you know that there
    is nothing you can do
    so you take a deep breath
    and say your own name
    this time you’ll try
    but i’ll be just the same

    By Lauren on 08.03.2013

  3. I never used to write. No, that’s a lie. I used to write all the time. Scribbles upon scribbles. Endless pages of my messy and chaotic thoughts that never seemed to describe just what I was trying to communicate. But then it stopped for a while. It stopping did more than just silence my thoughts. It clamped my being. Like a vice that kept getting tighter and tighter. I know not why I stopped. But I do know that I need that freedom again. So again, I write. Dirty and without eloquence. But nevertheless. With each pen stroke I feel the clamp loosen.

    By esky1118 on 08.03.2013

  4. He clamped on hard. It hurt when he did it, and I didn’t know what to do, The blood stopped, but it still hurt.
    What will happen?….

    By Carl on 08.03.2013

  5. Biting my lip. Jaw tightened. Clamped shut. My words will only be twisted and baked by their minds, into some horrible unintended creation. I save my words for ones who will understand. Not these fools.

    By BrittkneeWhoTalksToStrangers on 08.03.2013

  6. Her hand clamped around his throat, choking him as he gasped for air, “Do you like this?” He clawed at her hand, legs swinging over open air. Soon he was unconscious, body going limp; she tossed him to the floor, his unmoving form of no use to her now. “My job is done.”

    By Liz on 08.03.2013

  7. I don’t usually pay attention to my hands, or other people’s for that matter. But when you think about it, they’re pretty strong little pieces of flesh. Under the right circumstances, or the very very wrong circumstances, one can find that those hands can be put to do incredible things.

    By Criss on 08.03.2013

  8. His hand clamped down, fingers inadvertently digging into her arm. “Don’t go, please,” he said. “I need your help.” He look even paler than usual, and his eyes were wide in desperation.
    “Okay,” she said, heart beating wildly, “I’ll stay with you tonight, you’re going to be all right. Just breathe, okay? Breathe.”

    By Julia URL on 08.03.2013

  9. closing the spaces
    opening possibilities
    holding tight the emotions of our hearts, the tears in our eyes
    being the support, the space that shapes and offers form
    small or large, closed or open, loose or tight

    By Regina on 08.03.2013

  10. closing the spaces
    opening possibilities
    holding tight the emotions of our hearts, the tears in our eyes
    being the support, the space that shapes and offers form
    small or large, closed or open, loose or tight

    By Regina on 08.03.2013

  11. I have no idea…

    By Jason on 08.03.2013

  12. Something that allows you to attach one thing to another.

    The hand clamped onto his shoulder. He didn’t have time to react; he was already pulled out of the car. He rolled over and over on the ground until he came to a stop, seeing his adversary rolling to his feet and slowly walking towards him.

    By Paul Nelson on 08.03.2013

  13. You clamped down on my life. Restricting. I try to break free, but to no avail. I am no longer free.

    By Amanda on 08.03.2013

  14. Don’t let go, and don’t let anyone in. Don’t let air come in or out, no wet, moldy, bacteria-sprouting air.

    By Holden URL on 08.03.2013

  15. I clamped my fist into the side of my t-shirt, turning away from the pressuring stares in front of me. I clenched my teeth and tried not to scream but they didn’t understand. They didn’t get it. I shook my head, feeling sweat and tears begin to drip from my cheeks. I couldn’t do it. I turned my head back towards them and widened my eyes, letting out a blood curdling scream.
    “YOU DON’T GET IT.” I cried out in pain. “YOU WILL NEVER GET IT.”

    By ALLIE on 08.03.2013

  16. I felt a tightening pressure in the back of my throat, restricting air from returning to my lungs. My eyes were dropping inch by inch, until they fell to the ground where the dead body lay. I couldn’t bring myself to face them, I never could. I inhaled once and licked my lips, restraining from crying out in anger or fear. I just couldn’t bring myself to live.

    By ALLIE on 08.03.2013

  17. Get off. Shoot leave me alone won’t you. I can’t do anything, I can’t move, it feels like I can’t even turn around without you yelling at me to do something else. You clamp down on my freedom,,,,,,somethings just don’t get off……..the clamp on… and never NEVER let you go

    By Evan on 08.03.2013

  18. Clamp down on the surging emotion, the piercing heat deep inside of the gut where a storm is surely forming. Blow away the thoughts before they catch up sanity.

    By Ann M. Lynn URL on 08.03.2013

  19. covered my eyes,
    gripped me tight
    and left fingertip-shaped bruises on my skin
    that only we could see

    black and blue hidden in the hollow of my throat,
    embedded deep within my veins,
    decorating the white of my bones,
    arranged to the pattern of my pulse

    your whispers shook my ribcage
    and left vibrations in its wake
    your lips tingled
    and left the redness on my skin

    all you had to do was look
    and my eyes would bleed,
    drown in all the things you could do to me
    but didn’t

    By F URL on 08.03.2013

  20. Oh, this is easy. Nipple clamp. That’s what comes to mind. I’m not a pervert or anything. It’s just that’s what I think of when I see the word clamp. Or something related to automobiles. Isn’t a clamp something that pinches two things together? An alligator clamp. A roach clip.

    By michaelbuzz on 08.03.2013

  21. The clamp wasn’t strong enough to stay put. It kept falling off; there was nothing I could do about it. We needed to find a stronger light so we could continue on with the scene. We were far from finished and needed to get moving. The clamp problem sure wasn’t helping us at all.

    By Brian on 08.03.2013

  22. She clamped her hand over my mouth, muffling my words and transforming them into something far removed from the hate-filled slurs I’d meant them to be.
    “Will you shut up a minute and let me explain?” she hissed, her whispered-words clipped and frosty to the ear.
    She cocked her head to the side. “What?”
    I reached up and pulled her hand away from my lips. “I said: ‘I don’t have much of a choice now, do I?'”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 08.03.2013

  23. “Shit. Its stuck,” Emily said from the living room.
    “What is?” i asked, turning the corner.
    She looked up at me from her place on the couch and gestured to the little clamp keeping her chip bag closed.
    I chuckled, “Of course that’s what your upset about.”
    I took the bag from her and sat with her on the couch, trying to unstick the clamp.
    “Hey whats that supposed to mean?” she poked my side and rested her head in my lap, giggling.

    By Amber K. on 08.03.2013

  24. Teehee…hard limits…gotta love how those can change.

    By aura.rayne on 08.03.2013

  25. She clamps her teeth together, hard, trying to prevent the hysterical sounds from leaving her. All of her shrill words pile up in her mouth like bones, dusty and hollow. She wonders, indistinctly, how things came to be this way.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.03.2013

  26. Afraid to lose her feelings, she clamped down the entrance to her heart. Her eyes grew darker, her eyebrows turned down like shutters at night, and she set her mouth small and firm. But she didn’t know: she couldn’t capture feelings like she could photos, like the photos she kept on the walls in her room whose covers she would dust every Monday. You keep the feelings inside your heart but the purest of angels, locked up, begin to mutate, and claw away from the inside. She had difficulty breathing, after a while, and she opened her mouth wider, but nothing came out, her throat was dry. The clamp went deeper. She didn’t know how to reach inside her own heart to loosen it.

    By Holden URL on 08.04.2013

  27. it clamped the potato chip bag shut; however, what an unusual clamp it was, for it was actually a crab.

    By hannah on 08.04.2013

  28. it shut down and fixates on your gaze. it’s not going to sever this arm, not today, but it’s going to cling tighter than you can imagine. it’s metallic bite forces you over that edge, past what you thought you wanted. i kicked it beyond my horizon and it comes back. this recurring force.

    By tarin URL on 08.04.2013

  29. Alice sold the land, on condition that the house be torn down. Watching it be destroyed was like having a clamp removed from her heart. That part of her life was over now.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.04.2013

  30. The clamp slowed the bleeding, but it was already too late. She looked up at me, already deep in blood-loss shock and her tears streaked the camouflage on her face. ‘Don’t forget me.’ She said.

    By Shimbo on 08.04.2013

  31. existential crises the same that remains the cause
    of anxiety exited me
    the laugh the love the lost
    how we caused the cost
    and everything seemed to slip away
    in the night the day and fell astray
    it clamp clamped on to me

    By Matty M. on 08.04.2013

  32. The gator clamped down on the man’s arm before he even had time to react. There was no way to get himself away from the monster’s jaws and began to think back on his life. The ups and downs and all the mistakes he’d made up to that point. It could be considered that messing with this beast was one of those mistakes.

    By Laura on 08.04.2013

  33. These funny chubby legs won’t cycle me to your house. I’m clamped down, sweaty palms on the handlebars, but they just wont get going. I feel wild, frantic, because I know this park is no place to loiter. There are faces in every darkness. I feel eyes, chasing the curve of my hips, my curling hair on my neck.

    By genahtastic on 08.04.2013

  34. For years my life seemed to be a trap. It always seemed as though i was stuck in spot, unable to see any horizon beyond my window ledge. my house had me clamped in spot. and I don’t know how i’m going to undo the bolts.

    By Aaron on 08.04.2013

  35. clamp down buddies it’s going to be a wild ride.
    Light the lamp mama the party is heading our way.

    By Bevdotcom on 08.04.2013

  36. clamp down buddies it’s going to be a wild ride.
    Light the lamp mama the party is heading our way.

    By Bevdotcom on 08.04.2013

  37. The emotional pain of letting the daily comfort of her friends slip behind felt like a clamp on her heart

    By krilliana URL on 08.04.2013

  38. His fingers clamped onto her wrist, but with a writhe and a twist, she broke free and slammed the heel of her hand into his nose, hard. She heard a crunch and smiled. A textbook defense, perfectly executed.

    By mrsmig on 08.04.2013

  39. Shut up! He said. Quick, get down.
    I held my breath, lightening my grip on the window cutters, waiting for the security guard to pass by. This seemed like a hell of a lot of security just for one diamond. In Africa of all places. Couldn’t they just go in to their mine and get another one? It wasn’t even beautiful or big, it just existed – a shiny lump of coal.
    But he treasured it beyond words, and it was his by right, and I had promised to get it back. Even death wouldn’t stop that.

    By Siege URL on 08.04.2013

  40. The gloved hand clamped around Norine’s throat like a vice.

    “Tell me where it is,” Norine’s captor growled. The voice was low and feminine.

    Norine’s face flushed as more and more oxygen left her. She was too restricted to even wheeze. Finally, her captor removed her wrench hand from Norine’s trachea. Norine gasped and saw nothing but shrinking black holes for a moment.

    By Tone Deaf The Bard on 08.04.2013