January 29th, 2019 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “cinema”

  1. To find joy in cinema – to feel laughter press its fingernails deep into your stomach, hurt you but at the same time uplift you – to hold back tears when tragedy strikes. You know, deep down, that it’s all fiction – all part of the great screenwriter and director’s plans. But now you just stare at a screen, and the people talking in front of you are simply silhouettes of loud static.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.29.2019

  2. Step in front of the projector.
    Look at the dazzling light.
    Behind you, your dark shadow.
    You, blinded.

    By and& URL on 01.30.2019

  3. ‘mmm popcorn, my favourite!’
    the smell of popcorn has always been my favourite part of going to the cinema, sometimes it didnt even matter what movie was going to be playing it was just the experience and the atmosphere that mattered.

    By Ellie-Marie on 01.30.2019

  4. A safe haven from the noise at home, she paid exorbitant prices to be bombarded by Dolby surround sound. Sometimes it was even loud enough to drown out the echoes of threats and insults still ringing in her head.

    By DarkJanuary URL on 01.30.2019

  5. Brett and Brandon went to the cinema without LeeAnna and Autumn. the two girls were devastated, it meant more to them than just some stupid movie, because it was more. After Brett and Brandon left for the cinema, they never came back they left their little sisters forever.

    By LeeAnna on 01.30.2019

  6. we walked to the cinema together, our ribs were interlocked like heavy chains made of gold and copper. each link made an echoing noise as we stepped. it was a beautiful ensemble of orchestra and man, everyone was listening. ears turned to the music, eyes fixated on our bones.

    By neutral-dick-hotel URL on 01.30.2019

  7. i have no clue what to write.

    By Briana Jo Dailey on 01.30.2019

  8. La noche en el cinema se pasó de ser romántica a aterradora cuando una horda de policías entró para arrestar al cácaro que coleccionaba las corneas de los espectadores.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 01.30.2019

  9. Fat from the carcass crackled around the fire. A semi-circle of tired, dirty, things crouched and watched the meat cook. Gusts of warmth escaped from under the meal and touched their faces. Light as well, shadows against the trees and the canopies and into the tangle of dark brush. One looked back, hearing, from his secret fears, the rustle of death behind him. Instead he saw something like his own shape, and the shape of his companions, outlined darkly, moving, striding across the trunks and branches, chasing a dream of the past.

    By mattlock URL on 01.30.2019

  10. They rushed to the cinema, because they knew if they showed up late, they would be angry at themselves. They made it just in time for the fresh batch of popcorn, and they got the perfect seats.

    By aprilstone80 URL on 01.30.2019

  11. They rushed to the cinema, because they knew if they showed up late, they would be angry at themselves. They made it just in time for the fresh batch of popcorn, and they got the perfect seats. They had a whole isle to themsleves, and they were so glad that they made it in time to see every bit of the film.

    By aprilstone80 URL on 01.30.2019

  12. I loved going to the movies as a little girl. It was a time where things were simple and the movies were cheap. I remember seeing tarzan in the theaters for my fithish birthday. Also starwars with my mom episodes 1,2,and 3. I still love the movies it brings me back to a simpler time.

    By Julia on 01.30.2019

  13. i LOVE going to the cinema. ,mobies r amazing, there jam packed with action, well some movie. i like movies with a lot of action, but i also like rom-coms! my ideal movie is marvel or just anything cool lol!

    By deann on 01.30.2019

  14. A lot of people always ask me, “what do you do?” Years ago I’d say that i shot cinema-looking films with a documentary backbone. That didn’t work and confused a lot of people. So now, I have distilled it down to “I tell stories of peoples struggle with neurology – specifically narcolepsy.

    By maxwellduryea URL on 01.30.2019

  15. I ran on the sidewalk through the pouring rain, my shoes slushing in the puddles. Alesina grabbed my arm and yelled, “LOOK THERE IT IS!” We eagerly ran inside. The cinema strongly smelled of popcorn and other treats that you would expect to find in a cinema. Be both sighed in unison.

    By Sades on 01.30.2019

  16. When you hear cinema what do you think of? We don’t call it cinema really today so it makes me think of Laurel and Hardy and the black and white silent movies from way back when. It is also amazing how far we have come from those cinema days to the movies that we have today!

    By Tammy6591 URL on 01.30.2019

  17. movies, relaxing, fun, scary, drama, romantic, love, family time, date night, noisy, crowded, expensive, popcorn, comfy chairs, previews, sour patch kids candy

    By Shelley on 01.30.2019

  18. Looking back to the olden days were noblemen would have a ‘box’ that they would sit in and watch the play unfolding in front of you. Were people would have little magnifying glasses that they would hold up to their face to get a good look at all of the actors and what they are gesturing to or for.

    By Donuts on 01.30.2019

  19. when i was at the cinema with my friends, a large bang came from the ground “Oh no! its an earthquake!” everyoen got to their knees and covered their heads no shaking had happened but everyone was convinced it was an earthquake.

    By maddy peck on 01.30.2019

  20. I love going to the same cinema! I love watching all these amazing movies on the big screen.
    Sharing those really precious moments with family even if its just us watching a movie.

    By Peighton on 01.30.2019

  21. The lights dimmed and his hand found hers. She still felt her heart leap when he grabbed her hand, but it settled into comfortable thrill much sooner than it did when they met. Which was always nice. She hoped that stayed like that- the line right between excitement and normalcy.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.30.2019

  22. turn me
    turn me on
    spool me in
    take me out
    run me til i’m cliche
    unending fairytale
    respite reminder of
    times goes by
    cinema expose me
    play me over again
    over expose me
    rehash repeat replete
    with popcorn

    By matt m on 01.30.2019

  23. we used to love sitting in the popcorn sticky chairs, holding hands and knees just touching. the slurp of Pepsi through the straw, your arm against mine. the communal laughter as the audience howled. I loved you. I loved movies with you. because of you I have movies and the joy that comes with them.

    By smash on 01.30.2019

  24. She was a cinema. No matter what emotion played across her face, curving her cheeks in a smile or sparking a fire in her eyes, I was captivated. She made it worthwhile to pay attention, no matter how lackluster each scene of life seemed. Without her, the ending credits of life wouldn’t be worth making it to.

    By Jordan on 01.30.2019

  25. The cinema smelled of roses. Curtains of scarlet and mahogany draped across the walls, thick and velvet and heavy, and the room was cloaked in blood. Down the hall, echoes glanced off the stone floor.

    By snowthatremembers URL on 01.30.2019

  26. She wants to be something else. Two knuckles deep into the peanuts of someone else’s life. She wants to shine like the glitter on Hollywood signs. She wants to blow kisses into the open mouth of twilight’s sky, eyes wide, heart full of candy wishes.

    By SarahsGurl URL on 01.30.2019

  27. The cinema is a place where you go to see the latest movies. You can get snacks there and you can mostly get there easy.

    By FCL on 01.31.2019

  28. In the holidays the kids and I went to the movies. We saw Ralph Breaks the internet. It was a pretty cool movie. Interesting to see ‘The Internet’ represented in a movie format. Good humour.

    By Kendra on 01.31.2019

  29. The cinema was very brilliant at night and no one could ever believe their eyes when they saw it. Soon everyone would be able to go to the cinema without worry.

    By Naomi Comeaux on 01.31.2019

  30. As we sat in the movie’s waiting for the movie to start and all the people passing us there was this little girl I noticed. She was probably about 3 in a pink dress and light up sneakers. I looked to my boyfriend and he smiled. He knew what I was thinking. ”When we get married we can have one of those, I know 14 but we have big dreams for each other.”

    By Briana Jo Dailey on 01.31.2019

  31. St. Ives sent the shipment of blood stones, down through the gully bay of East Indover. Terribly wrong about the facts of the weird world where green dreams are not but assertions of truth or falsity. Who brings down those barrow shipments but the pirates off of Somalia’s bay, but are there not pirates found elsewhere? Perhaps its a reiteration of classification.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 01.31.2019

  32. I wanted to go, but Jonathan said no. He hated the movies. There was never anything good. Oh god, another remake? Oh GOD! Another sequel? Doesn’t anyone have original ideas anymore? There are millions of books published every year, but all the cinema knows how to do is rewrite the same stories while they reheat the same popcorn, leftover from last months feature showings.
    Last months feature showings, huh?

    By Ian URL on 01.31.2019

  33. The cinema has been an escape for teenagers for years. Its a place full of fun, and a great place to meet up with people to just be in their presence and watch a movie.

    By aprilstone80 URL on 01.31.2019

  34. i already did this! there must be a glitch in the system idk. so lets talk about twizzlers! there my fave candy, fav thiung to eat at the cinema, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeh there just my fav thing to eat..ever!

    By deann on 01.31.2019

  35. I enjoy the cinema.I believe its a great way to spend time with your family extended or friends. I love going with family more cause its usually ends with us talking about it for the rest of the day which is fun.

    By Peighton on 01.31.2019

  36. movie popcorn comedy people big screen candy

    By karah on 01.31.2019