July 15th, 2011 | 576 Entries

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576 Entries for “cigarette”

  1. the smoke rose like storm clouds into the air. she held her breath and watched the last of the moisture evaporate into the clear air. she didn’t say anything. his eyes, the cruelest shade of blue, cut her to pieces.

    he threw the cigarette on the ground, flickers of orange: crushed beneath his feet.

    By Jessica URL on 07.16.2011

  2. smokers always die. it sucks but whatever. youll look cool on your way to the grave.. besides what else will you put in your mouth after sex? grapefruit? i doubt it. the nicotine’s your friend, its the tar that has a bad attitude. Sorry about that, lets make cigarettes out of gummy bears, thats when they will really sell. how about it?

    By Sage Vogel on 07.16.2011

  3. desing

    By roberta URL on 07.16.2011

  4. smoke from tobacco rising into the air. lungs. black insides of human body. smoking with friends while having drinks. taking time away from work or play to smoke.

    By alan gamby on 07.16.2011

  5. cigarette is type of poison that could killed us. cigarette can make our life damage forever.dont

    By ahmad fadzli on 07.16.2011

  6. social and seductive but utterly repulsive and rude in large crowds, loss of awareness and disregard for others well being. white and yellow, always getting younger and younger. scary tool that doesn’t necessarily achieve what one may hope. a cigarette

    By Vanessa on 07.16.2011

  7. As I walked past, the cloud of smoke engulfed me, leaving me coughing and feeling dirty. This country had so many more smokers than back home, I couldn‘t believe it.

    By saradia on 07.16.2011

  8. cigarette is a realy bad habit to kick off i started smoking at a very young age and it was really bad to kick off that terrible habit. i started smoking at the age of 12 and im 17 now and it tok me a while to kick off the habit, i quit smoking last year and i feel great now i can work out and not get super tired, i dont have that bad smell, and my teeth are yellow anymore i feel really healthy im really glad that i quit smoking those cancer sticks. those things are evil, you get hooked so quick. i never really believed that you could get hooked so easily and i was really wrong. once you smoke 1 or 2 cogarette by yourself you can’t really stop after that. it was really hard for me because i was hooked and i was only about 13 years old.

    By Jonathan Elizalde on 07.16.2011

  9. Cigarettes are fuckin evil i wish i had never started inhaling the evil smoke.

    By Jonathan Elizalde URL on 07.16.2011

  10. It took ages to convince my mum to stop smoking. She said she did but just used the small bathroom. The tar on the ceiling was disgusting. Saw Dad wipe the lightbulb once and it was very gross. Hate to see her lungs

    By scameronuk URL on 07.16.2011

  11. U open a vista of lakewater and a crude wooden pier.
    bronzed bodies in the setting sun. A smoke is nice after
    a swim she said. Aftons. I became absorbed in the packet– its landscape with those dark hedges. They reminded me of winter. Dark hedges made me feel uneasy. I hated them. I vowed to be
    away from the country- before winter claimed it or i’d never
    get away…

    By the wiz that he was URL on 07.16.2011

  12. I sit on a damp bench waiting. A distant car alarm, steam from a sewer crate, short skirts walk by. I stare up at the dark merciless sky waiting. My mind goes blank as I try to forget what just happened. Smoke wafts all around from a

    By Taylor URL on 07.16.2011

  13. She smokes. She says it feels good, she says she can’t stop. She says she’s too far gone. She says she’s fine, she says it doesn’t hurt. I say if she loved me, she would stop.

    By Amanda URL on 07.16.2011

  14. Cigarettes are sexy. Deadly. Powerful. Addictive. I guess you can say they’re a bit like love. Full of toxic chemicals that get you high and bring you a little closer to devastation and ultimately death every second you partake. It’s hard to get away from them, but you can avoid it. I’ve had my share of both.

    By LB URL on 07.16.2011

  15. sip a good coffee, light a cigarette enjoy the weekend and don’t forget not to make too many babies :)

    By Zulkifli Fara on 07.16.2011

  16. He leaned against the, cigarette held in between his fingers. The smell reminded him of those time that he couldn’t return to. Somewhere in the smoke, there was laughter and love.

    By shofly12 URL on 07.16.2011

  17. Cigarettes are fun. They give you a rush without the negative side effects that alcohol or harder drugs have. They relax, calm you down. They’re good in stress situations and are a social catalyst on Saturday evenings when partyin’ out.

    By M on 07.16.2011

  18. erm its bad for you and this is so random gaaaaaaah stick brown tar road welll ga;eilsdjfaios;edjf’aiosejfija’sjf’pasjefojas’djfai’ C.I.G.A.R.E.T.T.E. aka fag lollums i dunno what to saaaaaay … a few seconds left see yaaa XD xxxxx

    By Zara Timmi Lim URL on 07.16.2011

  19. His hand fell as it dropped to the side, still holding the smoking cigarette. He sighed as he exhaled, looking slightly like a dragon with smoke coming out of his nostrils and mouth. The smoke obscured his face for a short time. He looked up at his companion and stared at him.
    “Well?” He asked.

    By Michiyo URL on 07.16.2011

  20. He held it an inch away from his mouth and blew smoke through his teeth. When I started to gag, he apologized and turned away to let it blow onto the highway. I heard the cough of a girl and turned to see a hitchhiker keeling over on the white lines. Apparently she couldn’t handle the smoke.

    By Crimson Hue URL on 07.16.2011

  21. The smoke billows out from the sides of her mouth in elongated strands, stretching out past the edges of her face, and her hair and her thoughts, dispersing above her head just outside the field of light cast by the overhead lamp. Dragging, she grins.

    By Jamie URL on 07.16.2011

  22. He stomped out the cigarette in the dusty parking lot and then took her hand. They ran to the car and took off, narrowly avoiding the mall cops. Laughing as they sped down the road into the dark, she took his hand.

    By Hannah URL on 07.16.2011

  23. The tip of the cigarette hung down from his seductive lips, as the smile i knew so well slowly graced his face. I love this man. To his annoying smoking habits to his ferocious chest hair. He was it for me, to bad i wasn’t his everything as well.

    By isobelm on 07.16.2011

  24. Cigarettes are dangerous for your health. Many people began smoking in the 1950s because it was a popular trend among teens. Many ads and television commercials aired about the joys of smoking. It leads to lung cancer or other diseases. Unlike popular belief, many woman smoke, too.

    By Sam Sosoa on 07.16.2011

  25. too much. Death in a small white, phallus, willingly sucking all taste, breath and life from within you. But they just taste so. fucking. good.

    By Henry Chinaski on 07.16.2011

  26. With a tender smile, the man put out his cigarette. He sees a 1975 Ford Pickup approach. He releases his fingers and the cig falls as if time was slower. He approaches the car, gets in, and closes his eyes for the last time.

    By Sam Sosoa on 07.16.2011

  27. mike fuentes likes to smoke them and so does rissa . My grampa found some in my apartment that also smells like them . i dont smoke them . uhhmmm OHKAY THATS IT BYE :D

    By lyvi URL on 07.16.2011

  28. I hate cigarettes. The smell that fills my nose when my boyfriend takes a drag beside me is horrifying. I feel as though i am killing myself with every breath. Every time he inhales I see his face grow older, his wrinkles come out, and he becomes less and less attractive to me.

    By Jessica Cloutier on 07.16.2011

  29. Beth really hate cigretes. More then anything in the world. Beth rememberd when she was a child her mother would allways smoke, and she hated it. Beth hated the smell, the look everything.

    By Tracey on 07.16.2011

  30. I hate this word. My parents use them. They’re bad. I never ever want to smoke, but I still have to live with it. It destroys my lungs and I don’t want them to be dead. And it’s good that bill passes here in WI that no smoking in public places. Yahoooo!

    By Brandon URL on 07.16.2011

  31. It starts in the theatre
    A night of encounters
    If I hadn’t been there
    If not for a cigarette

    And you could see it change
    Look past the blinding light
    Look past the blinding light
    Just keep taking now
    Tell me your favourite things
    Tell me your favourite things

    By KaiyaP5 on 07.16.2011

  32. Another cigarette? I have a headache from all these cigarettes. Maybe the new word will come soon.

    * Now see, if I smoked cigarettes I could go have one now while I wait. But I can’t. ‘Cause I don’t. … Ooooh! Unless I can find one of those old bubblegum ones! Remember those?

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.16.2011

  33. Cigarettes are disgusting cancer sticks. They are somehow illegal even though 1 out of 2 smokers die early. People pretend they are cool by smoking even though it makes them smell bad and look dreadful.

    By Bella on 07.16.2011

  34. The man took one last breath full of smoke and breathed out.
    “I want him dead. You hear me?”
    “Yes sir.”

    By Bellop on 07.16.2011

  35. Cigarettes kill, but fags love!

    By fifi URL on 07.16.2011

  36. Your breath
    harsh with the smell of smoke
    curls in tendrils through my lungs

    and I hate that smell
    and I’m scared of you
    and though the scent unlocks memories of condominiums and easy chairs

    I cannot like you for what you breathe.

    By Beebee URL on 07.16.2011

  37. gross

    By Ryan Mitchell on 07.16.2011

  38. Oh man what a word. What a convoluted feeling of not wanting to smoke, or wishing that you did not do something that you do anyway. What is it, about the mind and the strength of will, that hitches in the middle when you puff your first and last?

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 07.16.2011

  39. I don’t know how I feel about the word cigarette. People are always trying to quit smoking. Cigarettes are used to make people look more sophisticated and cool. I guess, to each their own. Sure, they’re unhealthy but you aren’t guaranteed lung cancer.

    By Delaney URL on 07.16.2011

  40. Smoking is a disgusting habit. The way it kills your body, making it whither away. Turning your teeth an ugly blackened yellow color, rotting your insides. I thought about that as I lit up a cigarette by the park.

    By Meg Barrett URL on 07.16.2011