December 7th, 2013 | 76 Entries

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76 Entries for “chosen”

  1. After years of debate, Ruth had finally made her decision. She knew what she wanted, she knew what would bring her closer to what she wanted, what her heart yearned for every single moment of every single day. She had chosen to leave. It wasn’t an easy decision, but she had chosen to leave, and she knew there was no turning back now.

    By Batul on 12.07.2013

  2. After years of debating, Ruth had finally chosen to leave. She did not worry about where she would go. But she knew she had to leave, it was the right thing. For her, as well as Mark. She had chosen to leave, and she would, no matter what got in her way.

    By Batul URL on 12.07.2013

  3. received and accepted in to the world, I have so much more I still have to achieve but for now I have to accept what I have to be the perfect person in this world till I see something I go after I will know what it is the right to achieve it or not

    By Heather on 12.07.2013

  4. the day of the selection was the day of your detection, life was written for you before you replied with ill do. you are the chosen, the one the that authors wrote in wars that won.

    By Onlymy2cents on 12.07.2013

  5. She stared into his sinster eyes that seemed to glow red and radiate absolute hatred. She wanted to lash out but she was afraid to even breathe. Her heart stumbled as it tried to relax and her eyes tried to escape his menacing glare, she wondered who the hell she had chosen.

    By Yahtzee URL on 12.07.2013

  6. I stand half hidden behind a line of taller girls. I shiver in the cool air and the dim morning sun burns my eyes after being trapped in the darkness. The tall thin man leans on his black umbrella and points at each girl one by one, beckoning the chosen girl to step forward. He scrutinizes a girl with long brown hair, freckles and a long thin noes. He turns away and points the umbrella at the next girl in line. I’m next, I think, but I don’t know what he wants.

    By ella on 12.07.2013

  7. the robber held the hostages in the living room. cops were beginning to surround the hosue and there was no longer any escape. with anxiety and strress building, the robber finally lost it. he ran out of the room and disappeared. moments later, the family heard a thud. the robber had slit his own wrists and seared the word “chosen” on the bathroom mirror.

    By JacobLD URL on 12.07.2013

  8. “You’re a wizard” Harry.

    I have to go Christmas shopping for my friends I hope they like the gifts I choose what if I can’t find anything good for them in time?

    By April URL on 12.07.2013

  9. If I am the chosen one, surely I will be your demise. Why aren’t you running yet? Run faster. You picked me. I do not surrender.

    By kelly URL on 12.07.2013

  10. He was the chosen one. The one we’d been waiting for. Right? He was strong. Brave. He looked the part. But could we be sure? Could this not be the Other? The one who would put us all in harm? Who would cause great destruction among our already pitiful world?

    By Cat on 12.07.2013

  11. I can’t believe I’ve been chosen by him. Me, of all people, how did I get so incredibly lucky and to deserve his attention? Let alone devotion.

    By Bobbi B URL on 12.07.2013

  12. a weighted choice. special. an ephemeral and undefinable characteristic that separates children on the playing field, candidates under the vote, and who goes home alone from the bar. instinct contains a special wisdom that can be surprisingly right, and spectacularly wrong. and it is instinct upon which we act at moments of the greatest import, when without thought, we choose who to accompany us through the trial.

    By Clayton on 12.07.2013

  13. some say that they are chosen while they are just frozen, frozen mentally by a dozen. A tragedy or a comedy? Just be happy, be free. It’s all about you and me baby.

    By karine on 12.07.2013

  14. “You were chosen to be their leader. If you back out now then the deal is off.” He stared at me blankly and I felt proud that I had scared a grown man so well.

    By Pasty Lace on 12.07.2013

  15. I have taken this life and this heart and I have hidden it away and now one will steal it back from me because I am a thief and


    Aren’t you tired

    Here, rest a moment…

    I choose you.

    By Liv on 12.07.2013

  16. I have been chosen. I knew it as soon as the cavern began glowing. A luminescent spotlight reached through the gloom and plucked me from my crouched position. Everyone seemed to realize they would survive to see the next day. Unlike me.

    By Claire URL on 12.07.2013

  17. He was the chosen one. He didn’t want to be, but it wasn’t as if he had a choice. He weighed the options in his head. There really weren’t any. He sighed, picking up the knife from the wooden tabletop. Its sharp edge glittered underneath the low light and he shuddered at the thought of having to press it against anyone’s neck.

    By musicrazi URL on 12.07.2013

  18. I’ve chosen to write again. I’ve chosen to make progress. I’ve chosen to take the necessary baby steps. I’ve chosen not to let it overwhelm me. I’ve chosen to get better. I’ve chosen to succeed. I’ve chosen to repeat myself.

    By Brandon Steward on 12.07.2013

  19. Everyone has a choice. Cliché, but true. The thing about choices, though – one may have them, but someone can always alter them, be in control of them.
    I looked at the clock as it counted down.
    It wasn’t really a countdown. I was just hungry.
    The snake kept talking. Not really a snake, but one gets my point.
    My career. It was my choice to obey.

    By Lauren URL on 12.07.2013

  20. There was something to chosen about this thing, the very thing he had been staring at for the longest. oh, how this thing had been the thing of his desires, the meaning for his torment. That torment that was driving him insane. So very insane. The insanity that was now coming to the surface as he was staring at that very face. Oh.
    With that torment over, he could finally; for the first time in all an eternity. Breathe.

    By Gyuu on 12.07.2013

  21. i am the 1 to be chosen like as in i am the chosen 1 i like tht im chosen like in the movie are yhu the 1 who was chosen says sponge bob yes im the chosen 1 hahah but im the chosen 1 all day i be like its a good day are yhu the chosen 1 ask mr dubwah am i i am the chosen 1 aint i hahaha
    so the end

    By chyenne manthy URL on 12.07.2013

  22. I have chosen to give up. No, it’s not giving up. This is something else. This is something that requires strength, it requires one to break away from their human shinanigans, their fear.

    By Batul URL on 12.07.2013

  23. “They called you the Chosen One?”

    “Yeah.” Arvey watched as Quinoni rolled her eyes, lighting up another stogie. “Why? Not exactly a label to be taken seriously?”

    “The Creeback people,” Quinoni explained, “have selected seven Chosen Ones in the past forty years. At this rate, you’re the platinum edition.”

    “And the way they coo over you is just adorable,” Barkelee added gleefully, raising a glass from where he was seated on a throne beside Mistress Kor.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.07.2013

  24. He was the chosen one… It was as simple as that. Never would he be normal again, and knowing that almost scared him. He didn’t want to be chosen, and he shook his head numbly, disbelievingly. It couldn’t be him, not him with his terrible handwriting and long fingers.

    By Al on 12.07.2013

  25. Carrie was about to rip her hair out of its roots.
    “I didn’t choose this!” she screamed at her door, furious tears spilling down her face. “I didn’t ask to be chosen!”
    She was a disappointment to her family, as though she hadn’t been one already.

    By Dominik URL on 12.07.2013

  26. “I don’t have a choice!” The words were whispered, but they bore the weight of a scream, eachoed on in the silence forever.
    “Yes, you do. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t’ve been chosen,” this man was insisting; the thing was, he didn’t want to believe.

    By Dominik URL on 12.07.2013

  27. Chosen in an act of desperation. Held in an act of self-indulgence. Left in a self inflicted tragedy.

    By Sophia on 12.07.2013

  28. I can still hear the screams. They fade into the sight of the yard and of a woman walking away. I know I am not here. The sounds bring me back down the hall and I’m racing. My heart is heavy like I feel someone has fallen. It is me. I have fallen.

    By DMM URL on 12.07.2013

  29. He is a chosen one. Born with a natural talent nurtured by his mother and teachers and grand parents. One who has been showered with love from so many, those close and those kept at a distance. It must be hard to come down, even a little, from such adulation. A withdrawal of the worst kind I would imagine.

    By just a girl URL on 12.07.2013

  30. the chosen one that is hat i am they said to me . But how could i be the one . Simple they said you have been it since birth. now as the walked away they turned back.

    By Lex Brown URL on 12.07.2013

  31. She was the chosen one. He knew she was the perfect girl for him. He got down on one knee and said, “Mary Elizabeth Gordon, I love you to the ends of the world and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” She replied with tears streaming down her face, screaming, “I do! I do!” He stood up and put the ring on her finger.

    By Zoey on 12.07.2013

  32. You have been chosen. You are one of the select few who will keep this world alive, now that the virus has been defeated. You have been selected because of the superior genetics that you possess. You will help create the new race. You will be matched with someone with different, yet also superior genetics, to give your offspring the greatest possibility of being extraordinary.

    By Katie Wright URL on 12.07.2013

  33. I have decided to chose you or me for the next event in my life. To be chosen is to be accepted and loved. Chosen is to be wanted, needed and used for life’s work.

    By precious1026 URL on 12.07.2013

  34. I was chosen to be His child, a daughter who will honor and glorify Him. I am not just someone elses, I was chosen.And once chosen it will never be changed.

    By Chriza on 12.07.2013

  35. He knew he was the chosen one. From the day he was born, he could feel a sense of mission. He, and only he, was put on this earth to achieve this one task. The only doubt he felt, was what meaning his life would have once his task had been completed.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.07.2013

  36. they were chosen
    and they silently/loudly vowed
    to remove the difference
    between the choosers and the chosen.
    let’s all make decisions
    that stop limiting those of others.

    By Kairn URL on 12.07.2013

  37. They say
    that you know when you’ve been chosen.
    They say
    that you will be chosen;
    they say that, some day,
    one day,
    someone will love you
    as much as you love them back.
    They say
    that everyone is chosen
    at some point in their life.
    They say
    to stop, drop, and let it roll–it’ll happen
    someday, so why be restless now,

    But it hasn’t happened. I
    haven’t been chosen. No one
    will chose me.
    I know, because I’m not pretty enough
    to suit their needs. I don’t have a mind
    that is full only with a fraction that’s only filled
    with slick pick-up lines and flirtatious comments.
    I don’t go on dates
    with people whose only aspect I know is their articulate face.

    Yet…they still say
    I’ll be chosen. They think I’ll get chosen–
    me, the homely social outcast, who puts my studies
    over my social stature–
    just like everyone else, in this messed-up society.

    They always say
    you’ll be chosen.
    But they’re wrong.
    Oh, how they are

    By Ariadne Jenkins URL on 12.07.2013

  38. When I think of the word chosen, I think of all the choices I made in my life. At first thought, I feel the word refers to someone or something special for a particular cause but when I sit and FEEL the word.. All I see are the choices I’ve made when compared to the choices I could have made.

    By Ray on 12.07.2013

  39. i am alone . i am lost .i am has brought me to this point and destiney has made me lose everyone my family has burned and i feel nothing my one role model has killed himself. She is still here but i know she will leave like the others. Like everyone does

    By melissa URL on 12.07.2013

  40. She couldn’t believe it. She was the chosen one. Her hands trembled as she gathered the courage to look up into the stern, weather-beaten face of Sven. “I’m not ready for this.” She whispered, her voice inaudible against the roar of the arctic wind.

    By luna on 12.07.2013