February 14th, 2011 | 765 Entries

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765 Entries for “chocolate”

  1. Delicious, warm, mint. I watch my love pace the room as the hot drink slides down my throat. My stomach, and my heart do no share the same mood right now. A contrast of feelings. Like white chocolate, and dark placed into the same truffle.

    By Christina URL on 02.15.2011

  2. Morphine and chocolate seems to be my diet lately..Substitute my gloom for happiness, sickness for health enemies for real good friends…bla bla bla as linda perry said morphine and chocolate are my substitutes but they can never substitute my art and thats real love baby Im just wondering what it cant replace for me…whats my real love…I fear for my soul

    By shea URL on 02.15.2011

  3. I love chocolate. It is the bst thing ever. I love it love it love it! I wan to eat it forever! What wou;dI do wiothout it!
    Its the best! I love you som much chocoalte. I appreciate you! Irsh chocolate! love you my buddy chocolate lover!

    By Heather on 02.15.2011

  4. I HATE CHOCOLATE. everything about it. all chocolate. never liked it, never will. its gross. im like the only person in the world who hates all chocolate. i like being different though. i feel unique and it keeps me skinny. i have no interest in liking it ever or at all.

    By Kerri on 02.15.2011

  5. Sweet decadent slabs of chocolate, piled as far as the eye can see on top of each other in the cool room. Towering glass containers filled with impossibly bright colored gummy bears and sugar drops. The smell of cinnamon wafted through the air as I took a halting breath in, my eyes as wide as saucers.

    By Allie on 02.15.2011

  6. the ice cream cake was a dark chocolate color with the flavor of the world. i took a bite and it tasted like heaven on a fork. I turned and smiled at my brother for bringing a cake that I would have before I died.

    By Carla on 02.15.2011

  7. I’ve gotten chocolate over the years, plenty of times. Boys deposit them in my class envelope, they shove them in my hands with nervous kindness, they hide them in the midst of my belongings. But it’s different, to see him standing there with a box of chocolates, a rose, a teddy bear. I, who vowed to never use the cliched, foolish L word, am finding myself closer and closer to it each day. I know that these presents say so much, that the straightforward way he passes me the chocolates is special, but I know that he could give me not a single thing and I would care about him more than anyone else still. I, the girl who promised not to love, am falling.

    By Ashley URL on 02.15.2011

  8. chocolate is. awesome. i think i had some today. maybe not. OH YEAH i did. i had these peanut butter cup things from trader joes and i really liked them. i like chocolate. woop. sugar. is sugar a drug? i dont remember what my science teacher said. i don’t thin s.

    By sonia on 02.15.2011

  9. She lifts the light, red lid off the box. Takes in the smooth brown shapes with her dulled eyes. Savors their innocence. Aches for her own. Gliding down her face, a few foolish tears. She looks out at the big, dark dome above, a silence broken by white sequences. As white and bright as the pills she is about to swallow, washed down with sorrow. Silence embraced her.

    By Lizza URL on 02.15.2011

  10. God’s gift to women, and women’s curse to herself. It can be your best friend and your greatest foe all at the same time. But, by God, it stays a necessity in our lives.

    By Kalah on 02.15.2011

  11. smooth, creamy sensation, generates good feelings a reward for a hard days work.
    Sliding down the throat after rolling around the mouth. Is there more? No! Do I have another piece? I’m diving in and having one more!

    By Michael on 02.15.2011

  12. I think chocolate is lord’s best creation. think about it, everything it stands for is love and sweetness, bitter life and darkness, milky melt in your mouth memories of playing games at Easter and Halloween. I love it more than anything.

    By Brodyirwin URL on 02.15.2011

  13. Mmmm, chocolate. So sensual. So fattening. Ironic, isn’t it?

    By Samantha on 02.15.2011

  14. My favorite candy, especially when upon a s’more. I love it hot, in bar form, accompanying peanut butter or anyway really. It’s the only thing that gets me thorugh tough days and I am grateful.

    By katelin on 02.15.2011

  15. Bate bate chocolate, mix the chocolate chocolate-this is my kids favorite song and it brings such pleasant memories

    By Yael on 02.15.2011

  16. brown, wrapper, shiny wrapper. melts in your mouth, gooey, tastey, warm, cookies, frothy, hershey’s, peanut butter, the movie, tasty, cure-all, happy

    By becky on 02.15.2011

  17. Ice cream. I don’t like. Chocolate cake, sometimes. Chocolate people, now that’s cool. Perhaps because I’m a particular shade of cocoa, I’m a bit biased. But who knows? Maybe Vanilla will one day have a say.

    By anthony maurice URL on 02.15.2011

  18. I actually dont really like chocolate. I don’t really understand why I do, considering EVERYONE I know seems to like it. I just seem crazy to them. Yet, I find, that somethings that, when combined with chocolate, are absolutely delicious. Its so weird. I can’t for the life of me see what anyone sees to be so tasty of it. It’s always bitter for me!

    By Dean on 02.15.2011

  19. I love chocolate so much. Well not that much but it is pretty good. It’s supposed to be good for girls on their periods. I don’t really have anything else to say about chocolate. Its good on ice cream or as fudge. Mmmm fudge. I want to make more peanut butter fudge.

    By Mike on 02.15.2011

  20. Chocolate is delicious. It simply is. There is no way of describing chocolate, that doesn’t encompass the way that chocolate melts in your mouth (quite literally if you’re eating fudge) or the way that sometimes, you can just sit for hours in jealousy when you see a little munchkin finishing off his chocolate ice cream bar.

    By Danny Sepler on 02.15.2011

  21. Chocolate could save the world if it wanted to. Did you cheat on your girlfriend? Go buy her a box of chocolates! Feeling lonely? Chocolates could get you laid. Fighting a war? Give that dictator some nice cacao and we’ll have world peace. Do not underestimate chocolate.

    Unless it’s someone who doesn’t like chocolate. Then, you’re fucked.

    By nadia URL on 02.15.2011

  22. i love chocolate. its so delicious and sexy. whenever i order dessert, it must be chocolate. chocolate ice cream with chocolate brownies and chocolate syrup….mmmm chocolate. i love my men chocolaty in chocolate. the smell, the taste, the melt in your mouth feel. aphrodisiac.

    By Rita G on 02.15.2011

  23. It’s too smooth for words but after seeing a film documenting the pain that goes into making it I can’t eat a slice, a piece a crumb without thinking of the callused sore hands that pick the beans to allow this sweet sugar filled candy to rest in my midsection.

    By Julia URL on 02.15.2011

  24. It always tastes so good. If I could live off of it I would. I’d eat chocolate everyday. I love the texture and the taste. I love hot chocolate and donuts. It’s brown and sometimes looks like poop. But I’ll eat it anyways, forever. It’s always really god damn good. Yum to chocolate. I love it. K

    By Kayla on 02.15.2011

  25. Ahhh chocolate. The sweet, dark deliciou treat.omrthing i always wan. Somethingi can rarey have. Somedai’ll just have a sudden urg for chocolate. As in i need it NOW. I did around in the fridge for chocolate chios. But alas. No chocolate for the Henrietta. Poot, poor me. I must crave something else. Ice cream perhaps?

    By Henrietta Jamison on 02.15.2011

  26. Chocolate is pretty good. I like it. In fact, I really like it. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, so I’ve had a lot lately. I like white chocolate. And Lindor! Lindor chocolate is the best. Especially the kind with both white and milk chocolate.

    By B on 02.15.2011

  27. I love chocolate and in essence it is the bittersweetness of it. Kind of like life. Bad times and good times all intertwined to perfection in a concotion thats invigorating enough to become an experience itself.

    By Raimi URL on 02.15.2011

  28. What a conundrum. To eat and be content for a few minutes or to not eat and feel smug for a few seconds? Love it or hate it, chocolate is very important to many of us. The Aztecs even used cocoa beans as money – now! There’s an idea! Next time I buy something I’m going to try and pay for it in unrefined, hard, brown little cocoa bullets. See how far that gets me. Yum.

    By Rage on 02.15.2011

  29. i love chocolate. Its texture it’s taste, even the scent is enjoyable. It makes me want to relax. For Valenatines day i wated to get annie chocolate to make her feel better about being single and technically I did but not on the exact day. She is sick cuz i was sick and we’re always in close contact. She’s awesome

    By allie f on 02.15.2011

  30. chocolate makes everything better. it makes up for the fact that on valentine’s day i looked really hideous in my oversized avalanche jersey and it also makes up for the fact that dante hates me and i cry everytime i think about him. not to mention, chocolate tastes really good and releases endorphines in our braiiiinnnnnnns. <3

    By Synovia Duncan URL on 02.15.2011

  31. it’s something we use everyday
    happy or sad
    as a gift
    or a snack
    for comfort
    without even realizing it

    By Ashley Tenebaum on 02.15.2011

  32. chocolate is nice i like chocolate it tastes good it has a nice texture hey have you thought that onions taste and smell good but they dont feel good? cos yea thats what i think about them so yea haha i like licking.

    By lkjhfdskjhfds URL on 02.15.2011

  33. yummmm. chocolate makes me happy. it is delicious and is always there for me when i need something comforting. it helps me get over boys and it helps with period cramps. whoever invented chocolate is the biggest mothafuckin badass of all time and i’d like to thank them right now. YAY CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!

    By Alexa on 02.15.2011

  34. Not realizing that I had hit the go button, the counter was almost done by the time that I could start writhing about chocolate.

    By Greg URL on 02.15.2011

  35. I’ve done this?

    By Bill URL on 02.15.2011

  36. I just spoke to a Brazilian about this. She calls herself Kakau – Portuguese for chocolate. Her boyfriend does, too. She thinks it’s one of the only things that are truly universal. She’s that kind of person, effusive and bright, to be seduced by something dark, thick…

    By Julie on 02.15.2011

  37. i love chocolate. chocolate cupcakes, chocolate ice cream, chocolate icing, chocolate sauce. i could eat chocolate everyday. i love chocolate covered almonds. and i LOVE chocolate and peanut butter. i love chocolate. chocolate chips!

    By cairis URL on 02.15.2011

  38. I ate a piece of chocolate. Dark chocolate. The simplicity of it’s texture. The complexity of it’s color. It was chocolate. Nothing More. Seeing it as it was; just chocolate. Nothing more.

    By Thomas Moore on 02.15.2011

  39. yesterday’s word. oh great moderator, where art thou. Change the word. Hmmm.. chocolate.. Do’h!

    By thefoolyouloved URL on 02.15.2011

  40. His voice rang out smooth, dark and bitter, just like chocolate, “Why would I stay?”
    “How could you go?”

    By ina URL on 02.15.2011