February 14th, 2011 | 765 Entries

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765 Entries for “chocolate”

  1. chocolate is a very nummy treat.

    By nick URL on 02.15.2011

  2. CHocolate is very good. Although it is loaded with sugar you can still enjoy it if u face the consequences.

    By devin21 URL on 02.15.2011

  3. yummy delicious dark milk white melty chocolate chips

    By josh on 02.15.2011

  4. Chocolate is a candy, that is a choco color, is sweet, and delicious.

    By Donielle is awesome URL on 02.15.2011

  5. chocolate has many different flavors they got discusting jineric flavors but great awesome flavors as well.

    By ruger13 URL on 02.15.2011

  6. I like chocolate. It is bad sometimes cause it gives you pimples and it can make you as fat as a elephant! I that is really weird.

    By bananaphone URL on 02.15.2011

  7. I love chocolate it is a good gift for your sweet heart and it is VERY yummy!:)

    By just URL on 02.15.2011

  8. there are many types of choclate. there is wite, dark, carmal, almonds,… so ya now i want chocolet!!

    By anacaa URL on 02.15.2011

  9. Chocolate tastes very good i like chocolate alot. with out chocolate there would be no good candy.

    By Sam tate URL on 02.15.2011

  10. Chocolate?
    Yuummm! I am a choco holic! if that is a word…Thats me mann!
    I absolutly love chocolate..My favorite chocolate bar is a butterfinger..Or hershys with almonds! OMG! my mouth is watering just thinking about it man oh man! I wish that there really was a chocolate waterfall…you know, like willy wonka. I think that that would be considered heaven!(:

    By Claudia on 02.15.2011

  11. Chocolate is incredibly nice especially when its melting in the microwave.. it remind me of the time my old friend Joseph and I were in the sand box and i thought i found a piece of chocolate but to my dismay was in fact a piece of poo. Lovely. The joys of chocolate.

    By GeorgiaJade URL on 02.15.2011

  12. I ate a bunch of chocolate yesterday.:]!! Because it was Valentines day.

    By josh crean on 02.15.2011

  13. Chocolate is sweet, and alot of people crave it all the time. It is the sweetest thing in the world besides me (jk) xD

    By Brittany URL on 02.15.2011

  14. i like chocolate alot because it is yummy. my favorite is giradelli squeres with caramel in the middle. man talking about chocolate makes me hungry.:)

    By chase Curell URL on 02.15.2011

  15. chocolate is very yummy i ate tons yesterday i loved it because it was valentines day. My favorite type of chocolate is snickers,hershy almonds and ferreo rocher.

    By Jonathan Pizano URL on 02.15.2011

  16. Chocolate seems to be the standard gift to give on Valentine’s Day. I don’t understand why, though. I suppose I don’t understand the full concept of Valentine’s Day itself. Why did we choose one day to show the people that we love, that we love them? We should do that every single day of our lives. What difference does chocolate and a couple of roses make?

    By courtney on 02.15.2011

  17. This stuff makes the world go back and forward . It is so good. It makes you go crazy. Do not give it to little kids they met make you go crazy. So do not eat it at school. You met get in trouble by the teacher.lolololol

    By delgean URL on 02.15.2011

  18. Its the best food for certain people but i think its rather disgusting. dark chocolate is possibly the worst…but if you add peanuts to chocolate like peanut m&ms or a herseys chocolate bar with pecans its delicious. Chocolate shakes can be good too. This was an interesting conversation.

    By Beth on 02.15.2011

  19. Chocolate is amazing. It gets me through any heart break or troubles I go through. Paradise in reality. Simply blissful. I never have to rely on it. It always calms me down.

    By Rachel on 02.15.2011

  20. dog cat house mouse me he she it they teacher more horse mom dad run ran play jump fun fan hen bed train games queen king see saw four two we they more true three tree

    By Ela on 02.15.2011

  21. mmm chocolate, ambrosia from the gods. originally thanks to spanish monks, a delicacy, now you buy it at the local 7/11. how far have we come?

    By Kate on 02.15.2011

  22. What a wonderful word for a wet Tuesday. I’ve spent the afternoon with a grandchild, returning him to his mother covered with chocolate from nose to navel – and I didn’t even apologise!

    By joey URL on 02.15.2011

  23. the break up medicine. the silver lining. heaven. that yummy stuff that makes every girl feel better.

    By Stuart on 02.15.2011

  24. The rich creamy brown goodness, which I so happen to be allergic too but also happens to be my elixir of life. Chocolate brings me peace and makes me feel like a child again all at once.

    By Mugzie URL on 02.15.2011

  25. “Chocolate? its sticky. and sickly sweet.” She thought.
    Joanna never liked chocolate. And when he gave her that heart shaped box?
    She scoffed.

    By Kat URL on 02.15.2011

  26. deep rich creamy it speaks to lovers like a secret charm and it brightens sadness supernaturally like some ancient charm. I think of the ancients growing and using cocoa, think of Spanish priests forming bars of dark gold. Chocolate is beautiful.

    By Rachel on 02.15.2011

  27. i really hate chocolate. I totally shouldn’t be doing this right now, I’m grounded and if my parents catch me doing this I’m totally fucked. I associate chocolate with all things bad.

    By Chris Bartz on 02.15.2011

  28. I like chocolate. For Christmas my grandparents got me a box of chocolate with money in it. They don’t like just giving money, so I got chocolate too. I still have some left.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 02.15.2011

  29. I do love chocolate, perhaps a little to much. I like Kit Kats and Reeses and Three Muskateers. However, I don’t like it being too terribly rich.

    By TTGG URL on 02.15.2011

  30. chocolate is tasty. i like chocolate. we got a 5 pound bar of chocolate for christmas one year. but we never got another one. :(

    By just582 URL on 02.15.2011

  31. The chocolate Easter Bunny is coming to get you. He wants revenge for all his brothers that you’ve eaten. And all those delicious little chocolate eggs that you’ve consumed. You know the ones that obviously didn’t come from him, but he takes as a personal threat. They are floating around in your veins and he wants them back.

    By Imperfect.In.deed URL on 02.15.2011

  32. Chocolate is a rich substance made out of cacao beans found in South America. My sister Anna is gonzo for it. I prefer white chocolate.

    By Caleb on 02.15.2011

  33. Chocolate is my heart’s desire right now, as I’m trying to be “good” so no to chocolate. And that is almost all I want most of the time. The melt of it in my mouth as I sip warm tea on chilled dark chocolate. Or the softness of praline and the nutty side taste as it slides down my throat.

    By Jem URL on 02.15.2011

  34. Its a thing you eat. Made of cocoa and milk maybe butter. Many chocolate manufacturers create different flavours such as orange, mint and nut.

    By David on 02.15.2011

  35. chocolate chocolate chocolate say it loud and it’s almost like something from West Side Story that I can’t quite remember the words to. Say it soft and it’s almost like praying. I try not to eat chocolate but today I had a Jacobs orange club biscuit thing – it was a nostalgia thing. They were always, and still are, the most chocolatey of biscuits. My brother used to reconstruct the packaging, the silver paper and the little wrapper to tease me, torment me with its emptiness. Like the boiled egg shell joke, only much much crueller.

    By marmaladepark URL on 02.15.2011

  36. Chocolate is my favorite flavor. I especially like Hershey bars. It is also great to put on top of ice cream and in milk. I love chocolate!

    By Sleepy on 02.15.2011

  37. i love chocolate, anything chocolate is the best. i love chocolate cover preztles, and going to a store & smelling the chocolate is amazing.

    By Megan on 02.15.2011

  38. yesterday was valentine’s day. several women my age were huddled in a corner stuffing their face with chocolate, cursing the wretched holiday amidst their singledom.
    all of it makes me ill. from chocolate to sadness.

    By helen lindsay URL on 02.15.2011

  39. I licked at my fingers, sucking off the dark chocolate digit by digit. It tasted so good that I was able to push my fears of getting caught to the back of my mind and I wanted to savour that. The door burst open with a bang.
    ‘Have you seen my chocolate?’ She demanded suspiciously.
    I raised my freshly cleaned hands in a theatric shrug and as she turned to leave I poked my tongue out and ran it round my guilty lips. I’d replace it in the morning.

    By fionars URL on 02.15.2011

  40. chocolate is a candy. it is really good and my sister loves it to. she even tuck my brothers candy jusy yesterday. cholocolate is brown and very sweet to eat.

    By bob brown on 02.15.2011