November 2nd, 2017 | 26 Entries

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26 Entries for “cheerleader”

  1. We are Gods cheerleaders because we lead other people to God by cheering on his message.

    By Ben Head on 11.02.2017

  2. We should be cheerleaders for God everywhere we go. Our praise should be like that of a cheerleader, meaning no matter if this game we call life is going good or bad we still give praise. There are going to be many ups and downs during this life but we must still give praise.

    By Ammon is D1 on 11.02.2017

  3. I used to be everybody’s cheerleader, but who’s going to cheer me up when everything starts falling apart?

    By Maria on 11.02.2017

  4. I saw the cheerleader over there standing on the benches. She was waving her arms with pom poms in her hands. She was also yelling lots of things to the football players and the fans.

    By Jonah on 11.02.2017

  5. Getting my head shoved into a locker door is not how I intended my day to start out. But now above me standing is, Vanessa Vasquez, Hensworth High’s Popular cheerleader.

    “Well if it isn’t nerdy Lucielle.” Vanessa sneered in my face. I stood up and pushed my glasses back up the bridge of my nose.

    “It’s Laura actually.” I replied quietly and kept my gaze remaining on the ground.

    “What was that? I couldn’t hear you?” She smiled sickly at me before slapping a hand across my cheek. I gasped at the pain as shocks ran through me.

    “You couldn’t hear me because of all the ignorance clogging your ears. Why don’t you go get a real personality so it isn’t as fake as your eyelashes, then come speak to me.” I spoke slowly in her face and her jaw dropped faster than Usain Bolt could sprint a 100 yard dash. Not sparing Vanessa or the crowd watching us a glance, I grabbed my books and took off in a hurry.

    By sarah on 11.02.2017

  6. It was 2011 and my then girlfriend and I were lying on her bed in her dad’s house watching “But I’m a cheerleader.” Her dad just thought I was her friend. It was a weird feeling. I watched that show as well as the L word.

    By Ellie on 11.02.2017

  7. I feel like every cheerleader is a stuck up brat to be honest. I think its just a girl or boy that waves there pom-pom’s around doing a dance for the football team or sports team.

    By solara URL on 11.02.2017

  8. i already did this one???

    By mackenzie on 11.02.2017

  9. She used to be the type. She used to believe in pushing her positive feelings on others. Except now she had lost her drive. She had spent so much time pumping others up that she forgot how to be happy herself. She used to be a cheerleader and now she is just trying to have faith in the team surrounding her that has continually let her down.

    By Theresa on 11.02.2017

  10. Oh I think that I found my self a cheerleader. She is always Right there when I need her. She runs like a model She grants my wishes like a genie in a bottle. ya ya

    By Addison Battershell on 11.02.2017

  11. What can a poor nerd do when she falls in love with a cheerleader? No, scratch that – the cheerleader CAPTAIN? She’s of course dating the star quarterback; otherwise, she wouldn’t be fitting the cliché like she should. No, the dork has to stare plaintively at the beautiful blonde in a short skirt, waving pom poms, while she sits in the corner, hugging a book against her knees.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.02.2017

  12. From among the people
    Shall arise the one who stands
    For all of us and none of us
    For the one who would stay
    Nor strife in life

    What is left of this crowd
    In the remnants of life
    But the words that linger
    In the wake of this

    By Lynn on 11.02.2017

  13. cheerleaders always creeped me out when I was in high school. I felt that they were some sort of cult, with the makeup and the hair done just so and the matching uniforms. Nobody is naturally that happy all the time, one of my teachers commented when I brought this up, and I tended to agree.

    By lbrygk on 11.02.2017

  14. I am my own worst cheerleader. I sat and lied for an hour tonight, drunk, to a man who thought I was someone else. To a man who has always thought I am someone else. But I think I brought a comfort, a small and aching comfort, to him if not to me. Rah rah, what the fuck. He needed an open face, and god knows I can go blank. A cypher. An open and untarnished book. I feel like its been enough time. Can I blink?

    By Aubrey McGrath on 11.03.2017

  15. The finals. The’ve just broke up. But she was still his favourite cheerleader. A touchdown. That was all he wanted.

    By Stef URL on 11.03.2017

  16. she had dreams. she was pretty. she had friends who told her she would become something great. She grew older and prettier and then a little less pretty as time went by. She now lives with two babies who like apple sauce and a husband who is alright. She was all right.

    By Peter Park on 11.03.2017

  17. Before and after may well be the same aspects of celebration or excitement. The cheerleader will act upon the roaring crowd, do not think about it.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 11.03.2017

  18. She heard the cheers in the distance, the chants and the cadence of rhyming, but she walked in the opposite direction. She had work to do. Now was the perfect time.

    By Bridget Grace on 11.03.2017

  19. the cheerleader fell and broke her leg

    By angelo on 11.03.2017

  20. I didn’t want to be a cheerleader, except for the allure of those pom-poms. There was something about them that compelled me to try out for the cheer team. The ruffle and sparkle and swish of them was too compelling.

    By Taylor on 11.03.2017

  21. waking up to the same old routine. wake up to parents fighting, shower for 5 mins, use the shampoo that makes your scalp burn, dry your hair on a level of heat that burns your skin, brush your hair, get dressed in your uniform then work out. same old thing, sit ups, push ups, and running a mile or two. By then end of the workout, you’re late for school. you arrive at school about 45 mins late and get yelled at by your teacher who says she wants you to “succeed”. then resume the fake life of being popular and being a complete bitch. this is the life of a cheerleader. being fake, doing things you don’t want to do, not eating for most days because you “have” to stay a certain size. I don’t want this anymore. I want to be normal, I want to be able to live mt life in my own way.

    By AshleighSiegel on 11.03.2017

  22. I look at the cheerleaders, all pretty with no braces or glasses. How i wish I could be a cheerleader. I could be one but they would laugh at my braces and glasses. One of the cheerleaders comes over, her name is Avery, she is the team captain. Avery says to me, “Hey, you should try out for cheer-leading. I think you would be good at it. You are very flexible.” Avery smiles and I see her pearly white teeth. I reply, “But I have glasses and braces. What good would I be to the team.” I put my head down and start to cry. Avery starts to think and says, “Well, that does not mean you still can not try. You would be great at flips and cartwheels, and you would be the perfect touch to our pyramid. So what do you say, want to try out?” I look up at her and say with a big smile, “Sure, I would love to try out.” I try out and I amaze them with my flexibility. The best part is that I make the team. Avery comes over to me and says, “Welcome to the team Emerson.”

    The moral of this story is….
    No matter what, do not judge yourself of what others think. Always be yourself and who knows, they might like you the way you are. I guarantee it.

    By TexasGirl0 on 11.03.2017

  23. She was always there for him, and now he had gone and what was she to do. Wait. Wait for this bullshit to end? No, no, no! She was done, she thought. Done being a cheerleader for his alcoholism and terrible misogyny. This was it. She was back, returning to life she left.

    By Jill on 11.03.2017

  24. cheer up leader! that is not the topic. ok! cheer-leaders. that is the topic. y’know, if you have watched it, in spiderman the homecoming, there is a girl who asked the rest of her team a question. what is the heaviest atom? and someone answered “hydrogen is the lightest. that is not the question.”

    By Secretcommander on 11.03.2017

  25. Last night, she stood on the rooftop, walked over tot he edge and glanced around her. Beside her was the entire city, imposing spiraled cathedrals, reaching for the stars. Helicopters and stars alike creating bright spots in a night sky, cars and people all smaller than ants.

    For a moment, the world was small and comprehensible.

    But only for a moment.

    She turned around, spun in a circle once, and begun to dance.

    By Bodies of Ink and Water on 11.03.2017

  26. I once tried out for cheerleader. What was I thinking? I wasn’t blond. I couldn’t jump. I was smart and brunette and sincere. I thought that maybe some high power would propel me and enable me to jump high. The real reason I tried out was a girl named LN.

    By Robin on 11.03.2017