August 30th, 2010 | 264 Entries

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264 Entries for “cheek”

  1. so pretty
    and love
    so beautiful
    are soft
    chubby cheeks
    loved by adults
    on babies
    babies have chubby cheeks that we all squeeze

    By mars URL on 08.30.2010

  2. don’t give me cheek said my

    By Your favourite teacher URL on 08.30.2010

  3. The WAPs were dressed in slacks. Dancing cheek to cheek and pants to pants. There’s a lot to be said for the arrrrrrrmy. A gal was never lost for company… a million handsome guys, with longing in their eyes, and all you had to do was pick the age, the weight, the size — oh GEE! I wish I was back in the arrrrrrmy.

    By Janna Oakfellow-Pushee URL on 08.30.2010

  4. Turn the other? I don’t know if this is the best defence to an assault. Jesus may have done so but he also had a lot of it to come up with that load of hogwash.

    By Stephanie on 08.30.2010

  5. as he leaned down to kiss me on the cheek i wish he was dong something more.

    By l on 08.30.2010

  6. soft, sensual, silky, kissable, mesmerizing, lovely, pinchable, beautiful, mine, hers, his

    By susan on 08.30.2010

  7. I bit the inside of my cheek as my nerves started to get the best of me. I knew he would kiss me, but when. What was he waiting for? Was I misreading the situation?

    Just then, he leaned in and as if it were a scene from a romantic movie, I felt his lips pressed against mine.

    By Pamela on 08.30.2010

  8. the inside of her cheek was raw from all the chewing, and the test hadn’t gotten any easier. The sores from the previous test had not healed but on she chewed. The taste of iron was strong in her mouth, and the pain made it even more difficult to fouces.

    By Melissa on 08.30.2010

  9. It was your cheek that made me feel safe. The soft skin of your round cheek against mine that was the weapon against all things hateful.

    By mgirlnyc URL on 08.30.2010

  10. as we sat cheek to cheek, I wondered what she was thinking. Was she really as ok as she wanted me to think? Did she wish for change? Could I bring about the change that she needed?

    By janice on 08.30.2010

  11. Kiss it here, because I’m sick. Please be a good parent and know that they are hot. You are the best person to heal me and set me free.

    By Tay URL on 08.30.2010

  12. His cheek next to mine, complete bliss. Nothing could ruin this. I love him its too bad he was dead. Nothing could change that

    By Aerona on 08.30.2010

  13. Turning the other cheek. Cold shoulders and cold hearts. Made of stone and ice and almost impossible to break.
    Break out the blowtorch.

    By britania vance URL on 08.30.2010

  14. The high sexy cheek bones on that girl could make a man come to his knees.

    By Mayra URL on 08.30.2010

  15. She rested the palm of her hand against her cheek, trying to remember exactly why September 17th was so important. Isn’t the guy the one that’s supposed to forget important events? This is why facebook lets you put up anniversary dates….

    By Gecko URL on 08.30.2010

  16. today i touched your cheek with a featherlight emotion called love. embraced!

    By cefacima? URL on 08.30.2010

  17. Talking back. Kids in school who ‘cheeked’ the teacher were usually annoying. I think it was mainly because they seemed so smug about the whole thing.

    By Andrew Quirk on 08.30.2010

  18. She had cheek. That’s for sure. My mother always used that word to describe people who were a little bit too assertive for her tastes.

    By jack on 08.30.2010

  19. A mouth surrounded by skin wrapped tight across the jaw-hinge. Don’t let these simple flabs of skin fool you, without them your entire existence would be droll.

    By Augur on 08.30.2010

  20. Cheekily, he smirked at me. And so I did the only thing I could think of. I kissed him, hard and fast. I like to think that it was adequate punishment, but maybe not.

    By Christopher Greye URL on 08.30.2010

  21. he gently touch ed her cheek, rubbing his thumb along her face, “I promise love, it wont be long. I have to go. ” “NO!” she begged of him. “You cannot leave me here with him he’ll ruin us. he threatened to tear our kingdom down.”

    By etoile on 08.30.2010

  22. pink

    By udhaya on 08.30.2010

  23. cheek. i think of kissing a cheek of my loved one. i also think of the witty humor children often use. i also think of butt cheeks.

    By jade URL on 08.30.2010

  24. Dissatisfied, she lifted a finger. She glared at the wall ahead of her, and remembered the sting of her cheek. Snarky, honest comments, apparently, weren’t in favour. Who bothered about truth these days. Sugar coating and restriction of information

    By sonneillon URL on 08.30.2010

  25. Honestly, I didn’t think being in a semi-distant relationship would be difficult. Normal people don’t get pissed off for the silly things, NOO, I had to pick the guy who takes everything to heart. Honestly I HATE talking to my boyfriend in text. Why do I even try?

    By Jasmine Amano on 08.30.2010

  26. a cheek is the place on the face that fills either side of the nose and mouth. the cheek curls in a smile or laugh and burrows when sad and discouraged.

    By Laura on 08.30.2010

  27. What’s the origin of “tongue-in-cheek,” anyway? I never quite got that. It’s not a terrific description of the type of communication it reflects, which is one I use rather infrequently anyway. Though maybe I should learn to use it for writing purposes. It tends to be amusing.

    By vish URL on 08.30.2010

  28. so i didn’t know what to do, his cheek was competelty gone, where his simile had been before was now empty space, darkness that probably looked further into his own mouth, not that i was going to look that closely, it was crazy, this life we lead, but nothing like this had happened before.

    By thefunkylama on 08.30.2010

  29. Cheeks are great they are cute and people can look really cute with cheeks. Especially if they are big chipmunk cheeks and if you have dimples on your cheeks that’s always a plus as well. people are always attractive with dimples on their cheeks.

    By Kristen on 08.30.2010

  30. a gentle kiss on the cheek is all that he offers as he climbs into bed next to her. she is sleeping and sleeping soundly, and he doesn’t want to wake her. she stirs a little, a half smile crosses her lips and in her dreams, she knows he is near to her.

    By suzi URL on 08.30.2010

  31. I was dancing. it was magical. I found myself check to check with him. it was the best night I could imagine, especially for one that would have maybe not involved sex. and now it was the magic of time and the magic of our skin touching, and our faces so close. and it was love. no, happiness.

    By emily on 08.30.2010

  32. All I want is for you to kiss me on my cheek. Not my lips, not my neck, maybe my forhead but mostly my cheek. Make me feel like I’m yours, but make me work for it. Make this worth it. Make me a winner.

    By kmmk URL on 08.30.2010

  33. He chuckled, watching as the other frowned and grumpily looked away, a light pink slowly dusting his cheeks. What a wonderful reaction, maybe he should repeat it more often.

    Who knew that a simple kiss could affect one so.

    By Breanna URL on 08.30.2010

  34. looking at this word I get confused if it is cheek or check and sometimes have to double cheek myself.

    By Alecia on 08.30.2010

  35. Cheeky buggers, cutting me off. How dare they drive like that! And they aren’t even using their indicators. I have no idea how their got their license, but it should be revoked.

    By V on 08.30.2010

  36. Another word for cheek, is nerve. If you have the cheek to do something, you could also have the nerve, or the audacity for that matter.

    By Libbets URL on 08.30.2010

  37. i pressed the kitten up to my cheek. it was soft. i pressed the pinecone up to my cheek. it was prickly. i pressed the quilt up to my cheek. it was downy soft. i pressed you up to my cheek, and the feeling was indescribable.

    By caitlynashley on 08.30.2010

  38. got one cheek on one side of my face and one on the other. got one for one side of my butt and one for the other. sometimes people squeezes emz and sometimes I hear they is good to eat off a fish. cheek meatz. love my cheeks.

    By Frank from Texas on 08.30.2010

  39. I have an itchy cheek. But it’s a pretty cheek. I had to scratch it for a minute there, but I don’t even have a minute, so it wasn’t really even a minute. I hate time. It’s so final and decisive.

    By rie on 08.30.2010

  40. When someone gives you the attitude which makes you think, “How dare they such a thing!”. You start to wonder why they would say that, then you realise they are only joking with you, and you begin to laugh.

    By Alexander Filipowski URL on 08.30.2010