September 23rd, 2009 | 469 Entries

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469 Entries for “check”

  1. there was the last check that I wrote, i know it was not going to clear but I had to write it. Today I was consumed, torn between the worry of the impending bounce and the need to concentrate on how to get some money in to cover that

    By wassup on 09.24.2009

  2. not again! why do I have to be submitted to these random checks? Since when did it become the norm for people to be judged according to surface characteristics?

    The anger inside me was rising again and I felt choked, but determined to make this stop

    By Finola on 09.24.2009

  3. I made the necessary adjustment to my direct deposit account today. I had to change it because now I have a checking account. I’ve been in college for over two years now and my parents finally trust me enough to get me a checking account and a debit card. Now I just have to work on a car.

    By Sarah on 09.24.2009

  4. I have to check. Didn’t I already write about check? Check, check. So eager to write on ‘One Word’ I have to check myself. Check.

    By Linda Chapman on 09.24.2009

  5. mike testing…check check.this was how kunal started his concerk

    By mah on 09.24.2009

  6. ok so this check is blank, that one is completely filled out. IF YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF MY GOVERNMENT, THERE WILL BE checks AND BALANCES!!! i Swear, if one more person writes one that is faulty I will sue the U.S mint for sure. Check it: I spit prolifically anatomically devisive.

    By Farrell McKenna on 09.24.2009

  7. write one and lose all your money cause the man just takes it away time and time again. it might be taxes, bills, grocery items, or just dinner out – either way it sucks your bank account dry. That’s ok though cause you shouldn’t save anything anyway. Now is all there is. Right now.

    By Joe Hornblower on 09.24.2009

  8. I never want to look at it when it arrives after an expensive dinner. I’d rather enjoy the food without knowing the price yet when I look into his eyes I can always somehow tell how much it was. Those dinners are never worth that. Give me pizza & chips instead.

    By Mihoriel on 09.24.2009

  9. wherever

    By who on 09.24.2009

  10. Keeping the self in check is an important thing to forget to do. Mom, I’m dropping out of school. So don’t send the check.

    By pangeas so large on 09.24.2009

  11. I wrote a check the other day because my mom was like FUCK YOU WRITE A CHECK. So I did.

    By POO on 09.24.2009

  12. no more you sill obsolete item that gave me so many paper cuts off with you to oblivion see you know more my soul is free to be one with the internet banking lover of my soul ha

    By CYNthia on 09.24.2009

  13. Oh how I miss thee,

    My dear sweet friend, How we would meet every Friday
    only to part once again. My friend. Check

    By Joshuone on 09.24.2009

  14. They said the check was in the mail,
    but I checked and could find it
    not at all.
    Nary a check to be seen — could not check it off
    even in my checquered past.

    Czech, anyone.

    By Carol R Strand on 09.24.2009

  15. sounds like money, purple check, check to see if your friends exist, check your life, check as in cheque, cheqoslovakian, large

    By Victoria Wilkinson on 09.24.2009

  16. kjjdfgshdfolguyassgosuidhfgouisdhfgosudhghsioghsorhapirh

    By Bethg on 09.24.2009

  17. checking in, checking out. make sure the check doesnt bounce, the check, god help us all, is in the mail. Of course it is. check on the kids, will you?
    If the check box isnt marked, we will have to discount your vote. sorry, but that’s the way it is. We can’t guess what you might have wanted,
    you have to tell us.

    black and white checkerboard squares. coats, playing boards, ugly slacks I simply cannot believe anyone ever thought looked good on them.

    By Judy thompson on 09.24.2009

  18. I check the mail each day. Every thursday i get a check with money that gets taken from me for the government.. I guess to pay for healthcare.. Fuck Obama. Everyone hates him. We have made a huge mistack america

    By Anonymous on 09.24.2009

  19. Money, cash book, digits, banks, colored checks, patterned checks, pretty checks, food shopping, cash registers, paying for stuff, getting money for your birthday

    By Kathryn on 09.24.2009

  20. Check Please! You better Check yourself! you can get yoyur dick sucked by a hooker but you can not pay him or her with a check?

    By Anonymous on 09.24.2009

  21. check once, check twice.
    Still love you, it’s never gonna change.

    By Anonymous on 09.24.2009

  22. never check. why check? if you check, you find mistakes – and mistakes are demoralising. checking is a little. make mistakes and love them! revel in them! because even if you check, you can miss mistakes..

    By katie on 09.24.2009

  23. CHekc? Check what?
    CHeck in? I hope not. They don’t even let you take golf clubs for christ’s sake.
    i’ll check for ticks, ok?
    tha’s more than enough.
    that’s not the same as cheque. dayum, i’m runnign low on moneyy.

    By Harry on 09.24.2009

  24. I need to check if it’s right or wrong to decide what next to do.

    By Steffi on 09.24.2009

  25. I wrote a check today. I donated money to the company I work for because I work in development.

    By Anonymous on 09.24.2009

  26. computer, friends, hospital,

    By Anonymous on 09.24.2009

  27. Check my self because I need to make a deposit. I have a good job now that gives me a good pay check but what does that matter? Check yourself, because money isn’t everything. Yeah, yeah, it doesn’t grow on trees, but that doesn’t make it super important. Check, check your life so you don’t get wrapped up in catching a paycheck.

    By flashburn on 09.24.2009

  28. At first I thought it said cheek. Wouldn’t that be interesting, writing about cheeks. Or maybe not. Although, what does one write about check? As in, check mate? Or as in, yeah, it’s thursday and I’m going to pick up my cheque. I could never live paycheque to paycheque, it would drive me nuts.

    By M on 09.24.2009

  29. check one two

    By Anonymous on 09.24.2009