May 17th, 2016 | 52 Entries

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52 Entries for “chaos”

  1. Sometimes I find it difficult to navigate my way through this life. There’s chaos and mayhem around every corner. But what would the alternative be – boredom, sameness and nothing. What’s that old saying – life wasn’t meant to be easy..

    By Amimee URL on 05.17.2016

  2. My heart strings tugged by the ants beneath the soil. They ponder about the noise it creates… echo-y, with a slight screech.

    By Sage on 05.17.2016

  3. The fire in the kitchen started slowly, moving inexorably around the ground floor of the house, creating chaos as it blazed through the furniture and appliances.

    By Robyn URL on 05.17.2016

  4. noise… lights… movement. i prefer to stay here, within the chlorophyll-ed skin of my smelly good home. just want to rise when the dew appears, like i was taught. no need to buzz around with all the action. just hydrate.

    By sageacity URL on 05.17.2016

  5. Everything in the kitchen was complete and utter chaos. Dishes were collecting in damp, dirty piles in the once pristine sink. Pans scattered on the stove top reeked of dried eggs and coconut oil. I was just trying to grab a sponge when the dog bounded across the slippery wooden floor, knocking into a counter and, of course, taking down a full bottle of vinaigrette that exploded into wet, spicy shrapnel before my eyes.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.17.2016

  6. at 130am all i can think of is the chaos around me. what is it that is making my body and my mind crumble? will i survive? or will i fail?

    By Kae URL on 05.17.2016

  7. April knew something the others didn’t. It is harder to move away from chaos than towards it. The simplest thing in life is to go on make yourself busier and busier, filling up every minute with the somewhere-to-gos and the something-to-dos. What is infinitely more challenging was making things simpler. Being still. Doing nothing. And facing the terrifying reflection of what is left.

    By bb333 URL on 05.17.2016

  8. “No way! This is not acceptable. Young lady, you must clear this chaos right now, right this minute, pronto. I really don’t know how you do these things you naughty kitty!”

    By jen URL on 05.17.2016

  9. a chaos in her smile, i dont mean to dial, but the phone number on her smile is wild.
    A load star, pathway, she gilds. a gypsy to my chemistry grade’s dignity, a couple riles of
    not bumblebees
    or daisys
    or whatever she rants tirelessly about, when–
    an agora of laboratory tests were lined up like a chinese man at the assembly line
    sundry in her approach to suffocate the air with choking-good topics;
    I though
    the ceaseless savant I know I can be
    tempestuously smile back with an enormously glimmering joy

    By Milad URL on 05.17.2016

  10. my eyes spearheaded at her smile;
    lettering the walls with our sepulcher-like lodge, she bides my time, I can tell, she spells, in the tatters beneath her voice, the intrigued rattle about how some animal is getting saved in some remote area, that which, I register not. Deeply woven into my immersing chemistry problems, distraction was a mirage in the darkness of the Himalayas. “Hey who has a pen?”, she whimpered gesticulations that don’t matter at the moment. The PH balance of water at 25 degrees Celsius, my combatant, viking-struck me, but her smile drew blandishments only tickling my toes could have extracted out of me.

    By Milad URL on 05.17.2016

  11. The woman next door is crying. The faucet drips slowly, adding metronomic cadence to the shuddering gasps through the walls. I am frozen in place, my knees tucked to my chest and I wait. A flood of chaotic, tumultuous passion somehow syphoned through that slow timely pattern from the faucet. Alert, waiting for signs of hurt. Unexpected kindred in the sound my body is too quiet to make. Once I know she’s safe, it’s hard to not resent the exposure of my silence.

    By Stella on 05.18.2016

  12. chaos is goimg in my life
    no stability
    just chaos
    i woul dlike allah to help me
    to stabilize my life and remove this chaos from my life
    and chaos is in this world
    but we can find good life in this chaos if we accept Allah’s Will.

    By Masood Adil on 05.18.2016

  13. Everything was out of place, and I was at wit’s end trying to solve one problem after the other. It was an orchestrated chaos, but to me it was simply a mess. Little did I know that everyone around me was bringing me down, while they led me to believe they were truly there for me. I trusted them wholeheartedly, thinking they were listening to my cries, but they were only waiting for the final straw to make me collapse.

    By Zoe Jen URL on 05.18.2016

  14. “Only you can dance to the rhythm in your head.” Said my occasional flatmate, an itinerant Kora player. There was a time he rang on the door piss-drunk at 3 in the morning, and my other housemate and I padded downstairs cautiously and opened the door. He was stood there on the doorstep swaying with the weight of a large backpack. Safari hat, eyes half closed, a wide smile on his face.
    “If I can’t stay here tonight, I shall go where the wind takes me.”
    “Of course you can stay, Mousa.” Said Tej, opening the door even wider.
    “NO!….I will follow the wind.”
    And with that he left to share his rhythm with the sensible chaos of the evening.

    By Snufkin URL on 05.18.2016

  15. There’s always chaos when it comes to my birthday. Everything goes well, until someone doesn’t have food on their plate or either the little kids are too loud. Normally, I don’t celebrate my birthday cause its so much chaos.

    By Tallissa on 05.18.2016

  16. I feel there is a constant chaos happening inside mind. Oscillating between past and future, worrying about present. Chaos need not have a sound.

    By Siva on 05.18.2016

  17. My desk was covered in stuff. Piles and piles of ripped paper and leaky pens. The grossness of it was making my eye bleed.

    By Florence on 05.18.2016

  18. Chaos is life, orde’r is Death. Chaos is movement, joy, crying, mess. A living mess/. A bif family, many children, crying, laugning, living. Order ? What is order ? Order is.. quiet. Death. Silence. Nothing.

    By WhiteBridge on 05.18.2016

  19. the town was full of chaos when the newspaper read murderer escapee and raper escapee

    By im a real person URL on 05.18.2016

  20. The walls are brought down. I am free. Outside the wind is blowing, chaos is all around me, and I am free. Life is at my hand. I am running. CHaos is life, order is death. I am life, I want to live, to live, to live.

    By WhiteBridge URL on 05.18.2016

  21. Everything is turning, spinning, out of control, out of order. It is bright, it is fresh, it is warm. I am laughing. I want to fly, i spread my arms.

    By WhiteBridge URL on 05.18.2016

  22. Iwant to cry. Chaos is terrifying. But beautiful. And everything I cant live without. I live for chaos, I am chaos, i run, and run, and live, and laugh, and spin. Dance, my darling, dance, for the chaos is life, and you are chaos !

    By WhiteBridge URL on 05.18.2016

  23. she saw
    people waiting for their turn,
    suddenly chaos inside her started to vomit
    the food she ate before

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 05.18.2016

  24. “Chaos, chaos,” he said, pondering the sound of the word. Instead of saying “Kay-oss” like any normal human being, he said “chowss.”

    “I had a friend named Jim Shaos (Shaowss); so any time I see that word I say it like his name.”

    By ml on 05.18.2016

  25. Wreck
    Drown deep in water breathing
    But it was then
    When i was very young
    I believed in things were wrong
    And forgot where i belonged
    If it were now
    Now i see sorrow

    By Sameeka URL on 05.18.2016

  26. What had been a peaceful scene, of people fishing on the river and birds singing, dissolved into chaos as the bombers appeared over the hill. Mothers grabbed children and ran to the forest, vegetable carts were overturned and even naughty children didn’t stop to pick up the scattered fruit. A baby, left behind, wailed until a neighbor, recognizing the child, dropped her bundle of clothing and scooped the child up in her arms.

    By chanpheng URL on 05.18.2016

  27. i found chaos in everything. i seek it unconsciously and find joy in it. even when i think im hurting, its something i must enjoy because im always surrounded by it. chaos is not something to fear its something that comes up and you can either look at it and see what color it is and what shape it is and maybe its beautiful.

    By januka on 05.18.2016

  28. My life is chaos. Since the move all of my emotions and lack there of at times is really kicking in. i did not think i would ever reconsider meds. well i am at that point. i think i need a helping hand dealing with change, new beginnings and life in general.

    By NikiLee URL on 05.18.2016

  29. Practice chaos to learn control, something learned early in lifting. Same can be applied to life as many people learn the rules to break them, and then put the pieces back to keep order.

    By daniel URL on 05.18.2016

  30. The ship was thrown into a chaos of waves and crashing reef near the shoreline as soaking wet sailors clutched at beams and door frames, hoping this was not the day.

    By Amanda URL on 05.18.2016

  31. Everywhere he looked it was chaos because a fire had started somewhere in the building. He was looking for the emergency exit but couldn’t see anything because of all the people.

    By Caden on 05.18.2016

  32. It was chaos at dinner when everyone came down to eat. Everyone was fighting over to get their food first. Eventually the youngest was the one who got his food first.

    By Caden on 05.18.2016

  33. He was looking everywhere but couldn’t find his family in all the chaos of the busy mall. He kept looking for them but couldn’t see anywhere ass he was so short.

    By Caden on 05.18.2016

  34. Chaos. Oh man the first thing it brings to mind is my state of mid. Chaotic and disturbed. I’ve been so lately. Its very disturbing. Actually I have no idea how to deal with this.

    By Vivek on 05.18.2016

  35. Chaos is a demon, i avoid it whenever I can. I run the other direction when it calls my name or I just sit back and marvel at how others don’t mind being drones to the chaos around them.

    By Pamela Latham URL on 05.18.2016

  36. I would like to be able to tell a tale well.
    Once upon a time. or do you remember or I remember when. This would make me happy.Sometime I feel my life is total chaos and then other times I feel such peace. Life would be boring without the changes.

    By Shay on 05.18.2016

  37. The level of noise was absolutely deafening. She could hear it even before she opened the doors. Swinging them open, she was almost knocked down by an intern, running head down with a long list and a headset, yelling “No, YELLOW. YELLOW. Not gold. Jesus Christ.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 05.18.2016

  38. Chaos – the difficult, ever-spinning issue of life. Smashed structures that we built for ourselves. Tiny boats spinning in the inexorable tide. Feeling the wet grain of the wood against our fingers as we get dragged down.

    By Chris on 05.18.2016

  39. I like chaos.

    By Jackie on 05.18.2016

  40. There is a certain beauty to a chaotic mind, like a messy room filled with memories. It seems as though a tornado has blown through the area, ripping and unrooting and shredding; but at the same time, there is a calm after the tornado, and when the chaos clears, there’s a cradling silence to lull you to sleep. I think this is what our minds are like, what human nature is like. It’s beautiful and chaotic.

    By Emma on 05.18.2016