January 2nd, 2012 | 215 Entries

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215 Entries for “champagne”

  1. La chamapaña estaba abierta, su burbujeante sonido me lo decía
    Extendí los brazos y me le acerque
    Su pelo liso y negro me dio un escalofrio
    Era simplemente bellisima
    Tome una copa y se la entregue
    Chocamos las copas, ambos compartiendo una amplia sonrisa
    El sonido agudo de las copas sonó y luego todo se desvaneció
    Ya todo había terminado entre nosotros

    By Tohe URL on 01.02.2012

  2. Champagne. I wonder what origin the word is from… sounds french, right? I’m pretty sure etymology is what a linguistics student studies, do they not? It’s one of my options for a college degree.. actually, speaking of, I should be studying for my exams, shouldn’t I? Better get on that. I think I’ve typed more on here than I have in my entire essay. 1200 words to go, wonderful.

    By Amber on 01.02.2012

  3. champagne is awesome. I don’t know why, but it just is. It might be becuase of it’s awesome taste, and how it looks. I know that sounds weird, but oh well. I don’t really care. It is cool. I like champagne. Champagne sounds like a cool word. It is a cool word. Ha. Champagne has bubbles and that’s what makes it taste good (:

    By CJ on 01.02.2012

  4. And razor blades. The music heals me, it makes me feel something worth living for instead of tracing the blade over my skin.

    I’d never have the courage to press it down anyway.

    By Julia M URL on 01.02.2012

  5. The champagne twirled around the glass like a whirl pool. The colour of it was so beautiful, with all the bubbles it had. When she sipped it, the bubbles had tickled her nose, making her sneeze, having everyone look at her.

    By CJ on 01.02.2012

  6. “You, bring the champagne over here right now!” A strong female voice commanded. Jensen could hear bottle clinking as the case of magnums was hauled across the barn floor.

    But his mind was on the clinking of the irons in the fire, not the champagne.

    By chole URL on 01.02.2012

  7. Jake took another sip from the glass of champagne on the table. The pretty red-head peered at him curiously.
    “Your life isn’t going well, is it, Mr. Paddingfoot?” she asked. Jake looked up at her in surprise, and she smile softly.
    “You’re twenty five, and your daughter is seven,” she pointed out. Jake flushed.
    “You don’t know me,” he muttered. Sophie’s teacher passed him a card.
    “Perhaps not,” she said quietly. “But I will if you want me to.” Jake looked down as she swept away.
    “Dotty Orace,” he muttered aloud. “Hm.”

    By Elsie Shu URL on 01.02.2012

  8. If you blow champagne up, what comes out?
    Brain, lucid, sparkly and dewy.
    And the lights, and the slither, and the slithering dancer
    In the middle.
    It all comes out.

    By Rebeca Marcés on 01.02.2012

  9. Its a drink and its red a lot of the time. You see it a lot in movies and a lot of rich and bigtime people drink it. People drink it a lot at night time at dinner or afterwards.

    By Kelsey on 01.02.2012

  10. I’ve been working on the cocktail, but I figure I’ll try foraging. Doing yourself is the new trend, you know. And foraging is the root of that (ha, the root), certainly. All the best do it, from the chefs to the great cooks on the rocky shores of Northern Europe. And all I have is this home soda maker, this sprig of rosemary, this bit of refined sugar, and this instant-boil pot, as I pretend that, I too, am of the earth.

    By Jack URL on 01.02.2012

  11. What people drink at New Year’s Eve. Also a colour – not such a nice one, if you ask me. :)

    By Mysuna on 01.02.2012

  12. A nice bubbly glass of champagne in the evening would be nice. Preferably Moscato…(My Mind is blank today) See Ya!

    By Joseph Dimanche URL on 01.02.2012

  13. I remember a lot of things you probably forgot, things you tossed away like Monday mornings, loose change, and pocket lint. They taste burns in the back of my throat, like champagne and dirt. I don’t have the courage to say the things I used to; to spit out the wishes and secrets my heart is screaming. I can feel them twisting behind my teeth to find their way out, pounding like a heartbeat in my temples, clawing at the path once ridden on.

    By laurie URL on 01.02.2012

  14. my champagne is for whomever the LORD puts in the white house.

    By golden brumby URL on 01.02.2012

  15. Pop! Kelsey giggles as warm suds sliip down the neck of the elegant bottle, dripping on her hands. “Happy new year everyone!” she cries. Everyone around her, her family, closest friends, all cheer to ring in the new year. She sighs and pours herself some of the fizzling drink. A great new year it will be!

    By Anne Hohler on 01.02.2012

  16. Live life at its fullest. Drink champagne!

    By Arrin on 01.02.2012

  17. He walked towards her with a bottle in one had and two glasses in the other. He set it down on the table in front of her and she smiled.

    He smirked in return and leaned down. He carefully took the top off the drink and poured the liquid into the glasses.

    “Happy New Year, love,” he says to her.

    “Yes, it is.” And then she captures his lips in a kiss as the clock strikes twelve.

    By Ciria URL on 01.02.2012

  18. toast the new year, and down the champagne.
    and secretly remember that nothing will change.

    By sarah marie URL on 01.02.2012

  19. Champagne is the classy alcohol. You see it at parties. You’re so fancy because you drink fucking champagne. Good for you and your sparkling shit. Happy new year. I hope you have a freaking fantastic night.

    By Kate URL on 01.02.2012

  20. Patricia grabbed the bottle of champagne and walked over to Fabian who was sitting in the kitchen. “You want some?” she asked him simply.
    He shrugged his shoulders. “I might as well,” he answered to her.
    Patricia popped the lid off and poured the champagne into a glass. “Here you go,” she said passing it to Fabian.
    “Thanks,” he said.

    By InsaneBlueberry on 01.02.2012

  21. Champagne is the classy alcohol. You see it at parties. You’re so fancy because you drink fucking champagne. Good for you and your sparkling shit. Happy new year. I hope you have a freaking fantastic night. Ooh, I’m drunk, but it’s champagne, so I’m still classy as shit. No you’re not. Go home.

    By kateconroyvoza URL on 01.02.2012

  22. Patricia drunkenly walked through the kitchen with the champagne bottle in her hand. “Fabian!” she slurred as she saw the young boy getting a snack. “You should talk to me.”

    Fabian rolled his eyes at her. “Drunk again aren’t you, Patricia?” he asked the girl.

    “You bet,” she answered. She walked closer to him and suddenly fell into his arms. “Oh whoops!” she squealed. “Sorry ’bout that.”

    He shrugged. “It’s alright I guess.”

    By Liz URL on 01.02.2012

  23. “Woo!” Noelle screamed, topping off the bottle of champagne letting it spill over his bandmates and crew. Rory dancing beside his friend and running off as Bel snarled over the mishap. Alice standing dumfounded and giggling, trying to wipe off the alcohol from her skirt.

    It was a night for celebration, no doubt about it. They had just received a gold record.

    By Danielle on 01.02.2012

  24. fizzy, bubbly, tickles my throat as it moves down my mouth.We laugh with delight and joy at the new year as the ball falls toward the ground.

    By Sheila URL on 01.02.2012

  25. “A toast to you, my lovely lady.”

    Catherine was still trying to figure out why this man continued hanging out with her. She had retired from the dance floor more than two hours ago, and had strode over to the balcony with a glass of champagne for some fresh air when he came up to her side and started striking up a one-sided conversation.

    Catherine kept a tight smile on her lips the whole time, mentally willing this stranger – she still hadn’t gotten his name yet! – to leave and let her be. But it seemed that he wasn’t getting the message.

    By Shin on 01.02.2012

  26. Popping bottles in the ice like a blizzard. When we drink we do it right getting slizzurd. Sipping sizzurp in my ride like a 3-6. Now I’m feeling so fly like a G6.

    I don’t really know the lyrics. So hopefully those are kind of correct.

    By Erin on 01.02.2012

  27. My first sip of champagne was bubbly and sweet. Normally i hate alcohol’s dark and bitter taste but that little swallow of champagne tasted…. good. I must have very cultured tastes, right? That sweetness was a beautiful touch on my tongue and I felt elated for a moment… it’s odd, I remember being so happy that first time I tried champagne, and yet at the time the sensation was barely noticeable.

    By sophie on 01.02.2012

  28. a drink,
    varied in color,
    the taste,
    i am not sure,
    for i am only two

    By Tristan Emmett Brunswick on 01.02.2012

  29. pupils lingering like violin notes
    simpering at the warm saltbuds
    that perspire in languid cusps,
    the yawning ivory kisses
    against the idea of a tan neckline
    and fizz with romantic desperation,
    still supple with inexperience.

    By Hannah Wells URL on 01.02.2012

  30. Champagne – lovely color, ugly taste. Those bubbles and the sharpness are not my style. I like the sparkles, I like the color, ! like the lightness of being.
    Tiny bubbles float away, make some people happy but not for me.
    I am light and sparkly and bright and shiny like champagne.

    By Sebtown URL on 01.02.2012

  31. It sparkles, glinting in the fluorescent lights that hang above her. She sighs as she swirls the champagne in the glass, glancing around the too large room. The glass finds its way to her lips as the laughter swirls around her just as the champagne does.

    By Kate URL on 01.02.2012

  32. It was the end of the year, a New Year’s party with a guy I barely knew. He poured me champagne. I told him I wasn’t great with alcohol, he told me it was good to start with this type to ease myself into it. He smiled at me and felt more drunk than I did after I’d finished the drink.
    Three… everyone called out.
    Two… I locked eyes with him.
    I found him, but his eyes never met mine.

    By Victoria on 01.02.2012

  33. I was greeted under the chandelier with a tall glass, and while everyone else was bustling around telling me where they were going to put my various personal belongings, I took pleasure in sipping the drink I held before me, cherishing this moment of calm before people would start attacking my hair, my make up, and finally lacing me into my dress. This would be my last moment of silence until after the ceremony, when I would no longer be Miss any more, but Mrs, and there was no way I was letting it slip through my fingers that easily.

    By Michelle O'Connor URL on 01.02.2012

  34. i tasted genuine champagne at my friend’s place. it tasted fantastic. the taste of genuine one. i learned what it means to be genuine.

    By kaorita on 01.02.2012

  35. He gave me the chapagne and I knew the night would end the way I wanted it. He would be mine if past drinks were any indication. Champagne always made me get what I wanted and i wanted him.

    By Denise Trimm URL on 01.02.2012

  36. The thick lake water bubbled like brown champagne after I jumped off the dock. Summer sounds blared in my ears until I hit the water. Silence. Just a simple “bloop bloop” as I drift to the bottom. My feet touch the sand and I propel myself upwards towards the surface, breaking brown champagne bubbles.

    By Julia URL on 01.02.2012

  37. trouble is just a bubble in a champagne glass. or so i’m told. i’m not sure what to think now whether to trust my instincts (which i can’t understand) or to follow my heart (which is currently at its peak). i need advice, advice from you about whether or not to love you, to fall for you, to let my heart be broken or to turn back now, although i fear i’ve already gone too far.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 01.02.2012

  38. He sat at the bar staring into his drink. It was a rusty brown, clear and acidic. He had seen this exact scenario in a hundred films, drinking away troubles. He felt out of place in his suit and fancy tie, but this was the cliche for his particular situation. As he stared into the drink, he recalled the last time he’d had alcohol. Champagne. It was New Years, and they had toasted to a prosperous new horizon ahead of them. The time before that had been the night after his wedding, they had toasted to love and magic and the sparkle in each other’s eyes. He supposed that in an alternate reality he would have been drinking champagne right now. In a reality where he had come home as the proud shareholder in the next big thing. Instead he came home with the news that they were penniless and future-less. He stared back into his drink before taking a large gulp. There was nothing left to toast.

    By Alexx Roux URL on 01.02.2012

  39. You know, I’ve never had champagne that I actually enjoyed. I don’t know if it’s because I’m really just not much of a drinker anyway or if the people who I’ve had it for didn’t choose a nice tasting champagne. Either way, I’ve just never found it appealing. There was a girl in my jr. high class that was named Champagne… she was nice.

    By MsMoon URL on 01.02.2012

  40. She gulped the champagne. It tasted awful. It always did. She did not regret it. She had few regrets about her life, or her choices in alcohol. That was just how Jolene lived, or at least how she tried.

    By Tei-rei URL on 01.02.2012