January 1st, 2012 | 179 Entries

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179 Entries for “glimmer”

  1. Glowing subtly, very beautiful.

    By Mahkoe on 01.02.2012

  2. The faint glimmer of a star peeked out at them from through the canopy of the trees. The jungle was forlorn and inhibiting. Unfamiliar sounds reached them as dusk set in, and the group was afraid. Not for their lives, but of that unknown which haunted their thoughts, their emotions.

    By Christopher Tanaka-Mann URL on 01.02.2012

  3. In the winter month after the snow and ice have fallen, a sleek layer forms and the ground is glimmering as if diamonds have been sparked along your path.

    By Leah on 01.02.2012

  4. glimmer

    By elaine URL on 01.02.2012

  5. She prays for a new year
    Not damp with tears
    Or rank with hate
    As the small strand of glitter falls on her nose
    And the final countdown begins
    She prays for a new year, a new life

    By Emily Syd URL on 01.02.2012

  6. It was glimmering in the wind, and I couldn’t help but not look at it. It was so unique to be on this side of town, and I knew it couldn’t of been for me.
    The cold hearted woman I used to be, yeah yeah, you know you gotta help me out. Don’t you put me on the back burner, you know.

    By Hope Selander on 01.02.2012

  7. Her eyes glimmered in the dark as she stood on her tip toes to grin at me,
    “Lookit,” she uttered before she twirled away, he bare feet kicking up the soft soil and orange and red leaves, “it’s magic here. It’s all ours too. The magic is all ours.”
    “But it’s not ours, it’s yours,” I half murmured to her, almost hoping she didn’t hear. But she did of course, she never missed anything. She gripped my hand and held fast, her delicate fingers digging in so harshly that her nails left marks in my skin,
    “No, it’s ours,” she hissed, “and you’re mine.”
    “But I don’t want it. I don’t want you. Magic isn’t real anymore. I don’t know if it even ever was.” Her gold eyes darken and turn black.

    By Taylor K URL on 01.02.2012

  8. Everything new shines and glimmers. It’s attractive and exciting and sparkling. But as you get closer, as your senses kick back into gear and your realize that all that glimmer was an illusion…now what?

    By Sabena on 01.02.2012

  9. The glimmer of sparkly nail.varnish blended with the shiny fish scales in the supermarket. She picked one up, turned it around, and asked it’s price. Placing it on the counter, she skimmed the faces around her impatiently.

    By Rebeca Marcés on 01.02.2012

  10. Just a glance at the still pool shows the sunlit dapples, and my reflection. I’m nervous now. I wonder where the others have gone. I stare at my reflection and it comforts me. But I can’t tell where the others have gone, and I’m afraid.

    By soconflicted URL on 01.02.2012

  11. Her shoulders glimmered in the sun. Reflected back was pure happiness and love. He went to touch them, to make sure they were real, but when he did a piece shattered off. He put the piece in his pocket, a keepsake from the goddess who he had a burning passion for. And always will.

    By Olivia URL on 01.02.2012

  12. I see a glimmer of hope in your eyes. Hope of me seeing myself as beautiful.

    By laughalot on 01.02.2012

  13. The hair if your mouth glimmers the host of the teeth behind the wooden smile inside your lines. Have you ever thought of the way the light would shine for this? How about the nothing inside your head, which is actually outside to say the least, she is a beast. coming for the feast. Brushing brushing brushing by the glimmer of your smile and the hope that you may just feel me there.

    By Al URL on 01.02.2012

  14. As I gave a 50 dollar bill to the same homeless person on my street I see everyday, her eyes glimmered like never before. Soon I found out she used that money to get clothes for an interview. She now works as the lunch getter at my office.

    By Amahdi on 01.02.2012

  15. A silver cup that shines at the feast in camelot. It is the king’s cup.

    By sue URL on 01.02.2012

  16. the treehouse is glimmering gold. There is a gold birdhouse near it. There are bluebirds living in it. I like to play in the treehouse. I papered the walled with flowered paper and put some flowered carpet on the bottom.

    By sue URL on 01.02.2012

  17. It’s like shimmer. A hope, small slice. A sliver of light. Letting your love shine gives him a glimmer of hope.

    By Kella. URL on 01.02.2012

  18. once upon a time there was a princess, that was beautiful and glamorous. She went to fashion shows and parties. She always looked nice and glimmered in the spotlight.

    By kwanisha on 01.02.2012

  19. The snow glimmers on the ground outside my bedroom window. The sun makes it look like a thousand stars on sitting beneath the trees! Sparkling footsteps and tracks are placed along the yard at the base of the window.

    By Ginni on 01.02.2012