February 26th, 2018 | 48 Entries

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48 Entries for “certainty”

  1. with no certainty in life she plunged herself in her music and sang in front of the audience with no care about the criticism from them.

    By saloni on 02.26.2018

  2. Certainty or uncertainty? I am certain that I am loved. Loved by the one who was certain that my life would have meaning and purpose. He is certain of me. But I cam uncertain of myself. Uncertain of the future. Uncertain if I’ll ever love as much as he loves me.

    By anincandescentpeacock on 02.26.2018

  3. To be sure of something, to be able to rely on something. To have stability in your life, in your pursuits, in your goal. Something that will always be sure, you can depend on. No need to doubt it, it is a safe haven when you need it. You can always fall back on it.

    By Ella on 02.26.2018

  4. I didn’t know where I was. I didn’t know how I got there. I didn’t know where I was going or who I was going to meet or even when this was all going to end. But I could say with absolute certainty what my name was. That was one thing I had. And I wouldn’t say it out loud in case that was stolen from me, too. I had had enough swiped from my hands over the past few days to make me cautious of every interaction I partook in.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.26.2018

  5. The Bible is full of certainty, it is the truth.

    By autumn on 02.26.2018

  6. the lady walked out of her job interview with such certainty that she was going to get the job.

    By autumn on 02.26.2018

  7. certainty means to me is that if you say something like when I say I’m going to go to the park I’m going to say that

    By seth URL on 02.26.2018

  8. There’s only one thing about certainty…that there is no such thing. Nothing in life is certain. The only certain thing in life, is that you’ll never be certain as to what will come next. Curveballs abound! Today you’re in the 1%, tomorrow you’re on the street begging for money.

    By Jeff on 02.26.2018

  9. There was a severe lack of this growing up. Marine biology gave way to barbershops and paintings. Paint sits on my desk now, collecting dust. I just dusted the ceiling fans for the first time in forever. I’m not sure when the next time that’ll be will come.

    By Jason on 02.26.2018

  10. she had beautiful eyes
    and a heart you can’t quite beat
    her hair was too short
    her lies were screeds to cheat
    certainty was certainly never meant for
    relationships are impossible endeavors
    i’ll never forget her
    or her horrible displeasure

    By Matt m. on 02.26.2018

  11. Having a sense of certainty can be boring and safe. Having a sense of certainty can be exhilarating and risky. But certainty rarely lasts forever.

    By okayfine on 02.26.2018

  12. i am certain i love him.
    he must be certain that he doesn’t love me.
    i am certain i feel things for him that i’ve never felt before.
    he must be certain that he is done feeling things for me.

    By Abby on 02.26.2018

  13. what certainty means to me is in another word that you are positive about what you are saying or doing and

    By seth URL on 02.26.2018

  14. What certainty means to me is when my mom ask me if I am positive that I want to do what I am saying I want to do I would say I am certain on what I am wanting to do. Or if one of my friends are doing something that is not okay or could harm them or some one else I would more than likely say are you certain that you want to do that, and then explain to them why I don’t think it would be a good idea.

    By Drake URL on 02.26.2018

  15. I wish I knew for certain if something was going to happen. I wish and hope, but I just have to accept, that I wont always,

    By abbie on 02.26.2018

  16. The certainty of the day hung by a string. The weather shifted like the wind. We ould count on only one thing and that was nothing. The clouds came in like a flash of lighting. Quickly covering the sky like a blanket. I Wish there was more to report but at this point, nothing has shifted..

    By Cris Nole on 02.26.2018

  17. At the moment, I am not certain about what life to pursue. Picket fence with kids in a suburb or Sails in the middle of nowhere. Ice rinks or Oceans. Need to be certain soon.

    By Ashley Drover on 02.26.2018

  18. He thrust the crumpled map at her, a frenetic fervor pulsing in his eyes. “Look,” he whispered, his voice rattling and shaking in its box. “Look at it.”

    Her eyes skimmed over the paper, unimpressed. She wasn’t really even looking.

    By Riannon on 02.26.2018

  19. It was so vague. We had no template. Everything was new to us. People speak of certainty but it did not apply here. What were we to do? Our decision was going to change he rest of our lives.

    By judy carmichael on 02.26.2018

  20. ‘Hello people,’ she said. ‘I don’t think we are getting to grips with the problem.’

    This was true. She had set a problem for us to find everything about aquatic life inhabiting this world. In search of certainty, we had drifted into shallow waters, paddling along collecting only among known facts, sighted species, and what we could see from where we stood. We were missing the big challenge, we had not yet explored below the surface. There was dark as well as picturesque lurking in this world’s pondlife. Preditors inhabited this space, there were more than the transparent little guppies that swam along with us, the ripples that tracked across the surface were not all caused by atmospheric changes.

    By Meredyth URL on 02.26.2018

  21. There was certainty in her face. She had done nothing wrong. to him, she was a monster in disguise. Aiding in destroying his life. he wanted to get rid of her. he wanted to keep her. he didn’t know what he wanted truly. but he wanted her to pay.

    By Idelis on 02.26.2018

  22. there is no certainty in my decision
    there is no certainty in this ending
    even though you said there is
    i am still uncertain
    i know with all certainty that i loved you
    that i love you
    that i once did and always will love you in at least one degree
    that you gave me the greatest gift,
    which was learning how to love me.

    By celeste cervantes URL on 02.26.2018

  23. There is no certainty in life to match your expectations.

    By sanhita chakraborty on 02.26.2018

  24. I am having a decent time at the bazaar, although I cannot say with certainty what it was that brought me to the on this day. I admit that I have had to become so dedicated to the lies that I have woven it is difficult at times to recall what is fact

    By KC on 02.26.2018

  25. I can do what I am sure about. I am confident. I know that I am doing right. I an not not sure.

    By uknown on 02.26.2018

  26. Certainty is for those who know what they want to do, not for those who are uncertain about themselves! Life is uncertain, and our quest for certainty ends us in a soup!

    By Shree on 02.27.2018

  27. yeah. you do. you dont have to think about it anymore. dont have to ponder the what ifs or the variables. you can say it with the utmost certainty. say that, yeah, you do love him. you say it, assuredly, and it feels good for once.

    By k on 02.27.2018

  28. Certainity is very important in life. Everyone needs it in life. The people who are certain about their decisions they definitely achieve something. It is very obvious for the better future to certainly make decision at the stages of life. If we follow it then we do not get confuse , we know we can plan better and move forward. Discipline is very important which comes along with it in life. We need to iplement this word in actual practice so that we could conclude best of our daily learnings. It would give great profit to the person whoever follows it.

    By Rajdeep on 02.27.2018

  29. There is no uncertainty in this grove of everlasting sugar trees. The sweets pour down on me, when I’m on my knees. Addiction is killing me. I take it all in, one gulp after gasp. I cannot take enough. I am certain I will die. I am exhausted from not dying. But here I am, in the grove.

    By Jess on 02.27.2018

  30. The confidence was high. We stood around the screens with arms folded, heads high, smirks plastered across our stupid faces. Whenever I remember this moment it makes me ache. Watching the figures as they moved across the screen, flickering fish through the city rivers. How could this go wrong? It couldn’t. It was flawless. Then the dam broke and the fish began to spill out the sides. Peckard and Nanda began to fidget, moving from foot to foot. I uncrossed my arms and moved closer to the screen. I could see them, suddenly turning back from the major roadway.
    “Where are they going?” Hatham said.
    My hands were shaking on the tabletop. Despite all our planning, all our work, all our failsafes… The plan was falling apart. Again.

    By Archanza on 02.27.2018

  31. One word is enough for all of us! I can write that with the certainty of someone who knows what certainty is. I am certain of that. Have a nice day.

    By michaelbuzz on 02.27.2018

  32. Life brings you nothing but certainty. But isn’t it what is so fun about life? Nothing can be predictable. So much depends on us, on the role we wish to play. I am certain about one thing: my sanity.

    By patrice URL on 02.27.2018

  33. I live with the uncertainty that the future will be long and prosperous. I live this way because I am certain that someday soon, my Savior will come. I am also certain I’m going to eat chocolate today.

    By anincandescentpeacock on 02.27.2018

  34. “Will it work?” Mary looked at the device.
    “Well, there is a chance that it will explode,” Martin said wryly,
    “But given the given predicament, I will entertain that certainty.”
    As they continued talking, I looked at the device with great horror and disbelief.

    By echuaco URL on 02.27.2018

  35. She Had Great Certainty she would be writing on OneWord today.

    By Kit kat URL on 02.27.2018

  36. It is without any great certainty I will be the greatest I can be and I will do wonderful things in the world. I will make the world a better place simply by existing and by showing my love for other humans. The greatest thing in the world is the care we express for others.

    By Reegan on 02.27.2018

  37. I already wrote about this word but the more I think about it the less I am convinced certainty is real. Everything is relative to the individual person and their life experiences. Time isn’t even certain, it’s a made up construct to explain events. I don’t think anything is certain and therefore certainty is not real.

    By Reegan on 02.27.2018

  38. long rain walks tired of holding our umbrella let me keep my tongue out and fill with blue

    By Aviv on 02.27.2018

  39. There is something so overwhelming at the idea of absolute certainty. In order to grasp it, understand it, and apply it you need to eliminate all other possibility from your mind. It’s not as though we can’t do it but aren’t we taught and trained from a very early age to be aware of all potential outcomes, to experiment, and when you do not discover what you seek to redesign? There is no such thing as certainty. There is only an educated guess paired with a gut feeling and determination to make it come true.

    By lm.maalouf@outlook.com on 02.27.2018

  40. I wish that there was an objective way to measure certainty. Certainty is definitely a commodity
    in the adult world and when you have it you have power because it means that you feel you have enough information to act in your own best interests or towards a specific outcome. But not everybody holds themselves to the same standard of certainty. That is where trust comes into play. A trustworthy person is someone that holds their own level of certainty to a very high standard. In essence their certainty is more valuable. Of that I am certain.

    We measure certainty by trustworthiness.

    By Kristian Pierce on 02.27.2018