February 26th, 2018 | 48 Entries

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48 Entries for “certainty”

  1. certainty I am thinking that I need study at lot because I need improve my English. Today I

    By Karina Figueroa URL on 02.27.2018

  2. A funny word as it doesn’t exist in my world. It is for people who are grounded and have roots. not for freedom seekers like me.

    By Cathy Manuel on 02.27.2018

  3. He knew with all certainty when the blade was shoved in between his ribs that he was about to die, so he closed his eyes and let his memories fly by. His mother taking a photo of him on his first day of kindergarten, her smile so bright that he wanted to cry at the thought of it. His first crush on a boy, confusing and strange and beautiful.

    By Annie on 02.27.2018

  4. I first read uncertainty…weird. Maybe because I am more uncertain about things than I am certain? I’m learning that there is no right and wrong so how could I be certain about anything? Also truth is based on perception. What certainty is there ever anyway?

    By ALANA HENDRICKSON URL on 02.27.2018

  5. It was only a day ago when the others left, but then time is hard to measure without daylight. The ticking of the clock and my breath out and in are the only evidence that time moves at all. My the certainty that there is life and space outside that door is fast fading with each breath I take. I no longer believe they will return.

    By Meredyth URL on 02.27.2018

  6. We had no certainity that what he was saying was real. So we started an argument hoping to cleverly catch his point of view on what was to decide our behaviour for the next few days. We had only just dicovered our leader and we were hoping to rediscover the meaning of live. And maybe even beyond..

    By Stef URL on 02.27.2018

  7. ´´If it has snowed then it is a cetainty, to feel the cold´´,said the professor.
    ´´In our deep valley it does not snow´´, replied the morning person.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 02.28.2018

  8. I have always wondered why some people lack certainty .. yes, you read it correctly and I am one of them. It takes courages and some kind of affirmation to be certain to what you say and commit.

    By Amrit on 02.28.2018