November 2nd, 2009 | 693 Entries

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693 Entries for “certain”

  1. time

    By Anonymous on 11.03.2009

  2. is knowing, but leads to doubt. And doubt to indecision. Indecision to inaction. So be uncertain, but act with best intention.

    By Anonymous on 11.03.2009

  3. One word is Love

    By mark on 11.03.2009

  4. Nothing is certain. I don’t believe that.
    Psych. Psych is a show I’m obsessed with. It’s about a psychic…no duh, right? Predicting the futre. People think that’s mumbo-jumbo. But we do it all the time. We predict the future all the time. We plan things for the future. And, when things go right and things are certain, the plans we made for the future will happen. Like school schedules and scheduled tests and testing results coming back and coming back to reality and realistically planning the future all over again. I planned on coming to this website after lunch. Here I am, on it, after lunch. I predicted the future. Things were certain. Things are certain.

    By Julia on 11.03.2009

  5. i was certain bye

    By dahrfg on 11.03.2009

  6. Certainty is one thing that can never truly be reached. Who can be absolutely certain about one singular thing, when there will always be some form of evidence (of which we can’t be certain of, either) that will contradict it and/or try to prove it wrong? Certainty is simply one of the most uncertain things we know.

    By Charity on 11.03.2009

  7. How can someone be so certain on just one thing? Certainly there are many things out there, you need just look around. You will never be certain what you will find.

    By Paige on 11.03.2009

  8. I know for certain. I am sure. There are no questions. It is absolute. I have no doibts, no qualms. It is definite. Definitive beliefs are few. Always knowing, never shaking in faith. I know for certain that this is truthful and unquestionable.

    By elizabeth auburn on 11.03.2009

  9. The was nothing in the world that could make me more certain that the Valkyrie was free of its bonds than the daily evidence presented to me in signs that would inevitably go unnoticed by everyone else. As such there was no one else to stop it.

    By Daniel M. on 11.03.2009

  10. he was certain that the road tree was caught in the leafs that coated where the ground ended and the fall began.
    certain that the music that filled the room on the other side of his window was following him around whenever he went to work was also following him whenever he went to bed.
    he was certain of this need to shift into a different country.

    By david satin on 11.03.2009

  11. i am certain that God is in control of the things i cannot control. I am certain that Mister is out there, and no matter how much i want to look for him i am certain God will have him find me. I am certain i will be happy if i wait for Mister. I am certain i am loved by god. I am.

    By Catie H. on 11.03.2009

  12. cccccccccccc

    By Anonymous on 11.03.2009

  13. I am certain that I’ve just made a terrible faux pas. I do that from time to time. Actually, it’s all the time, and then I realize what I have done and I start to backpedal. “I mean, it’s not that I… I mean, I understand… I mean, but… I just,” and then I look like a bigger fool than if I had just kept my mouth shut. A bigger fool even than if I’d let my original social error just ride itself out.

    By Christina on 11.03.2009