March 27th, 2012 | 216 Entries

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216 Entries for “catcher”

  1. The person who stands behind the batter at a baseball game.

    By Zachary Williams on 03.28.2012

  2. The mound seemed to sit atop the field in a way that made it almost disconnected. From below, adorning his perch behind the dirtied plate, he signaled. The sounds, crickets of humans behind him, complemented the walls of “Firesale Mattresses” and “2 for 1 Steak Night.” He was no longer in the big time. His knees creaked as the ball was released, a wince slicing his face before the ball even arrived.

    By Brian URL on 03.28.2012

  3. The catcher stood, poised and ready. He was there to receive, whatever came at him, with full presence and knowing that it was exactly what he needed to do. However it showed up, it was his duty!

    By Adesola URL on 03.28.2012

  4. if there was a purple thing on the table, he would probably pick it up. especially edible things. grapes. the small sweet ones.
    he has lots purple jackets. they don’t smell quite as sweet. more like sweat. he dances hard and calls it purple. the energy. it’s purple, he says. that’s why i like it.
    ‘it’ meaning dance or ‘it’ meaning purple, i didn’t ask. they were probably the same thing to him, ingrained into the stitches of his purple hoodie.

    By paper on 03.28.2012

  5. “What did he say to you?” Her eyes implored him, not wavering.
    “He was a catcher for the Sacramento Dolphins.” He said flatly, not looking up from his paper.
    “How did he die?”
    “They are saying it’s murder.”

    By Tracy Whitt on 03.28.2012

  6. BASEBALL. Woohooo! The catcher is the person with the funnky gear who looks like a midget and who’s knees probably hurt tons because they constantly kneel. Also, baseball is amazing. It’s fun to watch and fun to play and it’s fun to tie-dye baseball pants. Yes that is what catchers make me think of.

    By Katie on 03.28.2012

  7. catchers catch.

    By just582 URL on 03.28.2012

  8. The catcher is the rye. Apparently it can be re-titled white people problems. I hope not. Those books are boring. It already swore on the first page, so at least it isn’t going to be boring. I like books, but having to read this in class for Junior year may just ruin it. Best to finish up as a freshman.

    By Kristianna on 03.28.2012

  9. the catcher in the rye is an old book about a guy who goes nuts. I saw a macro about it the other day, where the title was replaced with “white people problems” I thought it was pretty accurate. I sent it to the friend who leant me the book. I liked catcher in the rye

    By kat on 03.28.2012

  10. dream catcher. The one who protected me all these years. it drew the bad things away from me i felt pleasant and glad that this catcher was there for my life. The catcher is amazing. When i look at it i see a better future

    By pat v on 03.28.2012

  11. The boy runs nimbly through the rye fields
    Following the sun toward the Blue Ridge Mountains
    He held his hand up quite high,
    Though he was short,
    And jumped towards the glowing light
    Hoping, one day, to catch it
    In his palms.

    By Kenny H. on 03.28.2012

  12. catcher and the rye? havent seen the movie or read the book. Dreamcatcher. hahaha funny how i remember a few things about this word. it feels wrong. dream catcher. cant we call the players of baseball catchers? hmm

    By Marian Loren Ortiz URL on 03.28.2012

  13. I had caught him in a lie. But who did he think he was fooling? I am a man who had the misfortune of being raised by a pair of liars. So as wolf boy learned to hunt with tooth and nail, I learned to lie, secreting a venom.

    By Ruben URL on 03.28.2012

  14. catch me, weak legs … i think it was the 90 mph ball that smacked me in the kneecaps … i swoon over this catcher =]

    By Dinah B =] on 03.28.2012

  15. Time slipped between his toes and clung to the carpet like some odorous cheese-smell and he couldn’t tell if this was because his legs were bereft of kneecaps or if maybe his hands weren’t grasping enough of the floating pollen spinning from the ceiling.

    By N.J. URL on 03.28.2012

  16. Why is it that dream catcher stop working when we grow up, it seems like those are time we need them the most.

    By lilldeh URL on 03.28.2012