October 14th, 2015 | 55 Entries

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55 Entries for “castles”

  1. We were building castles out of stones and sticks, leaves glued onto the surfaces of granite and quartz with sticky mud from last night’s deluge from the creek. Nearby, the adults were all working hard to clear the soaked sand bags that had done so little to protect their houses from the flooding. While the rain had finally subsided, the gutters were all still clogged, leaving large puddles for the kids to splash in and the grown-ups to shake their heads dismally about.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.14.2015

  2. Castle?

    By kj URL on 10.14.2015

  3. 1castles = creates a stronger tough level enumerating safety

    By Garz on 10.14.2015

  4. In the heavy rubble, glittering bone
    we scrape together
    piles of bird, and ash
    this is where the ravens gathered
    this is where the first clover grew
    the walls of thick blanket, the garden behind the stone wall we call

    By Rune on 10.14.2015

  5. Castles make me think of Ireland. Every year its the same story, “Oh we’ll go next year” we say. Then the next year comes and repeat.

    I’m looking forward to our trip out there. I hear its beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing the countryside and sitting in a REAL Irish pub.

    By LT on 10.14.2015

  6. there was this expression about castles in spain that the mother would always say, whenever the father spoke of money and of vacations. Judith had no idea when it had started, but she knew it had not started before the birth of the twins. They could laugh the sunshine out of their teeth cracks but the financial impact they had had on the family was metaphorically more of a grinding storm than a sunny day.

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 10.14.2015

  7. there was once a princess. she was a lonely princess. there wasn’t much else to say about her. each and every day, she went around the castle, sometimes popping in to see what was happening in the library, or what the chefs were making for lunch.

    By me on 10.14.2015

  8. We looked up to the sky
    We cast our hopes high
    We thought we’d dwell in castles
    We’d throw off all our shackles
    The years would never weigh us down
    We never ever thought we’d drown
    In the ugly truth
    The truth of forgotten youth
    Abandoned childhood
    Welcome to adulthood
    We were wrong
    There are no castles
    Tear down your useless hopes
    This is the ugly truth that we’re drowning in

    By untamedimagination URL on 10.14.2015

  9. castles in the sky
    rain clouds part darkness
    too struck star struck
    deep in the mire muck
    i’ve been there before
    getting through the liars luck
    never know what’s in store

    cold day can’t come
    global warming’s a scam
    sharing the airs undone
    i can’t breathe when I stand.

    By matt on 10.14.2015

  10. The castle walls rose high into the sky. The door stood open, as if they had been expecting me. The sunrise blared in the background as I stepped inside. Everything shone as if made of gold. I was finally home. I could finally claim what had been stolen.

    By KnightRose URL on 10.14.2015

  11. “I’m headed straight for the castle,” Luke sang at the top of his lungs. He was dancing around the living room, not even noticing Michael watching him from the doorway.

    Luke moved along to the music as Michael smiled at him lovingly.

    By LeA Jean URL on 10.14.2015

  12. I sighed, staring out the castle window. This was more than I thought would happen, at least. I had a lake to look out on, and Nessie was there.
    Nessie? Yeah. That’s what I called her, anyway. She was some kind of monster. I saw her in the evenings, gliding through the water and clearly having a great time. She was my entertainment.

    By Ireland on 10.14.2015

  13. There wasn’t a time when I hadn’t wanted to get out of the castle. Da didn’t understand – he’d worked hard to get here, and I should be thankful. But I longed for the wilderness, for the mountains and valleys I saw outside my window.

    By Ireland on 10.14.2015

  14. Castles made of stone.
    Brick and mortar.
    Drawbridge and moat.
    The princess is in another castle.

    By Rune on 10.14.2015

  15. It was on a rainy afternoon when I’ve heard this song about castles. Never have I predicted that even when I’m at my lowest will I ever fantasize about being a princess again.

    By Ketchup on 10.14.2015

  16. His phone rang; a number he did not know. It took willpower not to throw the damn thing in the trash. The voice, however, he did know. “We haven’t gone away, you know!” “What do you want now?” – Doyle’s voice was tired, and showed it. “Now now, this may all seem very unfair to you, but we have a job to do, and we need you to get it done.” “The election is over, I’ve done my part!” – Doyle’s voice conveyed impatience which he wanted it to. “The election was only part of the formula. We intend to compete on all levels of this game. If you’re not willing to be part of the team, it won’t stop us, we have plenty of players in reserve, and we have no intention of letting our fans be disappointed.” Doyle sighed. “What’s the game plan, then?” As he listened to Lambert’s instructions, Doyle was formulating a game plan of his own.

    As instructed, he met the next day with Senator Wilkes. Wilkes was also from old money. His house was outside the city, a three storey mansion on a sprawling estate, reminiscent of old English castles. After an hour, Doyle left. Their meeting had been fruitful, but in a much different way to what Lambert was expecting.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.14.2015

  17. It stood tall on the mountain, caught between two willows. Almost the color of the clouds, almost the color of the shade. Hiding in plain sight. It was there all along, and now I see it for the first time. It’s more beautiful than I could have imagined.

    By TheWindIsRising on 10.14.2015

  18. I like White Castle, even though people I work with in posh NY say it’s “déclassé.” Imagine being such a jerk that you even use that word. Imagine thinking that you’re so cool, you use French words that you learned in grade school but have no clue how to speak the language. So basically, you’re a phony that deems White Castle beneath you. At least White Castle doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t, which makes the phonies even less appetizing than White Castle. I’ll have two cheeseburgers and fries, merci.

    By Nyla on 10.14.2015

  19. In ancient times people used to fear the unknown. this caused them to seek out places where they would be able to hide from those that they perceived were after them. What better place to hide out than behind the strong, high walls of castles.

    By Murray Ingram URL on 10.14.2015

  20. Building castles in Spain won’t it be nice but you know what?/it ain’t gonna happen so just focus on your work and maybe you’ll build castles in Greece

    By Djj on 10.14.2015

  21. castles, made in the sand, collapse eventually. Or at least that’s how I think the song by Jimi Hendrix goes. Wow. Guess I’m not really feeling creative today. Anyways, castles to me are a symbol of strength and fortitude. I guess one day I want one. We all try to create our own. Being a king would be cool. Toy casltes. Lord of the rings.

    By Stewkan URL on 10.14.2015

  22. I went off into slumber land. Everything was blurry at first, but then every thing cleared up. Green rolling hills dotted with trees that grew golden fruit. Magic castles with white marbled columns and golden topped towers with crystal clear water in the moats. Majestic white unicorns grazing around the castles with gold manes and tails blowing in the breeze and silver horns. It was magnificent. This is what I looked forward to every day. This beat waking up at six thirty and going to school for seven hours and coming home for home work and chores.

    By DolphinDreams URL on 10.15.2015

  23. Built on hills of sands and rivers of mica, our fortresses all had a rickety attitude. Didn’t prevent them from being island of peace and reassurance that indeed, we were everpresent.

    By Guillaume URL on 10.15.2015

  24. Castles, in the sky. Not just two, or five, but a hundred. Floating only a few hundred feet up, nestled on conical stalagmites of unfettered rock and root, so close that he thought he should be able to touch them.

    The desire took hold, a hand around his heart, pulling him up. He was going to touch them. He had to.

    He shook out his wings and leapt.

    By Ashley on 10.15.2015

  25. Castles! Why are castles so large? Do they really need that much space? I get it, royalty and all, but that seems like a cool

    By Bradley on 10.15.2015

  26. I love castles. Castles are great.

    By Mr Howard on 10.15.2015

  27. Castles are an unclean yet beautiful place to live. The draft through the rock wall, the uncleanable nooks and crannies. Amazing. I’d risk the dirt to live in one.

    By Caroline Watson URL on 10.15.2015

  28. She looked into the sky with longing. Castles in the air. Wouldn’t that be nice Something she could escape to, a place where she could run and climb trees and have parties for all her friends without having supervision.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.15.2015

  29. castles are a place where people of importance live. they are grand and beautiful, i want to live in a castle but i am not royal so it won’t happen. the castles in France are beautiful and i miss them.

    By madison on 10.15.2015

  30. When I visited France in June we saw two castles. I couldn’t believe that at some point people actually lived there. They were so huge and beautiful, I wonder how much they cost to make and how I could get one for myself. I am not royal but I will figure it out somehow.

    By madisond URL on 10.15.2015

  31. Once upon a time there was a king. The king had a massive castle, his castle toward over the world. His castle was indestructible from whom ever may come to attack. The walls on the castle stood over one hundred feet tall three walls thick. surrounded by a moat full of vicious alligators and snakes. Every Sunday his entire castle would sit down for a massive banquet.

    By Gary Jones URL on 10.15.2015

  32. “Matilda must be having one of her ‘vapors’ again,” said Cecily, miming a smoking motion while raising an eyebrow.

    “Well,” Yes, I laughed, “I do see what you mean.”

    “She thinks she’s having divine visions, castles where mist plumes at impossible heights.” Cecily blew fake smoke rings into the sky. “Headless horsemen riding out of them, ghosts taking shape and disappearing all diaphanous like, oh, and seeing the ‘kindest eyes you ever did see,’ like really Matilda! What have you been purchasing lately?”

    “Oh,” I felt myself growing cold just then, “Oh…what if it’s not something she bought but what’s coming in from that new boyfriend of hers? Holy shit, Cecily, did you even see what she took?”

    “Smelled of skunk.” But a look of seriousness finally dawned on Cecily as memories of Matilda’s worst relapses from drugs to alcohol came to mind, “But actually, I didn’t look for anything else now that you mention it.”

    By Intuition URL on 10.15.2015

  33. I have a castle on a cloudddddd :) it’s black

    By Neko-Chan!! on 10.15.2015

  34. They were yelling again. Cassie locked her door and turned up the television. Dora The Explorer was in South America today, skipping past ruins that used to be castles. “Can you say ‘castillo’?” Dora asked. Cassie whispered the word and extended her hand, with the tiniest hope Dora would reach back for her.

    By Soft URL on 10.15.2015

  35. i built castles and hid in them for centuries. hard, cold, impenetrable.

    By Amanda URL on 10.15.2015

  36. They sprang from the marsh, not unlike cattails. Glistening in the gray dawn air. They were made of glass at first, silvery, but the walls soon began to thicken, and by full morning, under the sunlight, they were real.

    First came the knights, on the backs of frogs and sparrows.

    By Yona URL on 10.15.2015

  37. Cast less shawdows in the wake of a reckoning. Decsends from the cresent moon bearing arms unfit for a lover. Be tossed into the pit that is no longer a warmth to us. be noble in this dueling of bouts.

    By ajloopy URL on 10.15.2015

  38. I love castels they are so preaty i wish i culd visit them somday but i dont think i can.

    By Kenna on 10.15.2015

  39. Once upon a time, there was a land full of dragons and knights and mystical creatures. In this land, there was one castle which was held in the highest regard: The Castle Irenstead. Irenstead was known for being the

    By Madison on 10.15.2015

  40. The two kings in the two castles did not like each other but king pollo’s daughter and king toper’s son loved each other dearly so the prince took the princess and ran off and lived happily ever after.

    By mackenzie URL on 10.15.2015