April 25th, 2018 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “care”

  1. A care home they called this. Nobody cared if she lived or if she died. there were so many others waiting for a place – they would not even miss her financial contributions. Care home – a euphemism if there ever was one. Care home – my arse …

    By Fran Hunne URL on 04.25.2018

  2. You want to talk me all your secrets, but frankly, I don’t care. You want to show the world to me, but frankly, I don’t care. It’s not because I hate you, in case you’re unaware. I just can’t show emotion, so I really just don’t care.

    I don’t care about family; I don’t care about friends. I don’t care about money or how stories start and end. I don’t care about love or care about a lingering stare. I know you want us to be close, but frankly, I don’t care.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.25.2018

  3. Care he says. Care for the woman standing before me. He says it like it’s the easiest thing in the world, to care for someone who can’t even care for themselves. I’ve saved her life more times than I can count. Yet she still keeps trying. How will I stop her the next time?

    By Cheyenne Aeternum on 04.25.2018

  4. I care. I care, there, I said it again. If you die tonight, I’ll still care. About you, our memories together, our time spent in each others company. You are super special, and I care. But where’s the money man?

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 04.25.2018

  5. care is how you feel about someone. Care is also how you look after someone. care is something that others can feel about you. Care is how you describe something.

    By Nicholas Stultz on 04.25.2018

  6. it’s hard to care about anything. Ella can defiantly vouch for that statement, all her teachers say she “doesn’t care” and “has to start thinking about the future”. But what they don’t know is she actually already knows what she wants, to be in a DIY punk band with her friends. It seems a little childish in some ways, but it’s all she cares about.

    By Grace on 04.25.2018

  7. I care a lot about things. I care for the Earth, for my friends, for my family. I wish other people cared for the Earth. Sometimes I think the Earth would weep if she saw herself.

    By Mimir URL on 04.25.2018

  8. the quiet moments alone
    reflection rejection
    the noise in my head
    louder and louder
    confusion conclusion
    left to the echo of distant voices
    i need to take better care of myself
    that starts with needing to care
    but i’m not quite there.

    By Matt m. on 04.25.2018

  9. He is in MY care -she glared back at him, he never yelled at her like this. Now, either get out of the room or stay quiet and let me treat the kid. He turned away from her, leaving her mouth hanging and going back to the consultory.

    By Bramsy URL on 04.25.2018

  10. caring can be both good and bad. usually good as long as you care for the right person and things. caring should bring enhancements into your life, not strife and inner turmoil which is what happens if you care about the wrong person or thing.

    By al lynn on 04.25.2018

  11. Technical and non technical presentations, workshops, seminars and sessions.

    By Vishwa URL on 04.26.2018

  12. Care, caring, careful, couldn’t care less. Those are the stages of every broken relationship.

    By Shalini on 04.26.2018

  13. I just didn’t care anymore.

    I could hear him pleading and crying as I grabbed my keys and jacket, slinging my bag over my shoulder as I went out the front door. The screen door blew open in the wind behind me, and he was there by it.

    I didn’t want to see the spittle on his lips or the red in his eyes.

    I couldn’t forgive him this time. I couldn’t care, because I needed to look after me for a change.

    By Fluidfyre URL on 04.26.2018

  14. Care – I do, I really do, about a lot of things, so many in fact it’s hard to narrow it to just one. It’s natural, like breathing, I can’t imagine not doing it.

    By Kevin URL on 04.26.2018

  15. Caring is what leads to the greatest joy, and caring is what leads to the greatest pain.

    By okayfine on 04.26.2018

  16. The care came into her hands. She picked up the fingers of the aging woman she had Called Lila for the last two years. Each finger was riddled with arthritis and could not move on its own.

    By Cris Nole on 04.26.2018

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    By marisa ricardi URL on 04.26.2018

  19. He was in the intensive care unit. Not sure what he was doing there. Came in for a painful abdomen, passed out while waiting for the doctor and woke up to see he is in the ICU!!

    By Shanmuga URL on 04.26.2018

  20. I care a lot about the people around me. One of the things I do to show them that I care very deeply about them is asking them about their day and how it’s going. One of the things that I enjoy that people do for me is inquire about how my day went. I think it fits into my love languages. My love language is when people do things for me during times that I need their help the most.

    By Tolu on 04.26.2018

  21. I care for my family. They mean the world to me. I think that caring is the best thing you can do for someone.

    By Deann on 04.26.2018

  22. I use the care bear stare at bars to show women I am interested.

    By Kristian Pierce on 04.26.2018

  23. careless care for me
    scar tarred and forgotten
    warped wrapped in arms
    so warm cold kiss
    protect me
    project me
    for millions to see
    judge, worshipped and drawn
    quartered cared catered
    always gone
    never to come

    By Matt m. on 04.26.2018

  24. I wrote about this one yesterday. What do I care about? Well, I care about myself. I care about my husband. I care about being alive long enough to have children and take care of them. When I do have them, I’ll love and care about them more than I have about anything in the world.

    By Cheyenne Aeternum on 04.26.2018

  25. The care she put into each stitch was clear. The final piece showing the very essence of the woman’s soul.

    By darseyrsm URL on 04.26.2018

  26. we are always searching about the one who feels about us, hears our hearts, loves us as we love him,…
    but will be the same person who will care about us!!
    because we are been hurt from the person who loved us; but we find always the person who cares about us try to fix our broken however he doesn’t love us..
    so i think we should search now the person who cares about us; because he will give with him every thing we need…

    By roumaissaa ferhi on 04.26.2018

  27. What in life is worth caring over? You either get killed or kill. Don’t be a thot SWAG

    By Orange Plum on 04.26.2018

  28. caring is a fundemental part of the human life. Why dose one care you may ask? Because caring is fun, and crucial to the way we live. Caring is absolutly postive for human life. Why cant you care

    By Jude on 04.26.2018

  29. I care about the things I am surrounded by yeetdab
    I care about my friends \
    I care about my family
    I care about my health AND WELLBEING
    I love Care Bears

    Jake Paul doent care

    By LOUISIANA on 04.26.2018

  30. What actually is caring.
    Is it how we care about others.
    Is it how we care about ourselves.
    Is it how we care about everything else.
    What truley is caring.
    Who knows.

    By Shanikwa URL on 04.26.2018

  31. caring is a fundemental part of the human life. Why dose one care you may ask? Because caring is fun, and crucial to the way we live. Caring is absolutly postive for human life. Why cant you care, why isnt leo here, i am saying this because i CARE. someone else has also stated to me latley that they also care about bella like me, which makes me kinda frizzy.

    By Jude URL on 04.26.2018

  32. I don’t care anymore. Not about school. Not about my family. Not even about myself. I feel lost. I feel empty. Stuck. Unable to move. Like a hurdle I can’t get over. Time goes by so slowly. Tick Tock.

    By Jeff on 04.26.2018

  33. Every day I care for her. I look after her husband children, grandchildren and life. She is hopeless, laying in a bed hopeless. I wish I could do more. My name is Beatrice and my grandmother is dying.

    By beatrice lee on 04.26.2018

  34. care for you care for me care because it’s meant to be.
    and the love that we once had carried through dreams and landscapes,
    passing through the steep hills,
    where you almost died,
    and where my heart spilled faster then the slurred words that we exchanged,
    later that evening,
    we feel deep.

    By josh on 04.26.2018

  35. Did you care when you stopped loving me? Did you care when I stopped loving you? Damn Doug, Bay View will never be the same

    By GraceAnonymous on 04.26.2018

  36. I try to care about my friends, family and co-workers. When I see the news, I care about how some of the bad news affects people.

    By Jeff on 04.26.2018

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    By viagra URL on 04.26.2018

  38. Carrie felt so alone. Would it hurt for someone to just see her as a person and, don’t even talk about love, but show some care? People were bustling all around, monitors beeping, the soft voices of the medical staff murmuring in the background, hands brisk as they help clean her. But where was the care? The empathy of being human?

    By liyasha85 on 04.26.2018

  39. she swallowed it without giving a care. or at least it looked that way. but she had thought about it all fay. while she was sitting in meetings she had been thinking about it. whilst driving she had been thinking about it. now it was making its way down her digestive tract and who knew what was about to happen. she was pushing pause on her life and escaping somewhere else for a while.

    By Ellaandlara URL on 04.27.2018

  40. There is so much in the world that we would like to care about: family, pets, friends, lovers, that good ol’ coffee shop. But the matter of fact is, there’s so little time, so little capacity in our hearts to care. This is not a negative post, though. This is more of appreciation, of valuing things that truly matter.

    By Luigie on 04.27.2018