November 13th, 2014 | 70 Entries

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70 Entries for “caramel”

  1. Dave sat on the caramel coloured sofa in his living room and clicked on the “Send” button. His heart raced a little, and he let out a long, deep sigh. His first real contact with his daughter in almost eight months, it had taken him almost thirty minutes to decide on the one hundred and thirty nine characters in the tweet.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.14.2014

  2. sweet and sticky
    you drip off my limbs
    like caramel
    encasing my arms
    in sickly sugar armor
    giving me

    By sevenwords on 11.14.2014

  3. Was she caramel colored or the color of a creamy, sweet iced latte, it was hard to say how he saw her. Although clearly he could not dissacociate her from foods nor beverages. I found it telling – his big bad wolf appetites. I doubt she was sweet enough to deserve such comparisons, not when her wit sparkled like twin fires in those searching, lighthouse-like eyes. She is a tower on an island watching fool after fool pass by, and should she choose to turn a blind eye to him, what disasters might next arise? But could I really blame her for feeling so objectified – hardly.

    By Intuition on 11.14.2014

  4. The young girl looks at the wonderful display before her. Ice cream. Vanilla, of course. But topping? Chocolate, sprinkles, or both? But she smiles as she says with glee, “Caramel.” It’s the real way of saying the word, car-mel. The way she said it rolled down her throat, and as Emma ate her first spoonful, she knew she had made the right choice. ” Daddy!” She giggled happily, “It’s dewishous!” Emma smiled, speaking in the lisp that only young children can. Her dad smiled down at her, eating the same treat.
    Some things do run in the family.

    By Queen Elsa on 11.14.2014

  5. But it’s true. I have ants in my pants. If only I knew how to count numbers and stars like termites that eat insects on your face. Did you watch the television flicker? I think the commercials are rotting your brain and your face. Perhaps we should watch only in intervals.

    By Jon URL on 11.14.2014

  6. Caramel is a type of sweet.

    By Anaya on 11.14.2014

  7. Caramel is a type of sweet. That looks like a caramel latte.

    By Anaya on 11.14.2014

  8. Caramel is the best candy. Either milk duds or the cream or just the little square package, I love them. I also love the syrup, on ice cream. Yuuuuuum.

    By Emily on 11.14.2014

  9. so good and delust oh so chewy and good oh so mouth watering

    By maya on 11.14.2014

  10. care mel love it taste feel it eat spice lick it sticky caramel i feel like eating a lot of sticky stuff candy lil bits i eat a lot u should to wat u doing Emily!

    By bella on 11.14.2014

  11. i love caramel
    caramel is my life
    i want to marry emily, india, caitlyn, and samantha
    love sye

    By sye on 11.14.2014

  12. I love caramel
    caramel is like candy
    I love it on apples
    Caramel can be found on candy bars

    By Kelis Lewis on 11.14.2014

  13. A sweet treat that is good with chocolate to me. Caramel in twix

    By Kameron Wilson on 11.14.2014

  14. Carmel is a deslious taste

    By Preston Hunt on 11.14.2014


    By Thler on 11.14.2014

  16. Picking on her came easy because she was so sensitive. Sometimes he’d pull her braids or poke her until she cried for the teacher. But most times, he’d just call her names. It was the only way he could get the girl with the weird hazel eyes and perfect caramel skin to notice a pale, skinny punk like him.

    By Soft URL on 11.14.2014

  17. Sole purpose to bring pleasure, ironically becomes unpleasant in it’s over indulgence.

    By NPCarter on 11.14.2014

  18. carmel is something that is good and you put it on apples it is sticky too

    By jordy URL on 11.14.2014

  19. carmel is something that is good and you put it on apples it is sticky too it aslo have a lot of butter

    By jordy URL on 11.14.2014

  20. Ooie, gooie, it stretches, it’s chewy. I don’t really care for it alone, but with chocolate it is a dreamy snack.

    By Sam on 11.14.2014

  21. Lisa looked at Tom with great concern he had a peace of Carmel in his hand and was handing them out. ” I know I will never get one ever

    By Mlp on 11.14.2014

  22. Sticky caramel
    Bright light

    By Isabella on 11.14.2014

  23. Sweet and chewy it’s a delight. It never fails to bring joy to the world and the faces of children. Caramel of all thing in the world, was the one thing Kala was really good at making.

    It was a simple process, really. Just melt the sugar and once it reaches the hard crack stage, take it off the heat, put it in square molds, and there you have it, caramel.

    By Jeanne on 11.14.2014

  24. i love caramel. it brings childhood memories to mind of when my mom made apple cover caramel apples every Halloween for all of the kids. kids would come back for seconds in another costume to get another apple.

    By Tina mintz on 11.14.2014

  25. The taste is sweet. Used in many candies. Usually people mix with with popcorn, or chocolate. It’s the color brown, and it’s a light, milkey color. Usually is sweet, sometimes salty.

    By Diana Lightfoot URL on 11.14.2014

  26. it was sticky and sweet and it stuck to her fingertips. he gave her a lopsided half-smile and reached out to dot her nose with it, gooey and golden and autumn-smelling, and she squealed, leaning away, batting at his hands.

    it was sticky and sweet and didn’t wash out easily, but it was love and they both knew it.

    By missfeathy on 11.14.2014

  27. I drank down the heady brew spinning with candy like the sweet shops of my childhood. Memory; sticky fingers, smiling as I lick my fingers covered in Amber gold. Caramel.

    By Dena on 11.14.2014

  28. η καραμελα ηταν κρυα στο στομα του φιδιου ενω την έπλεναν αποκάθε της επιδιωξη και μισσαλοδοξια

    By emmanouil on 11.14.2014

  29. His lips tasted like caramel. This would have been a good thing with anybody else, but with him, it just made me think of all the Halloween candy I hadn’t eaten. I still had three Milky Ways left, which I should definitely eat when I got home. I would rather be doing that now than kissing this boy who had obviously never kissed anybody else in his life.

    He was still kissing. Jesus, Jonah. calm yourself. Your lips taste like caramel, and it is grossing me out.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 11.14.2014

  30. Ellie’s caramel-colored hair spilled around her shoulders, framing her dirty face in something akin to elegance. She smiled a shy half smile, and tried not to think about how ridiculous she must look. She hadn’t felt beautiful in such a long time.

    By Lati_Da on 11.14.2014