October 18th, 2015 | 65 Entries

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65 Entries for “captive”

  1. I am captivated by the passion that runs through my body when I actively listen to others. I am able to hear their emotions and fully empathize with their past experiences. I beleive this captivation has led me to be the person I am today in the career I am in today. I think this notion is evidenced by my perception being more positive than negative, for example reading the word captive and twisting it to captivate in order to make it positive.

    By Nic on 10.18.2015

  2. Captive to time, rewinding the binds, bonds become broken, straightens the spine, expressing the mind, delivering rhymes, creative, aloof, less of the slacking.

    By grldg URL on 10.18.2015

  3. I’m captive. Captivated by you. Captivated by my feelings for you. You’re definitely the first boy I loved. You’re the first person that made me feel like this. But you’re gone and I’m still held captive. Why?

    By Rachel on 10.18.2015

  4. i am captive by your words..they tightly bind me in place with their logic and i cannot break through them

    By Amanda URL on 10.18.2015

  5. this reminds me of captivating an audience. or being a captive! it can be good to be captivating but bad to be a captive. kinda makes me think of pirates in a way.

    By Sonja on 10.18.2015

  6. He never thought his life would have come to this. Three years of working, sleeping, eating and thinking about nothing but furniture and now, with his foot stuck in his favorite piece, at the back of the warehouse, he could not escape.

    By Beth Bartholomew on 10.18.2015

  7. His eyes screamed, begging for mercy when his mouth could not. Turned away, no one left to meet his gaze.

    By Zevvers URL on 10.18.2015

  8. Hands bound, what strange contortions the captive makes to slip these bonds and escape.

    By Intuition URL on 10.18.2015

  9. Holding you in my arms, holding me tight. Willing captives, as it was. Breathe one last before all is done.

    By Zevvers URL on 10.18.2015

  10. There was trouble down in the middle of the Pacific Islands the other day. Little known to most people was the fact that peter Miller, renowned astrophysicist was held captive by the local tribesmen. They reported that they were holding him captive because of the fact that he had unwittingly caused sacrilege to their ancestors and he was scheduled to be eliminated.

    By Murray Ingram URL on 10.18.2015

  11. “Let me go,” she protested, struggling in his arms. Her feet kicked out, almost as if she were running in air, but they didn’t even touch the ground, she was so small, so young.
    Still, she put up a formidable fight.
    “Stop moving,” he said between gritted teeth, tightening his grip on her. “I’m just doing my job. A friend of mine has some big plans for you, Siobhan.”
    All at once she stopped struggling, turning her head to squint up at him quizzically. “I’m not Siobhan.”
    He nearly dropped her. “What?” His face blanched as he realized he’d captured the wrong girl.

    By ephemeral on 10.18.2015

  12. “According to these notes, four Creebacks are being held captive,” Barkelee read to Arvey and Quinoni. After six days, he still was unable to walk without a cane. The journey so far had upset him greatly, leaving him not only physical injuries but also emotional ones.

    Arvey reached for Quinoni’s hand. It was cold, yet the temperature was oddly comforting. “So what do we do?” she asked.

    “Simple,” Quinoni replied, her one good eye narrowing. “We save ’em.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.18.2015

  13. I tried to captivate the moment with a picture of the sunset and the ocean in the background. But once again, the Skeleton King rose from the sand and photobombed my precious moment! I tried firing arrows, but they all passed right through. The Skeleton King cackled as he disappeared into a pile of bones.


    But now I have the Skeleton King, a captive of my photo. Hopefully of a captive of the police soon!

    By Rover URL on 10.18.2015

  14. I am held captive in my own home, it’s somewhere I can’t escape and I never feel human and alive. I am an animal, shaped and molded by the abuse that comes on in random flashes. The anger is completely irrational and unpredictable and puts me in a forever sense of fear, and more often flight than fight

    By Roxy on 10.18.2015

  15. lost, at the bottom of a well. But where was the opening that led him there? had he fallen down? had he tripped and hit his head to end up in such a confining place? He could not remember doing so… in fact, he could not remember much, but climbing up.

    By Alex on 10.18.2015

  16. I’m captive to thinking and thinking and thinking all the time.

    I’m stuck in my head. I think too much. About 90 % of what I do is in my head, and although I can call myself an extrovert, I’m so much in my head. I’ll analyze anything, really. I’m just not the kind of person to not think something through. Even if it’s small.

    By hootenanny URL on 10.18.2015

  17. Most pandas are kept in captivity. They need to learn how to survive first before being release to the wild. Pandas tend to be very lazy, therefore, the centers that kept the pandas captive for the first years of their lives help them to prepare for what is out there, overcome the laziness and be a strong panda bear.

    By Pei Pei on 10.18.2015

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    By kate on 10.19.2015

  19. The prisoner rattled his chains against the wall, drawing the attention of the guard posted outside.

    “Oi! Enough with that racket!” The guard said, a disembodied voice slightly muffled by the thick layer of stone.

    By issy on 10.19.2015

  20. Don’t hold her captive in your small minded activities. Women should be free, don’t be held captive by tradition. Son, you will fail. free her, free yourself. Holding her captive only make you look weaker!

    By Aboo Hassim on 10.19.2015

  21. All you small minded en, you’re the same. Hold your wives captive in a gloriousy golden cage. Blinding her with wealth and indirectly forcing power! She deserves to be free, do not make her think she is free. This life you’ve given her is not freedom!

    By Aboo Hassim URL on 10.19.2015

  22. All you small minded men, you’re the same. Hold your wives captive in a gloriousy golden cage. Blinding her with wealth and indirectly forcing power! She deserves to be free, do not make her think she is free. This life you’ve given her is not freedom!

    By Aboo Hassim URL on 10.19.2015

  23. All you small minded men, you’re all the same. Hold your wives captive in this glorious cave. You blind her with golden wealth and she proclaims to be free, but all you mall minded men, you exert you power and she is not free. She has no freedom!

    By Aboo Hassim URL on 10.19.2015

  24. She was held captive in a boat. No one could see her, no one could hear her. One night, she fled.

    By CraZy LaDy 70's GuRl on 10.19.2015

  25. The big ship captive the waved hoping it wouldn’t crash, instead it hit the wave and capsizzed over, opps wrong word i don’t know what this word means lol.
    but i feel the adrinline on the 60 seconds.

    By Jaclyn Feindell on 10.19.2015

  26. I am a captive in the bottom of the musty, old ship. The boards are rotting and the food is even worse. We were somewhere in the Caribbean, that’s all I knew. The wounds from the sword of my enemy are still open. I have to make it out before nightfall, I have to find her.

    By Stacks URL on 10.19.2015

  27. The captive looked around, fear evident in her eyes.

    Her big brown orbs kept darting from one spot to another, as if doing that will make her see in the dark room. She was trapped somehow, and she could not find her way out. Each step that she took led her nowhere but to the walls of the darkness, and each wail that she uttered will bounce back and hit her right on her face — the reality was that she could never escape.

    And the best part was that this was all in her mind.

    By Randompeepur URL on 10.19.2015

  28. i was captivated by his compassion. icould feel itthroughout my wholy body. he had ME FULLY ENGULFED. it wasnt just amuse though, like last time. this felt real.

    By SheliseWoods on 10.19.2015

  29. The pirate keep me captive on the ship so i wouldn’t leave and try and run away from him

    By Miell wilson URL on 10.19.2015

  30. Stuck in bed, held captive by sleepiness I decided to pull a sickie. To convince myself that I could lie to my line manager I had to convince my self to feel sick. It worked. So I’m still stuck in bed actually feeling sick.

    By Alex on 10.19.2015

  31. your eyes. I can see a lot in your eyes. I see sadness, from your past.
    I can see hope and hopelessness struggling for the place of most dominant.
    you want to be hopeful for better times but you dont seem to believe that is a possibility

    By SheliseWoods on 10.19.2015

  32. Im held captive in this relationship. a feeling long lost to me in previous circumstances.
    i used to be the captain of this ship. now im just being tossed about by the waves, unable to fully get my equilibrium in check.

    By Woods URL on 10.19.2015

  33. “You’re doing it again,” he admonished with a swift crack of his hand across her cheek. The taste of blood was nothing new, but it helped her focus on keeping her mouth shut. She swallowed the coppery salt on her tongue and looked around. Red light. The door was unlocked. She could run. There was a cop car in her sights. “What’s for dinner?” he asked. She closed her eyes and held back a sob. “I was thinking salmon.”

    By Soft URL on 10.19.2015

  34. This is the perfect word to describe how I feel. It really does suck knowing the reason why I do stuff that I do, knowing what it takes to change, and still, allowing myself to stay captive. It’s an inner battle I have yet to win. Well, the God-loving person in me has yet to win. The sinner has yet to lose.

    By Juan Rodriguez on 10.19.2015

  35. was coming with hands down and bound. He felt absurd. Fucked. He didn’t know what to do. PUNT!

    By James on 10.19.2015

  36. Leave me i am drowning in my sorrows.
    Captive in my mind of chaos.
    Learning the fire of vengeance.
    Feeling the cold of love.
    My mind is a mess, you know me the best.

    By Mary on 10.19.2015

  37. Ugh, why did I throw my computer away like that? I’m captive to my incompetence. I put myself in this situation, me using

    By Bradley on 10.19.2015

  38. When I was young my mom bought me a fake police kit, I was very excited, so the next day I would get my police man cuffs and pretended to captivate my mother in our living room

    By Devon on 10.19.2015

  39. The prisoner was held captive by the french guards but in the later years he was once again free but then he was found guilty of stealing costly jewels.

    By mackenzie URL on 10.19.2015

  40. i held my heart captive, fearing it would be damaged by you as it had by those who came before. but a captive heart is a lonely heart, and so, I set it free.

    By Rebecca on 10.19.2015