July 31st, 2013 | 120 Entries

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120 Entries for “captivate”

  1. It wasn’t enough that boys found her good looking. She wanted someone to find her overwhelmingly beautiful. She wanted someone to whisk her into his arms shouting that “absolutely no other woman will do.” It wasn’t enough that the guys often fought over her. She wanted wars to be waged on her behalf, men bleeding out on Trojan fields dying valiantly in her name. She would not settle for attractive. She wanted to be captivating.

    By Laura Crumble on 07.31.2013

  2. Julianne stared at the bowl of fruit before of her. “Captivate it” clearly art was not her thing and how Marsha had roped her into taking an art class while they were in Italy was beyond her. She glanced around the room and her eyes fixed on a tall, tan figure in the back, now that was captivating.

    By ashlee p on 07.31.2013

  3. Life would suck without you. You captivate me.

    By Jason on 07.31.2013

  4. It used to captivate me how easily he controlled words. There was just something about the nimble movement of his lips over vowels and consonants, the curl of his tongue against the back of his teeth. He enthralled me. Left me hanging on every sound that came crawling forth from his lying mouth.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.31.2013

  5. His hand cupped my chin, fingering my jaw line; his other, tousling my locks. His breath on my ear and his tongue on the curve.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 07.31.2013

  6. Captured tracks. It’s a thing I hear.


    Captives in capers captivate audience members.

    By Intuition on 07.31.2013

  7. I don`t think I`m captivative/
    I don`t know the meaning of this word unfortunately, but it seems to me, that I have heard this word before. And it`s very difficult to write about unknown things, because anything you write is wrong.

    By Nika on 07.31.2013

  8. I can`t remember the meaning of this word unfortunately. But it seems to me that I have already heard this word and I`m sure that I learned this word recently.

    By Veronika on 07.31.2013

  9. His smile captivated her gaze, drawing her closer with every second that past. She was just a few inches from him now, silly smiles on both of their faces. “I love you,” she whispered to him before kissing him tenderly, her hands moving to cup his face as his moved to her sides, their embrace sending shivers down both their spines and warming their hearts.

    By Liz on 07.31.2013

  10. Her mother suggested that Alice get therapy, to help with her mood swings. She resisted at first, but after a couple of sessions, she was so captivated by the way the psychiatrist could understand her feelings, she was hooked. After a month, she was notably happier, and part of that was because she now had a goal in life; to become a psychiatrist herself!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.31.2013

  11. I wanted to be heard. The words caught in my throat afraid that I wouldn’t be able to captivate the audience before me. With a deep breath I took a step forward, grabbed the microphone and prayed that my message would reach at least one of them out there.

    By Juliexplores on 07.31.2013

  12. Don’t think. Just stare. I’m out of words. I am not captivated. Just blank.

    By sitara URL on 07.31.2013

  13. His feature captivated her. His tall stance, his broad shoulders, his dark hair and steep jawline. She picked up her paint brush, and it was like a dance.

    By the antagonist on 07.31.2013

  14. What I wouldn’t give
    to hold the attention
    of the one
    my mind occupies
    Vacancy; closed
    Greedy Ravenous
    How you consumed
    my thoughts
    unawares to the
    resulting heart break.

    By Valkyrie on 08.01.2013

  15. She walks down whatever it is that separates us, and she leaves me in a swoon. Her hair is long and black, and her skin is like the moon. When she talks, her lips curve, for each time she does, I wish I were her groom.

    By malarial on 08.01.2013

  16. she knew how to captivate an audience. their breath lingered with her each and every word. she knew how to take them for a ride. her stories, her songs, she was the star of the show. no dinner party complete without her there.

    By qb on 08.01.2013

  17. lost in laconic
    the evidence of a lonely heart
    toiling away
    frosting at the very seams
    to conceive
    emotions to captivate
    the past is both the future and the present
    and all of them seem hopeless.

    By matt m on 08.01.2013

  18. the thing about captivation itself is very captivating. the way you convince people is also a matter of appreciation. the mother is always attracted to her child! similarly a guy to a girl!
    the people generally believe in the great personalities who have tremendous captivating capabilities!

    By raj on 08.01.2013

  19. They went to captivate the idea which allowed them to see through the lens. Once that occured we all had to see what happened. Then we saw the other people run and run and run! All of a sudden we had to see the truth which was shown! How could this happen to us they said, as they stared captivated!

    By Anthony on 08.01.2013

  20. She was divine. The way she swayed in the center of the dance floor, the beginnings of her smiles, the way she stand out; it captivated me beyond words.

    By Kochii on 08.01.2013

  21. What will captivate us all is the end of this: the string of pearls we have been blindly swallowing, one by one. When daybreak comes at last, what will have to say for ourselves? What will have to show but the gold and gems in our gut, the words like green flavors on our tongues, a million lies that became our world.

    By RS Bohn URL on 08.01.2013

  22. it isn’t a hunger so much as a yearning, a longing, a shard of seaglass that you turn over and over in your hand. how it sparkles in the sunlight. it tilts the world for you, it opens the sky, but break it and you’ll bleed

    By amygdala on 08.01.2013

  23. It was an awesome expirence indeed, and the performers had captivate our interest to the point that we just could not leave the show, without our staying for a second performacne.

    By victor URL on 08.01.2013

  24. Oh how I wish that he wanted me. That would be the greatest. Instead I just keep swinging on the trapeze. A little closer now. A little further away later. Never let go because you know he won’t be there to catch you. Not yet. Mesmerize the crowd for a little longer, although you would still be doing this even if they were not there.

    By Bryan URL on 08.01.2013

  25. THe beauty of the world captivates me. Sometimes it is the most overwhelming feeling. I see beauty in everything and my search for beauty is never ending.

    By mariana mosli URL on 08.01.2013

  26. He was able to captivate her through written word, even though she had yet to meet him, which scared her to death. What was she getting herself into?

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.01.2013

  27. he held us enthralled all evening with his odd tales. Some of us, though began to think that much of what he spun to us was pure bunk – captivating bunk, but bunk nevertheless. I

    By Lee on 08.01.2013

  28. It captivates the mind like no other song. It whispers of fields, it hints at the sea, it boldly shouts of the people, but you must listen to hear of the lives. That is why it captivates the minds.

    By Diana on 08.01.2013

  29. She stood at the window, looking down from the third floor to where the people stood in the square. They waved empty pint glasses, the breeze ruffling hair and signs. The sight captivated her: so many people, united for a common goal. The beer had been shut down, turned off, dumped, and would be no more. And they were here to say that was unacceptable.

    Maybe I should go down with them, she thought. But then, that would be the wrong kind of interfering. She turned instead to the large lump of metal behind her. The last keg sat quietly on the floor. But what, she thought, to do with you?

    By Anthony StClair on 08.01.2013

  30. She was captivated by the close-up look at the bagel. The millions of tiny crumbs, the enormous sesame seeds with their pearly hulls, even the blackened crust where the thing had been burned. It was amazing.

    By mrsmig on 08.01.2013

  31. It was the words and meaning that had me at completely. “Beer is best in good company”, he said. “That… that was … beautiful… that is.” I slurred back.

    By River Ranter URL on 08.01.2013

  32. Held in the cell. Hidden from the rest of the world. This recluse became captivated by the flicker of his computer screen. He thought that he was being social on social, but it turns out he was only speaking to false selves.

    By John on 08.01.2013

  33. as long as we make freedom
    a currency
    it will continue to enslave us.

    By h. b. on 08.01.2013

  34. the illicit light of the afternoon. I want to tear it apart but it has no fabric. it’s the only medium I need.

    By Elizaplays on 08.01.2013

  35. There was only ever one person that could captivate my heart, and that was the same person that wanted to eat mine. He took me one day, on my way back from school, and told me that he liked my pigtails.

    He loved me long and well for a few years, and then his advances became angry.

    I ate his heart, because he taught me well.

    By Gregory Stark on 08.01.2013

  36. You can’t keep your eyes off of her, and you can’t pinpoint why. Perhaps it’s her jittery stillness sitting at her desk. She’s so frozen in place you can see her slightly hum, vibrate in her nervousness.

    By Ashi URL on 08.01.2013

  37. The sun was shining in the sky and there was nothing that could captivate me more. The shades of yellow, pink and orange mixed together perfectly, and made a beautiful sight that no one could ever replicate.

    By Caitlin on 08.01.2013

  38. My best friend did a song beacause im in a ctraveling dance team and her solo was captivated and it is my favorite song in the whole world I wished I had her solo. she is 15 captivate is to be kept in

    By Althea on 08.01.2013

  39. My best friend did a song beacause im in a ctraveling dance team and her solo was captivated and it is my favorite song in the whole world I wished I had her solo. she is 15 captivate is to be kept in

    By Althea on 08.01.2013

  40. Some women attempt to captivate….
    with exotic charm and irresistible beauty.
    Some desire to influence others with power or womanly wiles….
    Though, I could, and quite possibly, do,
    I find that it more fulfilling to captivate myself!
    My thoughts weave a charming spell of magick, beautiful, and wise woman ways which appeal to every level of my being. My art is to captivate my soulfulness, my juiciness, my lusciousness and manifest it in tangible ways.
    For me, this is true seduction.
    The best way to captivate my attention is with infinite possibility.

    By gypsypriestess on 08.01.2013