December 19th, 2010 | 306 Entries

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306 Entries for “cannon”

  1. cannon reminds me of the technology brand with the cameras and printers and then it also reminds me of the cannon balls where they used to use in the middle ages and also pirates used to uses cannons also and this reminds me of peter pan with captain hook

    By am on 12.20.2010

  2. big gun for shooting massive iron balls. Made of iron, mostly.

    By anwesh das on 12.20.2010

  3. something that was used on ships during battles at sea
    pirates used them
    they are black
    a camera
    have balls with cannons
    they are heavy
    sometimes round

    By Emily Oliver on 12.20.2010

  4. “Avast!” cried Captain Woodshin, “The armada approaches! Their firepower has a bite, but their bellies are full of gold. Man the cannons! Maaan the cannonnnnnssss!” The crew scattered to a chorus of “arrs” and a couple of “shiver me timberses.” All except for First Mate Rodney, who raised his hand and said, “Why can’t we all get along?”

    By richpee URL on 12.20.2010

  5. He was firing a cannon. Bomb. Sadness. Why? Because this is random. Cannon, cannon, go down. It’s shaking. Everywhere is shaking. I’m trembling too. Along with fright. What’s next?

    By Judy URL on 12.20.2010

  6. from a million miles away, you sunk my ship. burnt our bridges and sent millions of pieces of my heart to different shores. even from up close, i miss you because i can’t have you. you tear me down.

    By arete URL on 12.20.2010

  7. my mouth is a cannon,
    the bombs rolling off my tongue.

    By Amber Rain URL on 12.20.2010

  8. Missing you. Cannon is a strange word to write about. I love it though. Sleek, dark, black, powerful, penile, and interestingly enough, destructive. SIGH. Work of art… mechanically. I am not a mechanical person but I do appreciate what technical works provide.

    By Dottie M on 12.20.2010

  9. When Mike looked down the cannon, he knew something was wrong. The fuse was lit but all he heard now was deafening silence. He didn’t dare lighting it again and he knew he was stuck. No ball would fly today and he wouldn’t get paid.

    By dutchmiss URL on 12.20.2010

  10. These things are pretty powerful. I mean, we;re not talking… Cannon in D major here… i’m thinking more like.. BOOM THAT THING IS A CANNON. Some of you stoners out there might think I’m talking about joints or something… maybe even strong arms. But no. It’s a cannon. These things are just right.

    By Adrian on 12.20.2010

  11. fires everywhere war death fire bomb scared ahhhhhh run person in caanon circus funny guy fraeky bomb machine, Cannon,Cannon, never seen one how dare I peop[le in cannon

    By vera on 12.20.2010

  12. the cannon was set to fire. It didn’t. All they could do was look in horror as the machine advanced. What was wrong with that damn cannon corapral jennings wondered.

    By Sean on 12.20.2010

  13. Castle go defend! Boom, loud noise, weighty ball and bloodshed rife
    Edinburgh mists part grey and sluggish
    Makes hole in Peter Pan’s cloud
    Spherical nightmare heavy and heady
    Bludgeon through flight
    The ball that is shot

    By Amy URL on 12.20.2010

  14. cannons remind me of wars. they also remind me of big chocolate balls. cannons seem such a weird concept. also reminds me of mythology. cannon balls are huge and heavy.

    By Namrata on 12.20.2010

  15. this makes me think of nick cannon. awkward because joni just related it to lexington massachusetts which is where i live and that should be the first thing that comes to my mind because of the revolutionary war but a pop star did. oops. well, in my defense it’s not even 9:00 in the morning and my brain is a little frazzled. the words on this website haven’t been nearly as good lately. blaaaaahhhhhhhh

    By Anna on 12.20.2010

  16. “Row row row your boat!”
    Those little brats wouldn’t stop singing it. And then they started a canon. You can’t kick pupils in the teeth can you?
    That’s not what I became a teacher for.

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 12.20.2010

  17. BANG! The shot from the cannon screeched in the eerie silence of the fort’s courtyard. The soldiers awoke the moment the weapon released it’s baby. From their bunks, they scrambled for their clothes in the pitch-black darkness. Their commander stood with his assistant stood next to the smoking cannon with their faces towards the distant sun. As yawning soldiers filed out, the commander swept his eyes across the mass of blue and gold. His beady pupils rested on a slow soldier and his face hardened into marble for a split second. The blonde soldier stared back at him-as if daring the commander to speak.

    By EMB on 12.20.2010

  18. eruptions through a cloud of black smoke. so far but yet close. the ball can fall through the cracks and make even the toughest man crumble. firepower of the anicent battles of the deep.

    By Joey Austin URL on 12.20.2010

  19. Loose cannon. That’s what I called my dad. I looked up the term loose cannon recently and it came from loose cannon balls rolling all over the deck of a ship and all the damage that could cause. My dad was kind of like that. But I loved him very much.

    By Ann Gonyea on 12.20.2010

  20. we clambered over the cannons, perched, like sentries, above the south-coast cliffs. the children screamed, as they do, with general excitement, and the boys made explosive noises. As if the cannons were only playthings.

    By joey URL on 12.20.2010

  21. cannon the camera leopard tucan happy family black and white explore the world, adventure. wild exotic animals. fun happy.

    By ella on 12.20.2010

  22. The cannon’s at Gettysburg are still oriented in the fashion exhibited during the war. I often wonder what it must have felt like, standing behind one of those, with the calvary bearing down on you. The humanity and lack thereof are weighing heavy on all minds. Loss of life, both human and animal, blood strewn fields, and knowing it could be your neighbor or brother.

    By Sandy Tuttle on 12.20.2010

  23. thou cannon runs through thine bones. Chilling, captivating, exhilirating.

    By xtine URL on 12.20.2010

  24. The cannon is black and shoots big balls with lots of black sparkling powder and leaves a fume of bluish grey smoke billowing in the air…confederate soldiers are carrying their wounded soldiers to the sidelines to avoid the deafening blast of the cannons…

    By Amber on 12.20.2010

  25. July 18 1829,
    It was the Civil War. The drummer boy was running around. “Stop!” The cannons were fired. Some people were dead. More cannons more people.

    By Corin Greer on 12.20.2010

  26. It was an old cannon, set aside in an infrequently-used municipal park, that got her thinking about a divorce.The violence inherent in war led her to dwell on the cruel events of her own life.

    By serendipitous URL on 12.20.2010

  27. The cannon sounded, signifying the beginning of the battle. I was young then. And dumb, though reluctant to admit it. I lasted all of three minutes before I found myself on the end of a bayonet piercing my chest. I think I died there on that battlefield. But then, after the battle, creatures came to feed. It was a vampire who fed on me. That’s why I’m here to tell you my tale today.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 12.20.2010

  28. Cannons are very similar to my girlfriend. When they are loaded up, they explode. Without any other human interaction, they are quiescent. Boring. A space filler in the universe.

    By Cam on 12.20.2010

  29. I lifted my cannon camera to take a picture of Trinity Church and at that moment a kid on a skateboard grabbed the purse of a tourist who was also taking a picture of the church.

    By wemuma URL on 12.20.2010

  30. pirates, gun, loud, nick., nickelodeon, camera, time, capturing, remarkable, speidcal, loud, love, smile, black, old, pirates, again, repetitive, hate, people, lonley, feelings, jkkjkjlkj, edwa

    By natasha on 12.20.2010

  31. cannon.
    i’m currently watching what i like about you, and she just said she doesnt want her vagina to be a tennis cannon, because she doesnt want to have six kids.
    i thought this word was appropriate. I would have written something poetic, but i was laughing too hard.

    By Melissa URL on 12.20.2010

  32. I went to war and though my heart said no, the general screamed I had to go, I cried as I left my family, went out to hear the cannons roar, much louder than anything I heard before, when in war, all you dream of is peace, so why do we fight, instead of being free.

    By Mark E-J on 12.20.2010

  33. when i watch pirates of the carribean, i really gegt happy. im getting a new cannon camera for christams. i wanted a dslr, but my mom wouldnt get it for me. buit i got a nice one reguardless. it waS 200 dollars, so i had to pay for half of it out of my babysitting money. it was totally worth it and i would not have spent that money on anything elxe. espect perhaps weed. the camera is better =)

    By natasha demark on 12.20.2010

  34. Ja, den Canon sollte man schon drauf haben. Da steht doch alles drin, was wichtig ist. Welche Worte man sagt, wo man hinfasst und wo nicht, wie die Liedtexte gehen, an welcher Stelle es angebracht ist zu knien oder zu stehen oder ein Kreuzzeichen zu machen. Also, das ist ja wohl das mindeste, was man von dir verlangen kann.

    By Eli URL on 12.20.2010

  35. The camera helps you capture a moment and allows you to return at any time in the future. They say it is the lens to your memories, but I would like to think of it as a time traveling machine. Never letting you forget the good or the bad.

    By Shams on 12.20.2010

  36. Quite a perspective… a small circle of light which signifies your destiny in wingless flight- originally a weapon of destruction, Ed found himself in his daily routine, poised for the burst of adrenaline as he soared through the big top, following the same arc he did day in day out to the crowds screams.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 12.20.2010

  37. Cannon. When I see this word, it reminds me of the brand, canon, for cameras. But obviously this is not that…

    By Taylor URL on 12.20.2010

  38. it a drawing thing..i like the paper sheets from cannon..omg it’s not canson…fuck it i don’t know..something like a sin,isn’t it…well i guess i’ll go to hell for not knowing what it really meant..and now i just want for my time to end….and i don’t even want to hear about what i’ve written beacuse i’m pretty sure it’s extremely boring and especially stupid,but that’s that…ohhhohh

    By cristina URL on 12.20.2010

  39. Whenever I think of cannon, I think of the song “Cannonball” by Damien Rice. It is an incredibly beautiful song, “There’s still a little bit of you left in my mouth. There’s still a little bit of you laced with my doubt.”

    By Catherine on 12.20.2010

  40. artillery weapon that fires shells or other projectiles such as metal balls

    devastating against infantry

    By teddeh on 12.20.2010