September 14th, 2016 | 68 Entries

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68 Entries for “cabinet”

  1. A witch’s cabinet was usually filled with a great many things: potions ingredients, flasks, tumblers, and the like. Andy’s kitchen cabinets, by contrast, were at the moment rather mundane and bereft — which, in Oscar’s opinion, was actually rather sad, because normally they were filled with all sorts of delicious snacks and the like, and so he decided he’d go grocery shopping for her at the first opportunity, if only so that he wouldn’t be left to eat only instant noodles and stale potato chips the next time he came over.

    By Manasa Hamsikha on 09.14.2016

  2. Cabinet? I can hardly think of any feeling or memory related to this stuff. Except that once when I was back in my hometown for the Tet holidays, I climbed into the inside of a cabinet full of jams and sweets. It was like jumping into a fairytale world when a kid’s sweetest dream come true.

    By Prairie on 09.14.2016

  3. They hold cups, or things you just want to hide. various objects really. could hold anything.. reminds me of a closet and then that reminds me of an episode of doctor who where they put hitler in a closet but this isn’t a closet it’s a cabinet.

    By Buttrflii on 09.14.2016

  4. There was a cabinet that lead to a secret stairwell below the house, where it went, few knew or cared to understand if they did know it’s existence behind the cabinet. But the treasures it unlocked was unfathomable and could not be described other than the solid real dirt that lay on the floor revealing its reality.

    By Alyx on 09.14.2016

  5. Marla opened the cabinet and looked inside. Feeling sad, she took out the contents of the topmost shelf and laid them on the floor. All the clothing was well-used, patched and threadbare. She tugged on one shirt and it tore apart.

    She decided she would just have to throw it all out and buy new clothes for her grandfather. She knew that he would complain that the new fabric was stiff and made his skin itch, but she couldn’t have him wearing these clothes. What would the other nursing home residents think?

    By chanpheng URL on 09.14.2016

  6. I found a half-empty bottle of twenty-year-old scotch in the basement cabinet, and by the time I carried it back to the kitchen, my guests were arriving. Just two visitors: A woman no older than twenty, and a man no younger than eighty-five. They both were wearing blue flannel and jeans, the lady’s curls kept short and bouncy while the man was so bald that you could almost see your reflection on the top of his head.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.14.2016

  7. They say that when I was little I would climb through the cabinet and sit on the shelf with the captain Crunch box and giggle to myself. When they found me and asked why I was laughing I exclaimed that I was talking with the ghosties – my most fun friends.

    Until the day I couldn’t reach the shelf anymore, and they realized the ghosts were really angels telling me it’d be okay – even when I couldn’t play anymore.

    By M. Rene' on 09.14.2016

  8. I had a cabinet and i filled it with lies. I filled the cabinet with lies because the truth had to come out eventually. So i switched them out for once, let the truth shine. Let the lies be hidden.

    By Victoria on 09.14.2016

  9. I walked into the arcade with my toolkit. The dusty cabinet opened easier than expected. The circuit board had seen better days but was salvageable. I twisted the dankifier into it and it sprang to life. The machine was alive again. All the children cheered. They could finally play Dankey Kang.

    By omqwat on 09.14.2016

  10. It is a box. Sometimes we will mention it as a organization. This group will help a leader to manage his business.

    By Lola on 09.15.2016

  11. a cabinet is place you out stuff in. I have a cabinet in my house. I dont really know anything about cabinets. I have never cared for cabinets. But I know the word and i know how to spell it. What would the word be without cabinets? And cabinets are useful and cool.

    By Rose on 09.15.2016

  12. She was a pretty young thing; but then again, most of the social workers were. Awkwardly, I tried to reach past her to grab a file from the cabinet, but she shifted sideways and suddenly we were face to face.

    “Where’s my money, Alan?” she hissed, and for just one second I felt a shiver run down my spine. She was short, slim, petite, or whatever adjective you liked to use to call her small, but I somehow got the impression she could do more damage to me than anyone else in that office.

    By henry sawdon-smith on 09.15.2016

  13. “What do you keep in that cabinet?”

    “It doesn’t matter. Let’s talk about something else.” Her voice was dismissive and abrupt.

    “It does matter Meda. It matters a lot. Because if you keep what I think you keep there, you are going to give it to me before I leave. Or I will leave this house in flames.”

    By Jessica on 09.15.2016

  14. Cabinets are usually made out of wood and contain things like toy soldiers. There’s magic in cabinets as you don’t know what they contain until you have opened them – kind of like doors and pathways in life. Cabinets also speak of cabarets where the stage could be construed as a cabinet of dancing people. Most importantly, cabinets are solid.

    By Tina on 09.15.2016

  15. I’ve already written about cabinets so I am surprised that this word has come up again. Is there only one word a day on the website? I had thought there would be a list of randomised words that appear after an entry has already been filled out for a word. This makes me wonder about the premise of expectations versus reality. Did I expect too much from this beautifully minimalist website? That would be characteristic of my expectations of minimalism.

    By stardust on 09.15.2016

  16. I really have no idea what this word even has to do with anything.
    Although i feel as though i keep everything locked in a cabinet and I am afraid to open the door, All my stuff is in there, Its really scary to think about opening it

    By Crystal on 09.15.2016

  17. i opened the cabinet to get a snack beacause i was hungry!!!!

    By Cameron on 09.15.2016

  18. our cabinet is full of snacks!!!!! any kind you can think of!!!!!!

    By Cameron on 09.15.2016

  19. we have a bunch of cabinets.

    By Cameron on 09.15.2016

  20. Liquor? Gun? China? No. Inside my cabinet are my most precious strains of marjiuana. Beautiful green buds just waiting to take me away to a more calm, pain-free state. Each inside its own little glass jar. Ahhh :)

    By Tricia on 09.15.2016

  21. I looked at the glass cabinet full of my family’s framed pictures and sighed. What wonderful memories. As my finger swept across the top of the cabinet, i couldn’t help but think about the day we bought the cabinet.
    That day we decided to go fishing at the nearby lake with my grandfather.

    By house hunting on 09.15.2016

  22. of curiosities. I wish I had one, but, like, I wouldn’t know what’s in it. It would be antique-y, but from an old vampire movie, like a set designer’s idea of old eastern Europe. And you would never know what might be inside.

    By JP on 09.15.2016

  23. Cabinet. Everyone has one but what is inside is what truly matters. The little things that fill up the spaces and shelves. Your own life is filled with moments, but on the outside everyone is the same.

    By Mrs. King123 on 09.15.2016

  24. As the family went through their beloved mother’s belongings, the grand children came across a beautiful locked cabinet.

    By Paige on 09.15.2016

  25. My cabinets are messy. They mock me. Each time I open the cabinet doors, I get the message: There’s always something you haven’t done. You could always be better. Nothing in your life will ever quite fit.

    By Melissa on 09.15.2016

  26. I reached for the cabinet handle. I had only one thing on my mind and that was finding the carrots so I could finish making dinner.

    By Makenzie Cooper on 09.15.2016

  27. A cupboard with drawers or shelves for storing or displaying articles.

    By Rose4444 on 09.15.2016

  28. She reached into the cabinet and pulled out a bottle of pain killers. She set them down on the counter before reaching into the fridge to get something to drink. She turned back to her vice, unscrewed the lid, and took one. As she washed the pill down with tea all she could think about was how she knew she needed to stop this addiction.

    By Golda P. Jackson on 09.15.2016

  29. Every grandmother has that special cabinet at their house they use to store their good dishes.

    By Charlie Bradford on 09.15.2016

  30. I don’t know what’s in the cabinet. Its so old and familiar. That scares me. That scares the hell out of me

    By Maki Mohlomi on 09.15.2016

  31. One day i opened my cabinet and I found that my files have been placed all over. I wondered who could have opened the cabinet in my absence and would have done this.

    By Abhishek on 09.15.2016

  32. “Cabinet! She said go clean the cabinet there are rats running around everywhere on there. They are so disgusting and could have carried diseases in here to kill us.

    By TessaAnn on 09.15.2016

  33. cabinets are usually wooden. I can’t wait to have my own house and design my own cabinets. You have a sense of accomplishment once that is done. It is also a really nice hobby to have. I really loved the cabinets in my childhood house while growing up. It was so amazing to see the décor in that house every time I walked in.

    By Brittany on 09.15.2016

  34. the bedroom cabinets cover embroidery the kitchen cabinets cover the food the spices and utensils while the bathroom cabinets cover the privacy and person

    By Euginia Liapich on 09.15.2016

  35. the bedroom cabinets cover embroidery the kitchen cabinets cover the food the spices and utensils while the bathroom cabinets cover the privacy and personal cleaning products. But do the y also cover the cleaning products for the cleaning temples of the individuals and which

    By Euginia Liapich on 09.15.2016

  36. this was one of those good made cabinets back when we was kids said my mom!!!! They were made so tough and so strong!!!

    By Cameron on 09.15.2016

  37. store stuff like dead bodies and food
    also dishes and stuff i don’t know what to write. anymore.

    By tim on 09.15.2016

  38. storage for cooking supplies or for office space or in a garage.

    By Madison on 09.15.2016

  39. She slowly opened the door, trying to brace herself for an avalanche of Tupperware falling towards her in a mad escape for freedom. Surprisingly, it was all nicely stacked, organized by size.
    “Did you organize the Tupperware?”
    He looked up from his plate of noodles. “Huh? Oh, yeah, I knew you wanted it done so I did it after I unloaded the dishwasher.”
    “You did what?”
    “I… I was just cleaning.”
    His mouth was still full when she kissed him.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.15.2016

  40. I have many cabinets in my kitchen, most of them containing pots and other cooking stuff. I had a friend who hollowed out a cookbook and kept it in a cabinet, he stored chocolate in the book.

    By Keegan Cuen on 09.15.2016