May 5th, 2013 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “burning”

  1. Hot ash , decay , themro dynamics, life rebirth, nature, fire place warmth safety, danger destruction,

    By carl on 05.05.2013

  2. If I died today I wouldn’t want it to go unnoticed, but up in flames.

    By Someone on 05.05.2013

  3. It’s so hot I here. The burning love of a passionate romance. Hot boiling water burning your skin. The steaming sand burning in between your toes.

    By Amberly on 05.05.2013

  4. fire burning. reggae music. or love that is burning in your chest. it’s yellow and hot. just like a lemon. and then comes summer and we all drink lemonade. time’s up

    By Ana on 05.05.2013

  5. Burning man… an effigy in the desert, tribute to the fire in our hearts.

    By Kate Lapin URL on 05.05.2013

  6. Fire in the house. It’s burns with passion. A passionate and fiery affair ensues on the rug in front of the hearth, it is almost too intense. It is almost too much. It overwhelms. It is too intense, it is almost frightening. The people involved don’t know what’s going on, they c

    By Mika Stanvliet on 05.05.2013

  7. and my soul is on fire because I want time to skip forward to 10 years from now because I want to know if the man we sat across from at breakfast today will be my father in law. and I’m hoping that this is the real thing, that I’ve I read about in all those book, seen in all those movies, but most importantly watched in my parents eyes when they see each other and think I’m not looking.

    By Katherine147 on 05.05.2013

  8. Im burning up with a passion to write, im not completley sure what to do, but suddenly in the distance i can see the forest burning, and the sun burning bright with energy. its wonderful, the burning sensation i get. just fantastic, when could i ever have this feeling again? never, because i am burning to daeth as i type.

    By Myia on 05.05.2013

  9. Spread out along the waterline
    A dash of flame that can’t touch, can’t get near
    Whenever they have faced each other, they coincide
    Water and fire
    And if one dies
    It’s fire, burned away by cool and calm and brilliant blue apathy
    Where once was chaos and some kind of joy

    By Saudade on 05.05.2013

  10. The word “burning” makes me think of my dad’s girlfriend when I was a little girl. They lived together for awhile in a yellow house that she owned. Her name was Amy. She was an editor and writer, and she edited a book with several friends that was self-published called “All This is Fit to Burn.” Later, Amy broke up with my father because she got a publishing job in Seattle. She came back to visit and he cheated on his current girlfriend with her.

    By Devon URL on 05.05.2013

  11. All the fiery passion of hell seizes upon the human race. We know not what we’re doing here, everything is an illusion. There is no known, there is no certainty, everything is a blur like the fire in the wild.

    By MikaLovesPonies on 05.05.2013

  12. “Agh!” Sam shrieked. “What is this? It’s burning me!”

    “Oh, are you allergic to that cream?” asked the doctor.

    “What the Hell do you think?” Sam howled.

    She held up her arm, and her mother, sitting in the corner, flinched at the sight. What was once a measly spider bite was a complete explosion of purples, blacks, and reds. Like Jackson Pollock had gotten angry at a canvas one day and coated it with colors instead of splattering it.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.05.2013

  13. I burnin on the inside every time I feel like things at work are not right and when I realize how manipulative and abusive people can be. I really burn when people go behind my back and attack me in a very unfair way. I burn in anger and disappointment although I am trying to get over it…

    By Layta on 05.05.2013

  14. There was a taco and somebody put him in the toaster oven and it was really hot because the toaster oven was set to “400” instead of “heat up this taco” and so the taco was like “I’m burning! Help me out of this toaster oven!” and the person who wanted a taco didn’t help him. In the end, the person with the taco ate the taco and then the person with the taco was like “Oh, my mouth is burning! I have learned an important lesson!”

    By Cathalos on 05.05.2013

  15. the house smelled like something was burning. i ran to the kitchen and there was toast on the stove. i turned off the stove and as the toast was ruined, i threw it away.

    By Ulises Lira on 05.05.2013

  16. Just one look; it never took more than that. With just one look, just ONE, I felt myself falling into amber eyes, burning up in the headiness of her fiery gaze. And, what scared me the most, is that I…I WANTED to burn. I wanted to succumb, to offer myself to her, to throw myself on an altar or at her feet, whichever she desired. I wanted her to…to take me, to break me even, whatever it took to make me hers. I didn’t know; I didn’t care. I just…I WANTED it.
    I wanted HER.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.05.2013

  17. Burn like a flame. Shine bright. Set the sky alight. Chase away the dark outside. Don’t ever loose The Game.

    By Susy on 05.05.2013

  18. it’s amazing how burning stuff can be satisfying i mean how great it is when you put something on fire and watch it turn to ash.. it’s also amazing how the burning process works i mean oxygen and all it’s all a huge feast and it’s just lovely ..!!

    By killer on 05.05.2013

  19. I have a tiny flame living inside my chest. A flame Of unrequited, unsaid feelings. It needs oxygen, wants nothing more than to grow. But I keep it trapped. When the flames leap towards my throat, I swallow them back down. Words are the price of oxygen. I can’t afford it.

    By Paige on 05.05.2013

  20. Burning desire. Hope. The fire is slowly going out in me, and I need hope. Can not survive without it. Waiting forever. How long am I supposed to wait until I die? What is life, one long waiting game that I’ll never win, gotta make things happen

    By E on 05.05.2013

  21. flames were scorching my skin. I didn’t know what to do. I was lost. Trapped. I tried to scream for help but the smoke pushed down deep in my lungs. I chocked on what my future looked like. It was horrible.

    By Laura Buskey on 05.05.2013

  22. the wood was burning on the fire. Josie stared for a while and then put the kettle on. Things would never be the same. Where was sam? He had gone out this morning for work as usual but had failed to return.

    By lesley davies on 05.05.2013

  23. The sensation of anger in your heart. Feeling red in the face after being embarrassed. Unknowing how you’ll go on in the midst of all of this anger. Letting your stress overcome your soul. Letting all anger be released.

    By Emmy Loo Hoo on 05.05.2013

  24. the fire is burning the fire is burning we are sitting around it and roasting marshmellows on sticks and then we had a burning passion for burnt ones because those ones suck

    By Dara on 05.05.2013

  25. I see the house down the road, caught on fire and burning a fire red. The sort of colour you may see across the landscape of a dessert. The colour that fills you with joy, but used in such a horrible scenario as this, is quite different. The contrast is quite disturbing.

    By Phoebe Bidwell on 05.05.2013

  26. Flames. Everywhere. Even in my mind. Searing burning hurting pain. Unstoppable, undeniable, pain.

    By Evan on 05.05.2013

  27. My feet are burning on the sand. Each hot grain between my toes feeling like a red-hot coal. Still, I keep walking. It’s better than standing still and simply roasting instead of fighting toward the cool.

    By Strategos on 05.05.2013

  28. desire, like being sick and tired of it all for quite a while and wanting to change it so badly that it’s either do or die. When it’s quite egal whether it will be do or die as long as it is moving from the place where

    By buba URL on 05.05.2013

  29. Quick the house is on fiire yelled my little brother there qwas smoke coming up the stairs through my door. I quickly jumped out of bed and immeditely staertd brushing my teeth. my brother poulled me out of the bathroom yelling “why are you brushing your teeth?”

    By Garu on 05.05.2013

  30. There was burning on the rooftop of the hotel. Slowly but surely, the men rushed to help. They quickly realized that this was beyond help and perished away into the blackness of the night. Never again did the hotel have such a grand fire.

    By Skyler URL on 05.05.2013

  31. fire house remaints kids people trees forest firefighters water tubes toothpaste

    By ziggy on 05.05.2013

  32. The flames were burning, and as obvious as that might seem, it wasn’t. I’d never really felt the full force of a fire before, its raw, unadulterated power fanning out into flames and smoke. Yes, the fire was burning, ravaging, destroying. It was not merely a fire, it was the end.

    By Archori on 05.05.2013

  33. burning feet on hot coals. burning, that burning feeling that comes from thinking of those that you have lost. burning with a firery glow that floats in the sky, the sun an orb of beauty that alows our existence. Burning candles in a window seal that await those who have yet to come home.

    By K on 05.05.2013

  34. Girls who like fire seem attractive to a group of people. Boys who like fire also seem attractive to some people. I am not sure if they appeal to eachother, too – would not they seem “normal” to eachother, and not “dangerous” or “edgy”?

    Or maybe they would just feel at home with another who likes to see the world burn as much as they do.

    By THEY_HAVE_EELS on 05.05.2013

  35. burning down the house,let the mother flicker burn

    By A False Terl on 05.05.2013

  36. The wood slowly crackled to a halt
    In the middle of the forest.
    The fire had stopped as swiftly as it had begun,
    Eating through birch and oak alike,
    Yet leaving the larch trees untouched.
    Maybe they did it for a lark.
    Maybe it was a sign.
    Only the birds would have been able to understand,
    But there were none left.

    By Siege URL on 05.05.2013

  37. My insides are burning. My face flushes. I move my hand a little closer to your leg. Why won’t you look at me?

    By Jason on 05.05.2013

  38. She had a burning desire for this person that she couldn’t explain. The only thing she knew was that she had to keep writing him until she met him if it was the last thing she did.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.05.2013

  39. A burning desire came over her, to kill this monster of a stepfather with her bare hands. He had molested her year after year, and when it came down to it, she didn’t care if she went to prison, locked away to tarnish for the rest of her abused life.

    By Liz on 05.05.2013

  40. The apex between love and lust is an all-consuming passion.

    The cool facade risks burning when everywhere there is to turn holds fire.

    By on 05.05.2013