March 28th, 2010 | 261 Entries

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261 Entries for “bunny”

  1. elena has a little bunny named, Butter. Shes very cute, shes on video cam on the internet. i like her lots and wish i had a bunny ust like her :) muahhhha i give up DONE

    By nik on 03.29.2010

  2. cute, and nice, easter, cluddily, warm, childhood, disney and pets. sometimes smelly, floppy ears, halloween memories, always wanted one, only got one for week.

    By nicole on 03.29.2010

  3. there was a child who lived in a cottage in the woods. sometimes it would rain and the child would sit outside and watch the raindrops glisten. they often reminded him of the tears of his grandmother when she heard about his father’s death. one rainy day, a bunny approached the child, hopping rather merrily for how wet it was. it stopped before him and cocked its head to the side, almost as if to say, “i see where you’re coming from.”

    By Taylor hope on 03.29.2010

  4. the bunny helped alice to fall over the hole where a fantastic world was. secretive as it may be, there are many people from Earth who know about this place thanks to the magic of the movies and books they make about this.

    By david villarreal URL on 03.29.2010

  5. fuzzy and white, my dog when i come home from work trying to jump over his dog gate. baby albert’s fears because of generalized stimulus.

    By kelsey on 03.29.2010

  6. I found a paper written by this little kid on my street the other day, and it was written on The Runaway Bunny, a book I had read when I was around 3. I then realized that this paper was written by a 14 year old hispanic girl who was learning english.

    By melanie on 03.29.2010

  7. “Mommy, can we keep it?”
    “No honey, it could be dangerous,” Sophie Caldwell explained to her young daughter, attempting to shepard her away.
    “Mommy, its a bunny! I want it!” The little girl said, stomping her feet.
    “Bella, we have to get going. Don’t touch it!” She said sharply as Bella reached out towards the bunny.

    By Isabelle on 03.29.2010

  8. I call my girlfrined, Bun, all the time. It’s short for bunny. But the more I call her bun the more I think about Cha Siu Baos.

    By Jason on 03.29.2010

  9. Bunnies are, in French, ”lapins”. Well, rabbits, but I don’t personally make much of a distinction between the two: bunny just sounds cuter, and I can’t really be bothered to make things that are cute even cuter by making up new words about them.

    By Anonymous on 03.29.2010

  10. my boyfriend calls me bunny all the time, in fact, he told me to go to this website and write something. i wonder if it’s just a coincidence that we got the same word or if it’s a word of the day type thing. one of my mom’s friends had a rabbit when i was younger. i always thought its poops were weird. to the point where i didn’t like going over.

    By Desirae on 03.29.2010

  11. Is soft and cute and fucks a lot.

    By nicole. on 03.29.2010

  12. Bunny honey. Honey bunny.
    Funny bunny, happy bunny.
    Silly bunny, billy bunny.


    By Kate on 03.29.2010

  13. funny is my middle name

    By megan on 03.29.2010

  14. No matter what you do, you don’t want to be the bunny. The bunny is cute, the bunny is sweet, and the bunny gets trampled relentlessly. People feel they can take advantage of the bunny. Everyone knows a bunny. Bunnies are everywhere. I’m sure you can think of that one person in your life who’s a bunny–and you know it–you can walk all over him. Don’t be the bunny.

    By Jane on 03.29.2010

  15. bunny i see in my dream . i am in elemantary school
    they come out of the moutehs of the other children. scary. it

    By matti on 03.29.2010

  16. soft smooth white long ears easter in the grass, chocolate, in a cage, not enough water, timothy hay, another friend to join her in the cage, more bunnies!

    By Jodi R on 03.29.2010

  17. I love bunnyj. Bunnies are cute and adorable. Bunnies skip across the grass like white darts on an empty green screen. What are bunnies you ask? fuzzy CUte creatures. Much too cute, yet still loathed. WHy must they be loathed? We all must be loathed. That is the nature of humanity. Join in or condemn yourself.

    By Elilta on 03.29.2010

  18. throughout this forest,
    lies a white fragile creature.
    begging for mercy, begging for attention.
    lest we lie on our couches,
    and indulge in candy and sweets,
    instead of enjoying what is natural,
    what was brought to us first.

    Where’s the beauty in that?

    By Kirsten on 03.29.2010

  19. I have a bunny, it is named prongs. he is super cute, but what do bunnys really mean? in case of a societal breakdown i would totalyl eat him, even thouhg i am a vegetarian.

    By Lola on 03.29.2010

  20. Bunnies jump and dance. Prancing around in oblivion. Where must they be going? I do not know where I am going, so how should I expect a bunnie to know the same of themselves? Perfectly patient. They hop. That is all. Easter bunny you ask? I do not believe in Easter. Easter and bunnies are unrelated. Bunnies do not equal chocolate.

    By EVe on 03.29.2010

  21. Bunny is my ex’s little brother’s nickname from me. it came from love bunny. i loooove that boy. now i miss him. my dog is partially a bunny too, no lie. that dog hops and runs just like a rabbit. only he comes to me when i call him. we use to have bunnies. they were cute. we had a big one named bugs.

    By Megan on 03.29.2010