July 8th, 2012 | 388 Entries

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388 Entries for “bucket”

  1. i’m going to make you wet till you pass out from joy and our sheets are soaking wet from our body fluids

    By bgs on 07.09.2012

  2. Bowl with a hole in the center of it. Tall walls a handle. it can be any color shape or size. it can be free or you can pay for it. It can be used for anything.

    By Tosha on 07.09.2012

  3. Bucket. Bucket list. I have a long bucket list. It will be fun to complete. Bucket. Childhood. Reminds me of being young and not having a care but of filling up the bucket.

    By Sarah on 07.09.2012

  4. Bucket. When I was a kid a bucket was as fun as todays ipod. Minus all the technological awesomeness. You can carry all kinds of fun stuff in a bucket, an ipod…not so much. Bucket.

    By Char Adams URL on 07.09.2012

  5. There’s a red bucket sitting upside down on my patio right now. Instead of taking it inside in preparation for rain, my parents turn it upside down. Even though taking it somewhere and putting it away would probably take the same amount of time. They’re pretty weird sometimes but I love ’em. Buckets. Fyi, they make good drums on a night when you don’t have any plans.

    By Julz on 07.09.2012

  6. there’s a hole in the bucket. and there’s one in my brain as well. blaah school… summer school. it should be illegal to wake up before 9 am on summer vacation i’m serious. this is the absolute worst and it’s so hot outside it’s ridiculous. gym class is gonna killllllllllllllll…

    By Kennedy on 07.09.2012

  7. She had just pulled the bucket out of the shed, but wasn’t quite sure whether she should fill it with soil or water first. Her sense said water, but her shaking hands pulled her toward the earth she had dug up for Miss Kitty. Without a sound, she began scooping the fresh dirt into the bucket, a tear rolling through the morning’s sweat.

    By aria autumn on 07.09.2012

  8. He chucked the bucket over my head. “Well that was random.” I smiled at him.
    “You love me really.” He smiled as he lifted the bucket so i could see, i smiled back. “suits you.”
    “Oh, trust me, i know!”

    By mee123 on 07.09.2012

  9. As i set down my last bucket under the streaming water, I thought through the old adage again “Location, Location, Location”. Sure the view was fantastic. Breathtaking. But This rain… and the holes in the roof… Lord I hope this is worth it.

    By johntc on 07.09.2012

  10. bucket. It’s an interesting word. When I was growing up I used a bucket to pick up smelly, rotting plums that had fallen off of our plum tree. Now bucket is often used as an online term. Like putting stuff in a bucket to create a mashup of stuff.

    By SandraEPro on 07.09.2012

  11. Bucket! Now there’s a word….We have buckets for water, we have bucket lists, and we even bucket teeth (Sorry, couldn’t resist). Or, we can just simply say I’m tired of the whole process and BUCKET!

    By Sandi on 07.09.2012

  12. Bucket of Blood. What a corny name for a bar, it sounds like a knock off pirate place at a tourist trap. Jane walked in a realized that it was an appropriate name for a bar catering to vampires. Maybe I’ll just leave; too late. She was about to end up as lunch for a slic-haired guy with blue tinted shades.

    By Michelle M on 07.09.2012

  13. My vagina is like a bucket. Just kidding. I don’t have a vagina. I keep wellies and bleach in my bucket. It can also be smoked. Buckets are useful for holding water, and other liquids. Like vomit when you are hung over, and poo when you are caught short. You could dissolve a persons head in a bucket full of acid. If you are a janitor, you will use a bucket at work. Likewise, if you are a window cleaner or a fisherman.

    By Jimf on 07.09.2012

  14. I thinkg I;m supposed to write about the logo, but I dont wanty to . Id trather write about you. us. i miss you to death. i cant help myself from looking at yuour facebook and feeling sad. you have a girlfriend and stopped talking to me and i cant do anything about it. you broke my heart time and time again but i just cvant get over youl. i love you,

    By Allie on 07.09.2012

  15. a bucket can have water in it and they are containers for mainly water. The nursery rhyme ‘Jack and Jill went up the hill’ a bucket plays a big part in. It is a great container for water when washing your car!!

    By Lia on 07.09.2012

  16. I think of my brain as a bucket. And my training. And my life. It can only hold so much, so i need to be choosey with what i put in it. eventually, I’ll need to take things out to put stuff in, so really i should only be putting the most important stuff in there.

    By mike on 07.09.2012

  17. They were spinning her around, laughing, this was the first time she had been acknowledged by the group of girls at all, so she let the game keep going, even after she was she was beginning to loose her balance. “Watch it, she’s gonna barf” one of the children cried, and indeed, a splash of vomit plopped out from underneath the bucket one of them had shoved onto her head.

    By muscles4bones on 07.09.2012

  18. I spat in a bucket that was filled with grapes, and then they turned out to be shit. Oh shit, what’s in the bucket? What’s in the bucket but a bucket of shit? But a bucket of grapes; put the grapes in your mouth. Grapes in the mouth make you happy down south. What is my life?

    By Julia Ulmer on 07.09.2012

  19. My bucket was found to be much heavier than I presumed when I lifted it out of the well. I peered into the well as the memory enveloped me.
    Nine years old I was, and very curious. I peered into it as I am now and soon realized that the bottom was getting closer.

    By Amarie URL on 07.09.2012

  20. Siobhan groaned, running a hand through her hair. Grabbing the bucket from under the sink, she shoved it under the leak. Damn the weather, and damn the landlord, the bloody bastard.

    By thiefofwords URL on 07.09.2012

  21. fill eith things
    filled with sins
    it doesn’y matter where you take it, just as longn as you have it with you.
    flowers, cards, hopes, dreams, memories..

    By Emily Burkhead on 07.09.2012

  22. I drop my thoughts in the bucket outside the door and walk in feeling refreshed. My mind is a blank slate again and I don’t have to worry about my problems. My career, my relationships, my finances, none of them bother me as I pull out a stool at the bar and order a strong drink.

    By dan URL on 07.09.2012

  23. Awww bucket, I can’t think of anything.

    By Michael on 07.09.2012

  24. i like buckets, they carry thing that cant be carried any other way, but even thing that can be lifted with the use of a hand with 5 digits can be lifted in a bucket with ease, can be used for planting plants, pouring water, making sandcastles and wearing as a helmet when going into imaginary battle, the bucket is the single great triumph as an imaginative object to play with, forget all these modern toys. all kids really need is a bucket ad some stuff to put it in. it can be made into a drum or you can stretch a string over it and play it like a guitar. its easy to think buckets are out to get you but whatever you do. do not kick it. it may be the end of your life as you know it

    By Tom Skiggs on 07.09.2012

  25. In this bucket I hold my past hopes and dreams, a place where things end, and maybe new things can begin. The rusted memories of old are haphazardly thrown at the bottom and pile up filling the bucket with broken dreams. New memories cant replace these, but they can bury them deep, make it easier to over come and maybe even move on.

    By Rissa on 07.09.2012

  26. Carry me away
    come carry me away
    rain overflowing, life undertowing

    By bstone on 07.09.2012

  27. bucket is hollow, it is cyliderical in shape, its is used to take bath usually sometimes to store water.
    there are different types of nubkets, some are made up of metal some are made up of plastic. there are buckets of different colors and sizes. i have a pink bucket and i have self painted it.

    By Gunjan Pathak on 07.09.2012

  28. There’s a bucket outside my house. Well, not really a bucket per se, more like a barrel cut in half to perform the job of a bucket. That job in this case is to hold flowers.

    By Steve on 07.09.2012