July 8th, 2012 | 388 Entries

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388 Entries for “bucket”

  1. The bucket was the last thing on my mind as I carried it down to the river. No one needed to think I was nervous about it or thinking about it. If I did, then someone ELSE would think about it or notice that its cargo wasn’t exactly normal.

    By Matthew on 07.09.2012

  2. The bucket and spade sat on the sand empty, as the tide gently ebbed. Sophie grabbed the spade and started digging a hole next to the bucket, this was excavation, not building… not yet anyway that would come later. But as she dug and found water, this is what she wanted to fill the bucket with, not the sand the water from the sea that had travelled under the sand. The hole would have to be sufficient as to stand in and not be seen from the boat.

    By Jules on 07.09.2012

  3. yuo can fill water in it and also all liquids. it is any size. I dunno. It is very convenient for containing heavy liquids. You don’t have to carry small amounts if you have a bucket, as you can put it all in the bucket.

    By Sam Hunt on 07.09.2012

  4. A bucket full of water fell down the stairs ,making me wet and injuring me.
    Tommy was the culprit,i did not have to investigate long to know that. He has a habit of forgetting his work half way through it.

    By deepti on 07.09.2012

  5. With one look at my beaten face, he overturned the empty bucket beside me and sat. He stuffed his pipe with tobacco, lit it, and blew sweet-smelling smoke rings. The stars retreated behind wispy clouds, as if they also feared the truth.

    By Doug on 07.09.2012

  6. a bucket of kisses
    and a bowl full of kicks
    made you vomit your dinner
    and feel terminally sick
    you didn’t want him there
    and he just was around
    and no matter how you tried
    he stayed in your town
    so much so that you had to leave
    if he was there
    there was no point in being
    he binged on vodka
    and broke your things
    he called your friend sluts
    and wore girls rings
    old man with a problem
    your not mine anymore
    thank God we’re over
    i could not take anymore

    © L²

    By lauren on 07.09.2012

  7. Nez had a old blue battered bucket topped tightly with a plastic cover and wedged underneath a chair. He took it out, before Thomas’s first journey, and calmly dipped everything from Thomas’s backpack into the liquid.

    Thomas grabbed for his diary but Nez calmly pushed him aside. When he fished the diary out, it glimmered when it caught the light.

    “What are you *doing*?” Thomas asked, taking his diary back and inspecting the pages. They were drying up fast, and the text hadn’t been damaged.

    “Things go fuzzy, if you don’t preserve them,” Nez said, frowned, and then proceeded to dip the whole backpack into the bucket. Thomas watched as he wrung out the pack, holding it scrunched up for a whole half-minute, before capping the bucket, putting the brick back on, and pushing it underneath the chair.

    By Holden URL on 07.09.2012

  8. I kicked the bucket. Maybe when you think about that, you have no idea what I mean. I’ll tell you. I pulled the trigger and let the blood flow from my head. As I felt the life slip from me. I wonder if I missed. I wondered if I’d live. But I can’t help but wish I did and hope I didn’t.

    By Jamie on 07.09.2012

  9. buckets.. buckets are cute.. green.. yellow.. they fill up with water or dirt for a plant.. yes.

    By Lauren O' on 07.09.2012

  10. the pink plastic bucket sat at the edge of the beach, tilted a little in the sand. The surf rolled closer, sneaking up on the beach a little further with each wave. A gull floated down and landed near the bucket, cocked its head and examined it, and, deciding there was nothing interesting there, spread its wings and lifted into the evening wind.

    By Annie on 07.09.2012

  11. I am like fish in a bucket. I get frantic. There is never enough water. I was born in the ocean. I taste salt all of the time. I haven’t been kissed this week. It’s the salt. Or, I want to go back to the waves, limbs are flailing, again.

    By c on 07.09.2012

  12. skydive, twice
    visit all the states in the US
    visit all of the UK
    learn the difference between Welsh and English accents
    marry a Scottish lumberjack
    buy a dog, or three
    have kids
    build something big
    make something that gets me famous
    love myself
    make beautiful love under a sunset
    wake up next to my significant other after a night of animalistic fun
    bungee jump
    bucket list

    By Encendre URL on 07.09.2012

  13. There was only one more thing to do on my bucket list and it was the best for last. We were ready to go on our time machine set for 1776.

    By vanhaydu URL on 07.09.2012

  14. In the sky is most frequent thing I have seen to date. Full of noise and water, it will bring joy (or wetness) to your ears. Maybe, someday, I will discover the power of the bucket. It will pour the joy and I will love it.

    By Maxim on 07.09.2012

  15. a big jug that can be field with any thing and very durable and usefull in the house f

    By aliya on 07.09.2012

  16. Yesterday, being Sunday is always a great day to do some cooking for the week. We decided to make Tajine…and with great portions, came a bucket full of grub.

    By Jennifer M on 07.09.2012

  17. I’m not sure what to write here but the first thing that comes to my mind is the bucketlist. I don’t know how to explain what a bucketlist is. Well it’s a collection of one’s goals in life. I have an unfinished bucketlist somewhere in the internet or at home. And by bucket, it could also mean bucket of water.

    By Yancy on 07.09.2012

  18. You can have things in a bucket, like dirt or water, why not mud for that matter. You can put the bucket on your head, but maby not while the mud is in it, you will get dirty then.

    By Christoffer on 07.09.2012

  19. i dont have a bucket bactually i could really ude one right now bi need to clean my windows. but without a bucket how do i get the eater ti the windows. noe i need to open the windows a rainy day and let the sky help me out. sky. always there. so providing when you’re in need. but a bucket, its only there if you go out and make an investmenr. i think my apartment would be glad for such an investmenr. i mean elsewise the floor would be soaked and the guy living below me would propbably come up and ask mee why i did rearrange his aquarelle paontings on the wall. Whys Mona Lise so ugly? she needs a facelift. a bucket is a helper. maybe i coudl be a bucket someday. a black one. those are the best v

    By mataivila on 07.09.2012

  20. theres a hole in my bucket dear lyla. pale jack and jill went up the hill. big bucket of chicken. ucket fuckit duckit quack.metal buckets plastic buckets puke buckets.buckets are useful

    By jes on 07.09.2012

  21. i do not know what that means but chumbucket is planktons special food that is all i know
    and may be it means stick.

    By TrueSouldier on 07.09.2012

  22. For several years a coalition of dwarfs coveted a golden item of which they knew not of the name. Then one day a lady came a long with long flowing lips that touch the gravely ground, reminding one of the tiny men of their coveted golden bucket.

    By Azz on 07.09.2012

  23. “Where is the bucket?” The walrus wondered while he nuzzled his way through different monuments of the world, in search for his beloved object. He never knew where exactly the bucket was located, but he had a hunch that the cats had something to do with it.

    By Cody on 07.09.2012

  24. One bucket. Mostly full. Trudging along tugging the weight. Sweat drips and water slops up on tired legs. The carried load revives.

    What am I carrying today that can revive me?

    By Liz on 07.09.2012

  25. The bucket was full. As it poured with it’s pure stream, it poured out my wishes, dreams and hopes full of you. The conscious bucket is empty, you’re empty.

    By Jessica Golich URL on 07.09.2012

  26. hit the bucket, that mean that you die. however what if you are transported to a different bucket

    By Jodie Hunter on 07.09.2012

  27. bucket. bring me a bucket. I can’t reallyt hink of antyhing that goes with bucket except that when they’re used in most shows, it’s for comedy and not really their intended purpose. Guy vomits in bucket, walrus doesn’t want you to steal his bucket,… and i got nothing.

    By grapplerschool on 07.09.2012

  28. A bucket carries the drips of water from little holes in the ceiling, the sink or the rain.

    By Melanie on 07.09.2012

  29. The bucket was full. As we poured out it’s pure stream, it poured out our wishes, dreams and hopes full of love. The conscious bucket is empty, and so are you.

    By Jessica Golich on 07.09.2012

  30. Buckets of rain fall on the patio roof, putting out the flames for no more than a few seconds. Smoke rises as faces do.

    By melwong on 07.09.2012

  31. bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bu

    By Abdullah on 07.09.2012

  32. One Two,
    We’ll rise for you,
    Three Four,
    We’ll even the score,
    Five Six,
    Burn your bucket list,
    Seven Eight,
    We’ve sealed your fate,
    Nine Ten,
    They’re gone again

    By G.E. Thorn on 07.09.2012

  33. The skies wept buckets of hope upon the barren and burnt forests and fields of Colorado, quenching their need for nature’s aid in the ongoing fight against the ever-growing number of fires afflicting the state.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.09.2012

  34. the place where it goes, it collects. the things live together under an umbrella. carry the bucket of water, carry the burdens in the bucket. contain, refrain, keep it together. water can spill. fill the bucket too much and it spills over. stay in the bucket

    By Faye on 07.09.2012

  35. “A drop in the bucket.”
    Is that supposed to mean something had little to no effect?
    Or that it had a ripple effect, affecting so many more things than it could ever know?

    By Heather on 07.09.2012

  36. The bucket was empty. All I had to do was fill it. I took the bucket to the water pump in the street and started to pump. There was no water. I looked around the sun was harsh and I was sweating already. I took the bucket and went to the other street a few blocks away.

    By Shyam on 07.09.2012

  37. A storage container used for collecting many things…. water. A bucket list comes to mind …. things i want to do before i die…. travel the world….. brazil, africa, france, columbia…… own a restaurant, adopt a child, build a house in my favorite place in dominica

    By rain on 07.09.2012

  38. Make that list! I knew that I had a list but now it seems to have a name… I’ve been checking stuff off most of my life and I am headed to
    Bali this week to start my special beach bucket list

    By Katherine on 07.09.2012

  39. this round base, cylindrical object can be used to either remove liquid or contain liquid. Often used to catch drips, it is a very practical item that has a long history in the domestic landscape. Many sayings make use of this specific object, such as ‘to kick the bucket’, showing the extent to which it is ingrained in popular, global culture.

    By Olivia Dean on 07.09.2012

  40. det er en spand. den er tom og hul. der er intet i den den ringer naå man slår på dn. metalfarvet spand med et træhåndtage. hvorfor spand hvorfor. æv hvor er du grim spand. jeg ved ikke mere at sige om spanden men den er tom og hul uh

    By marianna on 07.09.2012