December 8th, 2012 | 219 Entries

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219 Entries for “broadcast”

  1. Broadcast your thoughts.
    That’s what en vogue, right?
    We’re all little radio stations.

    That’s right. “station to station” – I heard a freaky old bastard say once.

    But it’s Only Shallow.

    By Intuition URL on 12.09.2012

  2. I don’t know…broadcast…I watch a lot of tv it seems these days. I don’t really try to, I guess I just have too much time on my hands. I don’t really have a favorite show, I just watch whatever is on…that’s probably not very healthy. I should go outside. Broadcast…hm. This is hard.

    By Becky on 12.09.2012

  3. The television is on, blue light in the room
    My eyes are growing heavy, falling asleep too soon.
    You’re still getting ready, we’re not leaving yet
    I want to see you and how you wear that dress.
    The news comes on and the world is on fire
    But as I see you come in I’m consumed by desire.

    By Eliza on 12.09.2012

  4. Broadcast this life live, our fingerprints smudged lasciviously on a billion blue-tinted screens, our breath fogging up the glass.

    By Neelvar on 12.09.2012

  5. Broadcast my news and that will be the end of you she said to me as she stormed out the door. I couldn’t help but laugh because only a fool would lose their temper without being given the whole story to even evict emotions from. But who am I to really judge her emotions? I’m just a friend but after that out burst, who knows..

    By Rox on 12.09.2012

  6. live, loud, a lot many people, inform, educate, share, across

    By april on 12.09.2012

  7. “on in 3…3….2….22222222222.”

    Suddenly everything like a broken record kept repeating. There were expressionless face regaring her with their cruel stares no longer hidden behind their graceful charm that seemed to appear whenever the voice hit 1. What was she to do as the repeating voice got louder and louder,echoing off until she swore she could do nothing but stand there petrified?

    By JitterySlob URL on 12.09.2012

  8. Broad, or fore, or of iron wrought,
    I rather would prefer it such
    To be without any at all,
    And thus forego a crutch.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 12.09.2012

  9. I sat in the chair, straithening my tie, my fourth cup of coffee lying empty in front of me. The teleprompter was warming up with a dull hum, and I became vaguely aware of the mass of dog hair stuck to my jacket. My hair caleck was making a more aggressive bid for freedom then usual. It was 2 A.M. and I was completely unprepared for my first broadcast.

    Then she walked in.

    By Mike Thompson on 12.09.2012

  10. Its all over the internet, all over the news. Everyone knows what i did- what they think i did. God, even i’ve started to believe it now.

    By maisa on 12.09.2012

  11. The broadcast was short and to the point: if we were to get what we wanted, we would have to be out of the tower at a certain time. But it was more difficult than it seemed, for not only were the passageways and tunnels changing on a now daily basis, but Rebecca was becoming nervous and …

    By Custoo Fintel URL on 12.09.2012

  12. The sound of static buzzed through her ear, she flinched.
    “Ready?” said the man behind the glass. She nodded, pursing her ears. The familiar tune played, and she was on.

    By Asma URL on 12.09.2012

  13. broad wide cast people talking laughing joking running smiling turning falling. dandelions. flowers. colors. springtime children playing. tv radio internet connection. friends lovers family husbands wives kids.

    By amelia on 12.09.2012

  14. The broadcast that came over on the radio, that gunfire was still going on in the district, came as a shock to all those that had gathered in the hotel lobby as they waited word from the security guard, to head to he taxi to take them to the airport.

    By victor URL on 12.09.2012

  15. feelings. emotions. if you wanna be heard i guess. I don’t really do that, to say feel comfortable broadcasting anything. I dont know why its been that way. Maybe I just don’t have anything good to share. Something inside of me however has been tugging to not question myself anymore.

    By CxY on 12.09.2012

  16. Jessica pointed at Pace, ‘You better not mess this up, bro or I swear I’ll-‘ but she couldn’t finish her sentence because the stage manager had already began counting down the seconds until the show would be broadcasted across the globe. She settled for miming a slice across her throat.
    Pace pretended to wince ‘Wouldn’t dream of it, my dear.’ he said, flashing her his signature grin.

    The stage manager was down to counting in silence now and every single living being in the room was holding their breath too. Pace cleared his throat and began.

    By Nancy URL on 12.09.2012

  17. I prefer information casted inwards. I’m not a broadcaster in any interpretation of the word. I like to mull over things privately..

    By CXERRY URL on 12.09.2012

  18. he was sitting silently, waiting for his turn on air. to broadcast the news to the entire world. his head was anything but silent.

    By emily on 12.09.2012

  19. Skype is not a broadcast, not for public consumption. Instead, it can be private, at four in the morning when your hands start to wander where your mind has been stuck for a while.
    Worth it.

    By darseyrsm URL on 12.09.2012

  20. Y aunque abro la boca e intento gritar. Por más segura que esté de que emito un sonido, de que las culpas, las acusaciones y los remordimientos salen de mis labios y se desparraman a tus pies. Por más que intento llegar a ti, nada ocurre.

    Ya te has ido.

    Mi rango de transmisión es increíblemente débil ante eso.

    By Julia URL on 12.09.2012

  21. I like to broadcast my sexual opinions on the web. I do this through the means of YouTube. Sometimes this disturbs people like the Church folks and what not. But imma do ma thang. Cos I’m cool like that. I’m getting bored.
    Broadcasting is fun. Yay. Lalalala.

    By shivani raina on 12.09.2012

  22. news brodcasting stations can go on forever about one topic, like broadcasting. radio stations broadcst celebrity news inbetween music which can get annoying at times cause then they decide to put on ads.

    By Tess on 12.09.2012

  23. ive always thought about having my own broadcast on a radio station. like, i could go to work and be awesome and still look like shit. living the dream? i think yes. i hate most radio personalities though. weird voices. i always try to put faces to them. then i look them up on google and they get even weirder. had a crush on radio host, found out he was a fat, bald asian. the fuck. he had the hottest voice!! i never listened to that radio station again. i wonder what the lady on 99.9 looks like. her voice and personality seem like she has a lot of peircings in a lot of weird places. i think shes racist. arent we all? pizzas ready…..

    By Devyn Prime on 12.09.2012

  24. Umm, news about current issues are being said to the public or when a person suddenly says something in front of a lot of people. That’s when a broadcast happens.

    By It is Me on 12.09.2012

  25. I was brocasting a show on the new radio station and all of a sudden i heard a crash. i look in the other room and see that my audio editor was on the floor covered in blood. i felt his pulse but he had none. he was motionless, dead.

    By kat on 12.09.2012

  26. the thing was that he didn’t mean to say that he was sad. All he did was show his past. But, nobody knew that 2 hours later, he would hang himself by a rope to end all of his misery. that was the mystery

    By Sara on 12.09.2012

  27. We listened to the broadcast, eyes wide in disbelief, jaws hanging slack. We had never even heard the voice of the emperor before, and to now hear him admit defeat, failure, was beyond comprehension. This was the end!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.09.2012

  28. The broadcast faded in and out of the static it tried to cover. There was something he was saying, but as soon as he would say something important, the static would win again. She would never find out what was going on this way. Life was at a standstill. Everyone was panicking, and she couldn’t even figure out if there was a plan of action, anything that would save them.

    By Rena URL on 12.09.2012

  29. everything is broadcast on the fucking internet these days. there’s no privacy in the world
    nobody wants to have everyone know everything about the. it’s gross, and i hate it. the world needs to shut up and get on with their own lives. what’s the point in the endless stream of celebrity life gossip, nobody cares. the people that do are mindless idiots that have no life them self. it’s fairly pathetic

    By Bronte Cowley on 12.09.2012

  30. Means Tv. Means communication. Means connecting with people. Means everything for the present generation. Broadcasting is the new way of professing life. Or so it seems.

    By Sohinee on 12.09.2012

  31. The sound of static buzzed through her ear, she flinched.
    “Ready?” said the man behind the glass. She nodded, pursing her lips. The familiar tune played, and she was on.

    By Asma URL on 12.09.2012

  32. Broadcasting has changed since the late fifties. in the fifties all the way leading up into the late 20th century news casters and other late night broadcasts were sources of great information where as now they are not.

    By David Rudolph on 12.09.2012

  33. a broadcast is well i really don’t know what to write cause am just too panicked all at once,and i find it funny cause when i think about broadcast tv,message comes to my mind.

    By jayesha URL on 12.09.2012

  34. broadcast you emotions and yourself. Let everyone know who you are because you deserve to be known. broadcast everything you want to be.

    By Helen on 12.09.2012

  35. Live sex. I was about to have sex with another man who I just met and it was going to broadcasted on television for the world to see. I don’t even know how I got roped into this and I was much more excited than nervous until he walked in.

    By Carla Marx on 12.09.2012

  36. I am working in the movie production industry. My latest reality show is called broadcast. It is presenting the realities of working in the very same industry. It is a sit-com.

    By Alexander Morgan on 12.09.2012

  37. another place to be
    another time to be a pendandict shit in front of the whole human race
    lights and color and all that silly jazz you call news
    another excuse to burn this world and start
    over again.

    By pax on 12.09.2012

  38. Litter the airways with your inane drivel
    Give unto god that which is gods
    give unto the human race that which they WANT
    entertainment and distraction
    bread and circus.

    By SkyShroud URL on 12.09.2012

  39. The news broadcast is the only broadcast on television anymore, it just replays the same message over and over again. ‘Everything is going to be alright, do not leave your houses until the alarm is finished sounding.’

    By Isaac Steele on 12.09.2012

  40. if i do this will people like it or will it be shut down like everything else in my life?? or will people like me for who i am no matter what? its a question ive been pondering?

    By Simon on 12.09.2012