August 8th, 2011 | 600 Entries

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600 Entries for “brick”

  1. bricks make me happy, bricks are red just like blood, sweet blood. bricks are used to make houses but I eat them. because they taste like blood. and blood taste like bricks. bricks are happy when I eat em.bricks are hard, but they have a good heart, oh yes they do. once I dated a brick but he broke up with me.because i was too “soft” and since that day I started eating bricks.

    By nicolle URL on 08.08.2011

  2. The song “Brick” by Ben Folds Five is pretty sad. It’s about a girl getting an abortion and keeping it a secret from the boyfriend’s perspective. The last few lines are “She broke down, and I broke down, cause I was tired of lying”. What a huge thing to have to hide from your family. That song has made me cry before. Anyone heard it? I think I kind of flock to sad, depressing songs sometimes. Eh, thats me.

    By dandyjams URL on 08.08.2011

  3. Heard this movie would be good. Got Gordon-Levitt in it and it’s supposed to be some nice postmodern detective thriller kind of thing. I keep getting it confused with Cache for some reason even though I’ve seen neither. But yeah I’m sure it’s fine. JGL can’t go wrong.

    By Herm on 08.08.2011

  4. the brick house
    sitting on the corner
    I always wanted to see the inside
    walking pass every day
    looks so warm and cozy
    nothing crumbling
    all so pretty
    perfectly lined
    one day i will knock
    and peep inside

    By BiggAssets on 08.08.2011

  5. red, rough, houses, cement, hard, tough, grit, injury, wall, yellow brick road, follow,

    By Katie Wood on 08.08.2011

  6. if the worl was shaped like a brick would we all be the same? I think so. Like we could tell the truth diffent with the world having chips on all corners.

    By Mr.584903 URL on 08.08.2011

  7. the brick across the street reads banana. Each time I pass I feel a strange sense of connection with it. I want to take a photo each time I see it, yet its been over a year and I just havn’t, I just don’t. I don’t know why. I want to I just don’t do it.

    By Aimee on 08.08.2011

  8. What a brick. Built like a brick shithouse. Brick by brick. Like banging my head against a brick wall. Rubble from the earthquakes. Glad we took the chimney down before September. We’re in good shape.

    By Valerahaha URL on 08.08.2011

  9. wall waterfall you think you got it all but you dont and i do so boom with that attitude. peace punch captain crunch i got something you cant touch bang bang chuchuu train wind me up all do my thang

    By ashley on 08.08.2011

  10. I was standing infront of this big, tall, large wall. Impossible to climb or walk around, but then, I noticed a brick that was loose…a start.

    By JM Berge on 08.08.2011

  11. Bricks are what make the university as bold as it looks. Almost every building is made of them and I don’t know what I miss more; The look of the School, or the freedom it brings. Please, Bring me back to bricks quickly.

    By Jasmii URL on 08.08.2011

  12. building blocks of the starts of lives. houses, careers, businesses start with a brick. equivalent to the atom. you are my brick and i need lots like you to lean on.

    By kira on 08.08.2011

  13. red, rectangle, used on houses and buildings, starts with the letter b, can be colors other than red also, most beautiful when proportioned perfectly, rhymes with wick

    By bailey garner on 08.08.2011

  14. i once found a brick and i decided that i wanted to become a brick maker. i spend years and years studying brickology and eventually got my major in bricking. but all that ended the day i found out about cement.

    By Scott Grilliot on 08.08.2011

  15. There was a brick house that started falling apart. no one knew how or why it had started but it just was. It was Mary’s hone and now it was in ruins. What could she do? Brick by brick , stone by stone the house started to fade away into a distant memory.

    By Vanesa on 08.08.2011

  16. I am on another level of love today.
    The echos resonate through my memory of time.
    I am both space and time.
    The brick wall had faded.

    By UnderWater URL on 08.08.2011

  17. Bricks are Bricks. Thats all i have to say!

    By Celina URL on 08.08.2011

  18. brick brick brick. too hard to write about, really. It absorbs heat in the winter time. A summer rock ready to construct a home. It’s thrown in movies to hit the villain hard in the face. brickity brick.

    By Gabbie on 08.08.2011

  19. A brick is a hard black of concrete , or whatever stone-like material . It’s used for building , mostly , like buildings and houses . But a brick seems to mean more than that , also . To people , and sometimes myself , it means toughness . It represents something or someone who has stuck through it all ; the pain , the hardships . Everything .

    By Divine URL on 08.08.2011

  20. Brick by brick, we build a city:
    A safe haven meant to last.
    Where we are free and feel protected,
    A place we can hide from our past.

    Don’t you worry now. I am here.
    Just stay here in my arms.
    Open your heart and you will know,
    That I’m your brick wall from harm.

    By Hannah W URL on 08.08.2011

  21. The sun sweltering high in the sky above him, it was midday now. Wiping the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand, he gingerly placed a brick, pressing it firmly into the mortar.

    By adeline URL on 08.08.2011

  22. One day there was a house made of bricks
    “It oughta be made outta sticks”
    Said the wolf with a huff
    And then with a puff
    He never was one for tricks

    By steven manchini on 08.08.2011

  23. Heat emanating from the south-facing wall of a tenement apartment makes the scene feel even more desolate than the ragged weeds and torn fencing would normally indicate.

    By Melissa on 08.08.2011

  24. hard and painful. this is not something gentle. can build a house, wall or even kill a person. they are heavy and come in all shapes and sizes but mostly square.

    By Eva Brandt on 08.08.2011

  25. ther eis a brick in the wall, but the brick is purple. it would hurt to get hit in the face with. but it holds the wall together so im not too woried about it. what if someone paints over the brick though,m and the brick is no longer purple. wouldnt that make the brick sad? that someone changed who he is without his consent. poor little purple brick of mine. stuck in the wall.

    By Duncan on 08.08.2011

  26. This is one thing I get knocked around.
    There’s no point running. I just fall where I may, and sit where I’m always sitting”
    This is me your friendly neighborhood brick.
    Now I must leave, because the show must go on.

    By Joshua on 08.08.2011

  27. A brick is a square-shaped building material artificially made from stone and some other stuff. Bricks are a popular building material because their square-shape makes them easy to stack. Bricks may be used in building everything from furnaces and small homes, to tall hi-rise buildings.

    By jkn on 08.08.2011

  28. i like bricks. they’re big and red and hard, i throw them at people a lot…that’s all i can think of… fail xD

    By Katy on 08.08.2011

  29. a brick was being pulled out of the wall of the house, what is this? How could it just come

    By alex on 08.08.2011

  30. The bricks never seemed to end. When he agreed to help his son rebuild the wall, he had no idea he also planned to lengthen by half! “my back isn’t 25 any more” he thought. “This is going to kill me!”

    By will on 08.08.2011

  31. i already did this one xD lol so I’m not gonna do it again…i like pie though…and cake, even though it’s a lie.

    By Katy on 08.08.2011

  32. It was a normal brick, nothing special about it; But to Gilbert, it was a brick that could help. Well, it wouldn’t help his broken heart, but it would help with the anger. Maybe. So he picked it up and chucked it at Roderich’s front-room window before getting back in his car and driving away.

    By Raegan on 08.08.2011

  33. she’s a brickk…house. permanent structuree. house made of bricks was the only thing that lasted in the three little pigs. Brick… when you miss the basket in basketball all together.

    By Samantha URL on 08.08.2011

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    By kgkfdlhgljdklhg on 08.08.2011

  35. She’s a brick house. Her parents were made of straw and sticks, and they fell apart at an early age. That’s how she was raised – she was not allowed to fall apart. Slowly pieces started breaking off but she was still sheltered inside. Looked down upon, another chunk fell off.

    By Sasha Yedrysek URL on 08.08.2011

  36. one. two. three. he paused to wipe the sweat from his brow. four. five. six. his muscles screamed at him to stop. seven. eight. nine. he couldn’t. he was building his tomb, brick by brick. he was a monster, he needed such security to protect himself from the others. they would come for him soon. ten. eleven. twelve.

    By cam URL on 08.08.2011

  37. I am on another level of love today.
    The echos resonate through my memory of time.
    I am both space and time.
    The brick wall had faded.

    By UnderWater URL on 08.08.2011

  38. my house red white binding hard most houses are made of this strong abundant white grey different colors classy strength clean tidy elegant pretty safe home

    By brickernm on 08.08.2011

  39. She’d watched it slowly work iteslf out of the wall for years, without giving it much thought. Occasionally she’d picked at its edges, just to see if it was loose. Hoping for her very own Boo Radley” Moment, where she’d remove th

    By LA Juice URL on 08.08.2011

  40. He picked up the brick and tossed it thoughtfully in his hand. Then he threw it. Trees leaned aside to avoid being hit. Birds changed their migration. Well, it wasn’t an ordinary brick.

    By Valkyrie URL on 08.08.2011