April 7th, 2012 | 128 Entries

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128 Entries for “branches”

  1. The sunlight filtered through the branches, lighting up the stone-covered walkway under us in seemingly random patterns. I tried to avoid stepping on these sunlight-blotches, thinking of that old nursery rhyme on stepping on a crack, you break your mother’s back. This made me feel childish.

    By Debi on 04.08.2012

  2. the tree branches into one another

    By fatin on 04.08.2012

  3. These are the only thing I could hold on to. Branches. To keep me from falling to my death. To keep me fro falling to my end.
    I look down and gulp. If I fall, I;m surely to be in pieces,
    The branch creaks along with me. Is this my end? Funny how one day I couldn’t pay attention to the thing that’s now holding my life.

    By silbs on 04.08.2012

  4. I’m trying to branch out, you know – to go beyond what I’ve looked like before. I’m trying to recapture that little bit of me that you thought was so awe-inspiring, so… Awful. I guess. I’m trying to be more like you were when we first met, instead of the way you are now that we don’t know each other anymore. I’m trying to be a lot of different people, crammed into one nanosecond, and this body that doesn’t support over-achievement. But I’m trying, and that’s branching out, so isn’t it enough for now?

    By Thirteen URL on 04.08.2012

  5. The branches cracked and broke underneath my feet, sending me lurching down a few inches before I grabbed another. “Help! Help, somone!” I holllared. I couldn’t hold on, I didn’t know how to get down, but I couldn’t possibly go higher. I don’t even know why I started climbing this damn tree!

    By A on 04.08.2012

  6. I dont know what this is. oH wait! it’s on tree. This word makes me think of Hagrig in Harry Potter for no reason. Or a forrest. Hmm. Branches are probably very har

    By Huff on 04.08.2012

  7. The trees were full of branches and they were full of leaves, Clara loved the color of the branches the way they collided with each other making beautiful trees…

    By iara URL on 04.08.2012

  8. Muses must do what they are here to do creatively and courageously or they will get cranky branches????

    By Nola Campbell on 04.08.2012