April 6th, 2012 | 117 Entries

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117 Entries for “ruby”

  1. Rubies are amazing. my girlfriend would probably love rubies if i gave them to her. rubies are also red. red is a really nice color, and is known to make people hungry. so if girls wear rubies, will people get hungry looking at the ruby since it is green. im not sure. anyways, rubies are also rpetty expensive but i dont think as much as a diamond or something like that. ruby red is something that i like. i think i know a girl named ruby. not sure though. rubies seem like something i would eat.

    By Jason on 04.07.2012

  2. Ruby, the name of my best friend’s crush. Because of that, I’ll never think of ruby as a gem, but a person. It’s entire meaning has changed because of an experience exclusive to me. Maybe that’s what love is. Love is a ruby, Love is exclusive. You see :)

    By meliora URL on 04.07.2012

  3. The red gems glittered and glowed in the pale light, unusual in their brightness.. “Enchanted” she murmured. She looked carefully at them, but the magic was hidden from her. Unusual as well. This was powerful. They had gone to all that trouble to hide their work, and for what? A few pretty stones? It made no sense.

    By scarletdistraction URL on 04.07.2012

  4. her pale white lips were seldom this way. in the morning, they were pink with the blush of a new morning. in the day, they were the thick, bright orange of her favourite lipstick. and at night, her lips were always that deep, deep red, the colour of rubies, and just as enticing.

    By ji on 04.07.2012

  5. She wore the colors on her sleeves
    On her hands
    She looked mad with them in her eyes.
    Blood everywhere.
    Red ruby blood was everywhere!
    On the floor.
    On the ground.
    In her hands.
    And all she did was laugh.
    Laugh an evil laughter and smile.
    She looked up at the mirror of a young innocent girl,
    Smiled and said, “You’ll be just like me.”

    By Andrea Diaz URL on 04.07.2012

  6. Glistening in the skeleton’s hand was the ruby, speckled in a thin layer of thousand-year-old dirt and spiders and whatever else have you. Hugh lifted it up with his hand and a skeleton picked it up

    By Ross Menzies URL on 04.07.2012

  7. Ruby red glistens in the sun like my teeth. ruby red gleams like my teeth in the dark..or the teeth of a near pitch black person in pictch black skin..the teeth and the red ruby stone on her finger appear to be dancing in thin air. Hello July.

    By ajloopy URL on 04.07.2012

  8. When I was little my dad gave me a dog. I named it Ruby because I was five and kind of dumb and thought it was cool. My dad just smiled at me. He was always like that. Way too nice. My grandfather hated it. When I was sixteen I was gifted with the blood. The same blood that runs through my father, and his father, and his father, and further back than I cared to count, the same blood I would pass on to my daughter. I never bought her a dog. I was never my dad.

    By Cassie URL on 04.07.2012

  9. ruby is a precious stone. it is expensive

    By ashish on 04.07.2012

  10. her ruby lips pursed, I said I love you! The silent response was deafening. Don’t be afraid to fall. Your heart will be better for it!

    By Crystal on 04.07.2012

  11. a precious stone which was loved by many turned into an ugly neighbor who was overly nosey and gossipy. must remember the beauty of the stone has nothing to do with the ugliness of the other one. screened and found real precious ones in the eighty’s.

    By jl on 04.07.2012

  12. My grandmothers ruby earrings. My mom gave them to me, and they are the best piece of jewelry I’ve ever owned (or ever will). I wore them only a few times, on super-special occasions, but the last time I didn’t take them off before bed. One slipped off, and I’ve torn that room apart looking for it. It’s been years. Every time I vacuum or move furniture around, I’m secretly hoping to see the glimmer of gold or sparkle of that unmistakable flash of color. I have little hope, and only one earring next to a sad empty space in my jewelry box.

    By DK on 04.07.2012

  13. Ruby is usually commonly used in making jewelry of all sorts, and is considered to have a very nice shade and shiny appearance that appeal to those who like adornments on their body. However, for me, I like it best as a colour, the shade of red that is entirely so enticing especially as a description of a certain fictional character’s eyes.

    By andyprue URL on 04.07.2012

  14. A ruby is a shiny red gemstone.
    found in earth

    By Auriel on 04.07.2012

  15. Ruby liked to wear red, like her namesake. Unlike her namesake, though, she danced erratically down the sidewalk like a colored leaf blown by the autumn wind. She fluttered past her friends’ hellos, though she made sure to wave at them, say “Hi!”

    By Holden URL on 04.07.2012

  16. She wore rubies around her neck. It was the only jewlery she would ever wear. Well, they weren’t for real. After all, she was homelesss. It was all to keep up appearances.

    By Zina URL on 04.07.2012

  17. How many years has he waited?
    How many tears has she shed?
    How many innocent smiles have been crushed along the way, how many deaths has this one stone taken?

    Too many. Too many have given to the deep red, the cutting gleam of the ruby. Too many for too long.

    By Elizabeth on 04.07.2012

  18. The perfect term to describe the sunset at Lake Michigan in the summer. Ruby. All across the sky, fading the farther it gets from the sun… oh, it’s glorious, magnificent. There is nothing else like it in the world.

    By Nichole URL on 04.07.2012

  19. She gasped.

    The small beads of ruby blood seeped through the open wound, inflicted upon herself, her own shaking hand dragging the knife across her own pale skin. She marveled at her ability to do no more than wonder why she was doing this to herself, but she never displayed any difference, any more sadness than allowed by girls her age. Ever.

    Because that was who she was.

    By Nichole URL on 04.07.2012

  20. Diamonds, rubies and emeralds were scattered across the floor. The treasure had been found, but at what cost?

    By Jordan URL on 04.07.2012

  21. before closing my eyes
    your breath flows
    into my thoughts

    aham brahmasmi

    you lead me
    back to myself

    charged with light

    love’s voltage
    like a spring tide
    through my blood

    let gratitude
    be my key

    if we cross
    beyond dreams
    I will make you feel
    the stars
    swirl within your lungs

    By minimalist URL on 04.07.2012

  22. I looked at her, with her beautiful white skin and her hair so red it reflected her name. Ruby. She was the most amazing non-human I had ever seen, and I have seen many non-humans in my life. After all…

    By Iam Me URL on 04.07.2012

  23. The Doctor showed the gem to Amy.

    “It matches your hair,” he said.

    She smiled. “It looks like a ruby.”

    “It’s not,” he said.

    “What is it then?”

    “It’s Bylanian crystal. Can’t be scratched or broken in any way. Want to see?”


    The Doctor took the crystal and threw it on the floor of the TARDIS.


    He picked it up. “See, not scratched!”

    Amy rolled her eyes. “Crazy man.”

    By Damaris URL on 04.07.2012

  24. The ruby ring he had given her last Christmas had lost its luster and her heart sank as she had come to the conclusion that he would never return to her. She places the ring in the box never to look at it again.

    By Edna Coleman on 04.07.2012

  25. there is a family around here who named their daughter, an odd and unexpected name and yet, with some beauty. still it must be hard to grow up as a gem as a bloodred glistening stone.

    By Robin on 04.07.2012

  26. the ruby diamond lay there. it glistened with such tremendous beauty. noone touched it. it was too beautiful to look away from. the beautiful color held everyone’s gaze. ruby

    By Edt on 04.07.2012

  27. red diamond jewels legend of zelda beautiful ring cigar band july birthstone diner baby icecream cones blood pirates treasure chest crown royalty wealth sparkle shine

    By Denna on 04.07.2012

  28. Ruby was beautiful. She always had been. WIth a name like hers, you’d expect her to have bright red hair, but she didn’t. It was a glossy black and her eyes were the brightest blue. They shone out of her dark skin. She was carefree and always laughing. The day she died, she was still smiling, smiling gently as she jumped out of the window, 30 stories up.

    By L on 04.07.2012

  29. I don’t want to write about Ruby, but the therapist says it’s the best thing.
    “Write out your feelings.” He said “You have just seen your sister die.”
    I don’t want to write about Ruby. I killed her.

    By L on 04.07.2012

  30. Ruby

    The wife of a man I cared a great deal about. The first time we met, when it was time to say our goodbyes, she hugged me, and I have to say it was the greatest hug I’d ever received. I have no idea why. But I remember being so thankful in that moment, and so thrilled, that the woman who gave the greatest hugs in the world was married to a man I cared about. “He gets to feel this every single day” I thought. “What could be better than that.”

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 04.07.2012

  31. ruby red lips, soaked with strawberries and cherries and all the other sweet summer flesh. don’t worry about winter, it will take care of itself. savor this preserved summer sugar down in the cellar and let the world go.

    By Sam Schick URL on 04.07.2012

  32. Ruby has a twin sister. They are so different from each other though. Ruby is creative, high spirited one. I am sure she will go through life thinking she should be more like her serious, studious sister, but the sooner she realizes she is a gem herself, the happier she will be.

    By wordmonger URL on 04.07.2012

  33. i see ruby dreams
    and robot

    By Iffath URL on 04.07.2012

  34. Your lips. Ruby lips that begged for kissing. But the words that came from them were like rubies of hatred, ignorance, stupidity. How could beautiful ruby lips allow such to pass? Rubies disappoint when they are you.

    By SpecialBobby on 04.07.2012

  35. she left the building wearing the ruby colored coat. it was raining and she burst out of the door without anything but the red coat. she never looked back. that was the last that was seen from her.

    By mary on 04.07.2012

  36. Her eyes were last thing I saw, a fiery glimmer in the distance. They burned into the horizon and left with the sun. Warmth gone. Light gone. I’ll learn to enjoy the night.

    By Christopher Robin URL on 04.07.2012

  37. ruby……………….red ruby. rubys are gems. gems that gleam. imagine a red gem covering the windows of the front of your house. your house would then be red for a day. red ruby will then roll on to the next house…

    By kenny URL on 04.07.2012