October 1st, 2011 | 323 Entries

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323 Entries for “braid”

  1. The hair on her head looked lush against the dark red braid band which tied it back. It was a big night for her, her first time out at a dance, and Brad was due to turn up at the front door in just a few more minutes. She looked again in the mirror and smiled.

    By Tom Collins on 10.02.2011

  2. I braid my hair and it intwines my life
    a braid is like a butterfly
    it criss crosses its way to its end

    By rose M on 10.02.2011

  3. she walks along the street, with the swishing of the hundred of tiny clicks, its hart to prevent nd inner smile with this soundtrackt, maybe that is the thing that enables her to cope with all that shes been through this year….an unmistakeable sense of positivity

    By cath URL on 10.02.2011

  4. There I was in the She-Ra costume, completed by the blonde braided wig. The 80’s nostalgia party had been more fun on paper. I’d spotted He-Man earlier by the punch bowl but it wasn’t to be, his tongue seemed to belong to Rainbow Brite.

    By Laura URL on 10.02.2011

  5. the braids in her hair was tied loosely.

    By samantha on 10.02.2011

  6. i don’t know what braid is, but since i have to write i will just write about it , i feel writing is in my veins.

    By filza URL on 10.02.2011

  7. braids are beautiful. i love braided ponies

    By aditi on 10.02.2011

  8. my girls that i know love to braided their hair. I must say that it look very good indeed and speak well of our African tradition. Something that their must be commended for and encourage to continue.

    By victor walkes URL on 10.02.2011

  9. a hair braid on a young girl. It is purple and lustrous. It is a beautiful sight, amidst a green paddock filled with the bright sun and green lively plants.

    By NotTelling URL on 10.02.2011

  10. When i think of the word braid it reminds me of trees that twist and wind. it also reminds me of waterfalls spirling down towards a pond or lake. many times a braid

    By samantha on 10.02.2011

  11. a braid is a form of hairstyle most commenly used by eight year old girls. it involves twisting three groups of hair into a pattern and tieing it of at the bottem in order to keep secure.

    By patricia taylor on 10.02.2011

  12. Braid je jedna supr hra kterou sem nedavno hral a koupil si ji v humble indie bundlu.. je velice chytra, vyžaduje tvůrčí přístup, je to jedna z nejlepších indie her co sem kdy hrál. Zajímavé je že všechny světy sou si podobné jen vždy něčím novým obohacené. Celá hra je založená na vracení času a jinými hrátkami s ním.

    By Filip on 10.02.2011

  13. hair

    By Jessika on 10.02.2011

  14. I’m trying so hard to write next chapter T_T

    By Bailie McKnight on 10.02.2011

  15. i don’t like it :(

    By donnafatale48 URL on 10.02.2011

  16. The braid around the edge of the rug was frayed. Where the table had been was just a little darker than the rest, hidden from the sunlight pouring in through the picture window. A thin film of dust lay over the furniture. Time had been frozen from the moment he had found her there, on the floor, eyes closed and smiling up at the ceiling. As if she had found something in that last moment which made her realize she was happy.

    By cmsiena URL on 10.02.2011

  17. Twisting round without stopping, never ending, keeping going. Then stop! What a stop, what is this stop… a knot, where did it come from, what is it doing here, the hands! Those hands, what have they done to our beautiful spiral… they stopped the braid!

    By Nathan URL on 10.02.2011

  18. feels like something alicia keys something reggae something black. something of the past. something just awesome like that

    By hid URL on 10.02.2011

  19. The braid in her hair ran along the edge of her forehead. It was simple and beautiful. We were in a rush, but she always looked amazing. And then we hopped in the car and headed to the farm, with the hound in the back and a unwrapped birthday present in the trunk.

    By Chris Rogers URL on 10.02.2011

  20. braids are very intricate. Somehow I believe they explain the complexity and intricacy of life, life’s not always easy, there are bends and turns. But more than that, what matters is how you deal with them.

    By Joti on 10.02.2011

  21. A braid is something I rarely do. I don’t have long hair. I may have braided a rope when I was young.

    By Charles on 10.02.2011

  22. Her light hair was in tethers, frayed across he sweat stained forehead and clinging to her pale ivory skin. Ivory skin that had long forgotten to use its beauty, now it was ripped and scared with tiresome thoughts that only a troubled mind could create. Oh what a horrible thing it is so be left alone with a human mind. She unraveled her hair and let is fall loosely and carelessly across her bare naked chest, watching it rise and fall with every breathe. She sat on the face of the dusty rug that reminded her of her parents, its vibrant pattern all but a dull smudge under her frame. It was quiet in the room, with only her breath pulling the silence. But it wasn’t an unbearable one. It was silence of where a tired woman had finally found a peace.

    By Saskia URL on 10.02.2011

  23. Braids are beautiful. I can think of the times in Austria where I tried achieving a braid over and over and over again, french and fishtail. All the girls kept doing them and I stuggled to figure out how to make them work. The patterns of twisting and turning were too difficult for my feeble hands, and so braids stay an intricate mystery to me.

    By Emma Pattison on 10.02.2011

  24. braid wow what a word it reminds me about braiding hair that one intricate art in which a little girl has her hair tied up in some ever so complex knots i never knew why or if this helped in one when he wants to learn how to untie your hair

    By wahid on 10.02.2011

  25. i don’t know what does it mean because i am from russia and have very little dictionary in my head. you say “just write” but i do not know what about i have to write

    By nadenkee on 10.02.2011

  26. marsha braid…..ey. sorry thats all I can muster given the fact that I just woke up from a wine-induced coma. my brother is a BAD influence

    By johken URL on 10.02.2011

  27. I like having braids in my hair but when I do my hair goes frizzy when I take it out even if I’ve only had it in for like 5 minutes :/ I like french braids cos they’re cool but with my hair i look like a boy with them in :/ I like braiding bracelets so I can make them for my friends and we can all have them =)

    By maddey on 10.02.2011

  28. I watched as you braided your gorgeous long red hair which you tell us is not red but auburn. You are so adept at everything you do and I’m memorized by you my darling Granddaughter!

    By spartica URL on 10.02.2011

  29. her braid lives on
    she does not
    innocent curls mother twisted
    just that morning
    the 5 feet of arms, legs
    and opened eyes
    masked beneath the fresh red
    i resist the blood test
    writhing behind the wheel
    i am not a felon
    i smoked that joint a month ago

    By Noelle URL on 10.02.2011

  30. there’s a picture, sitting in a photo album abandoned somewhere in our bookshelves, of me when i was four or so. my brother, perhaps six, is standing next to me. we’re holding homemade challahs, with little ladders as adornments.

    By rene on 10.02.2011

  31. The little Indian girl was never known for anything, no one realized she was there, and no one remembers her name. All they remember are cute little braids.

    By Demi Chan URL on 10.02.2011

  32. she wanted to braid her sisters hair but her sister wasn’t there.She wasn’t there and hadn’t been there in quite sometime.

    By kim on 10.02.2011

  33. Through the passing of years all things fall apart. I always braid footpaths with loosening ends of our memories that fray into fields of tall grass covering over the ruin grounds of our love, where artifacts of shattered hearts stab the ground of my mind.

    By drew URL on 10.02.2011

  34. Braid her hair my mother said,but I did not know how,never have been very good at hair,not ever really,very good at it.

    By kim URL on 10.02.2011

  35. woven hair, fishtail braiding, little girls with briaided hair, every year when I was little I would beg my mom the briad my hair every day before we went to the beach now she begs me to let her braid my hair before we go to the beach

    By Kate on 10.02.2011

  36. i love to braid my hair in the morning. braiding my hair allows me to get dress quickly and out to work. braiding looks stylish. i can braid one ponytail or two ponytails

    By chris on 10.02.2011

  37. The braid didn’t turn out like how I would expect it too – it was untidy and long and somewhat un-hippie. Uber uncool. I was at the mercy of her unpolished hands.

    By Nadd URL on 10.02.2011

  38. Through the passing
    of years all things fall apart.
    I always braid footpaths with
    the loosening ends of our memories
    that fray into fields of tall grass
    that cover over the ruin grounds of our love,
    where artifacts of shattered hearts
    stab the ground of my past.

    By drew URL on 10.02.2011

  39. Braiding, it’s a childhood experience, that you use into adulthood. I still braid my hair often, because it’s cute, easy, and I’ve known since I was a kid. French braids are really easy to make, and are the most common.

    By Kaytie on 10.02.2011

  40. My feelings twisted like a braid, winding thier way down my back. Stabbing me like a distant reminder of what used to be. Whipping back and forth in my head. I cant shake this free, this feeling for you.

    By andrea newport-jones URL on 10.02.2011