February 27th, 2014 | 91 Entries

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91 Entries for “bowtie”

  1. I like bowties. Whatever.

    By Stephanie Cruz on 02.27.2014

  2. His bowtie was hanging loose around his neck, fluttering in the wind. He stood as still as a statue, staring over the water as I watched him, unsure if I should approach him or leave him be. I decided on the former and brushed a strand of hair from my face as I came to his side. “Hi.”
    He glanced at me. “Hi.”

    By Katelyn Shear on 02.27.2014

  3. Men restaurant waiter person dogs people dad fancy party fancy dress plus moral old classic black and white suit bow tie

    By Amanda on 02.27.2014

  4. I’m staring at my shoes
    she’s staring at my eyes
    ‘I don’t want to lose you’
    ties my chest in little bows.

    By Jem Page URL on 02.27.2014

  5. A bowtie is a strange meaning in a corpse of a rose. A rose dying in a garden as a man planted the seed to see a new wonder grow as he still wore his bowtie as to I still have his rose. Even though the man is in another garden now, his wonders are written with a tinted sound of never ending hope of all the gardens in the world.

    By Nicole on 02.27.2014

  6. All dressed up
    and nowhere to go;
    those days of
    blood carpets
    and velvet ropes
    are long behind you
    discard the
    dress coat

    By thedugong on 02.27.2014

  7. The bowtie fell to the floor and her slender fingers began to unbutton his shirt. The kiss grew more feverish, more heated, as the passion grew between them. He fell back onto a cocoon of sheets and pillows as their very long honeymoon began.

    By Anna URL on 02.27.2014

  8. We were raised to never care what others thought and to constantly root for the underdog. The boy in my classroom always wore a bowtie to school. There would be a multitude of children, pointing and laughing. I did not care, I made friends with the kid, and kept rooting for the underdog. Seeing he was much more brave than I, I admired him, and I wanted to learn everything about letting my “freak flag” fly high.

    By Elizabeth on 02.27.2014

  9. A long time ago when I was sitting at home with my grandfather i lookeed into his eyes and saw something that I didn’t expect to see. It was a scene that I once knew and it reminded me of the bowtie he would always wear. It’s crazy to think about how things from the past will so easily visit us in the future through our minds eye. If you wonder how I got to this story well you just have to … imagine the ending…

    By Andrew Barron on 02.27.2014

  10. Look at the bowtie that fellow is wearing over there. It accents the vest that hugs his broad chest. He looks as though he would arrive at a blue door with a rose. The girl would step out looking beautifully similar to Zooey Deschanel.

    By Elsie URL on 02.27.2014

  11. She finished tying his bowtie for him, carefully smoothing over the white shirt collar over the black silk that circled his neck. “You really should learn how to do this. I won’t be around forever to take care of you, you know.”
    “Yeah, but-” It was obvious that he was uncomfortable, stiff in the suit and fingering the too-tight bowtie that now circled his throat.
    “Learn how to tie a it. Now, let me see you.” she stepped back, holding her son at arms length to scrutinize him. “Perfect. Oh, I can’t be prouder. Gosh, look at my little boy, it seems like only a few months ago you were this tall-“,
    “Alright, alright. You should go picker her up. You’re using the jeep, right? You have your phone? Money? Let me take a few more pictures-”
    “Mom. I’ll be fine.”
    “Okay honey. Have fun.”
    “Bye mom.”
    As her son stepped out the front door, she smiled. “You see, honey?” she said to herself, looking up the the ceiling, to the sky above it, and to her late husband up above. “We did fine.” Raising her voice louder, she yelled to her son just as he was getting into the car, “Don’t get anyone pregnant!”

    By Debi on 02.27.2014

  12. She smiled playfully at him, pulling on the ends of the bowtie until it hung perfectly around his neck. “You’ll knock ’em dead,” I assured my brother, reaching forward to muss his hair. For once, he actually didn’t fuss about it, which let me know how nervous he actually was.

    By Madison on 02.27.2014

  13. It’s funny, a bow tie. A tiny Piece of ribbon around your neck, looking like a gift wrap of sorts.
    It also brings to mind to bow and tie, to tie one shoe laces one has to bow or bend.

    By an0412 on 02.27.2014

  14. hate them on regular occasions, should only be worn at a blacktie kind of affair. Ugh! the colored or patterned ones are the worst.

    By Quiet_Intensity on 02.27.2014

  15. Bow tie pasta is a strange looking thing. It goes well with any kind of sauce, kids love it, I of course don’t make it myself, I buy it prepackaged in a box.

    By Laura V on 02.27.2014

  16. I just saw one on a guy in a movie with the curly mustache. Can’t remember what they are called, and then my cousin was taking a poll to find out where to find one for his little boy. T o me they are always representative of little boys, except for the nation,. They were/are st

    By lynn on 02.27.2014

  17. the thing that men wear. Dashing weddings, time of joy, stripping it off. smiles between a bride and groom their joy flowing between them. Such a scene. With one article a whole moment of happiness stored in a single article. Perfect

    By Kay-T on 02.27.2014

  18. There he is, across the room. Oh god oh god, he’s looking at me. Smiling even. Have you ever been struck by lightening? It feels a lot like that. To see the person you’re going to marry. your spirit, it just, knows.

    By Heidi P. on 02.27.2014

  19. Bowties are cool! – So says The Doctor. And I have to say I absolutely agree with his accurate statement. There’s just something endearing about a bowtie, like a man is trying hard to look dapper and instead looking just adorable, except when he leaves it untied. Bowties are cool when tied, sexy when untied.

    By Yas on 02.27.2014

  20. structure change
    shape changing

    By Regimon George on 02.27.2014

  21. Bowties are worn my men on formal occasions. I came across one such man and felt suspicious about his looks. I followed him and came to a dark alley halfway down the street.

    By Charlotte on 02.27.2014

  22. His bow-tie
    was black and white
    and hung on the pale and strong neck
    – I could see he swallowing
    the heavy breathes every now and then –
    and he was so goddamn beautiful.
    I wonder sometimes
    if he has ever seen me;
    I would be there, really:
    I’d caress his cheeks,
    I’d kiss his soft mouth,
    I’d look at that black and white bow-tie
    with graciously in-love eyes.

    By gargouillis on 02.27.2014

  23. This should really be two words, like “neck tie”. I always pronounce this in my head as a word that rhymes with “bounty”. My buddy Matt’s fantasy football team name is always the Cincinnati Bowties, which I guess is an actual thing. Do not look this up if you’re at work.

    By B URL on 02.27.2014

  24. His bowtie reminded me of underwater balloons and sequins of silver. I cannot say why but I at least knew he would never be the one. And all these months later i have forgotten his face but never the images my brain created at seeing that tie. The brain of mine that imagined more life than it perceived.

    By Seymour on 02.27.2014

  25. The bowtie was twisted around his neck almost painfully, just a little too tight and a little too tasteless for this kind of affair. Unconsciously, his hand moved to loosen it, and her eyes followed the gesture. This had been happening all night—those dark, unreadable eyes watching his every move with unmistakable judgment.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.27.2014

  26. The Doctor is on of those guys who just is, was, will be, always and forever one of the greats. Forever wearing fantastical clothing, talking in jargon and words longer than you could ever imagine possible, his world is one of adventure, time, space, and people. Being his companion is the greatest feeling in the world.

    By Tui on 02.27.2014

  27. He spent over an hour trying to tie the bowtie. It shook my faith in him for a few minutes that night. His style, after all these years, is impeccable. And yet, he was completely confused about tying a bowtie. Finally, I had to figure out how to tie it for him. He’d found instructions on YouTube. The best one wasn’t from GQ, though. It was just a stylish guy who’d figured it out and decided to post it to show the world. He saved our night, I must say. We were only 30 minutes late.

    By Rebecca on 02.28.2014

  28. Someday I will go to you and fix your bowtie. After that, I’ll adore you and compliment how gorgeous and handsome you are. But for now, I have to prepare myself to do that. Be the right person for you :)

    By Za on 02.28.2014

  29. bowties are cool. The doctor says so himself in an episode that I cant reacall at the moment. I havent personally wore one before but thats because I dont think that ill look good in

    By Markus on 02.28.2014

  30. I fastened the bowtie around my neck, straightening it with a final, satisfied smile. I heard the door open, and in walked my lady in a pale blue dress designed to make men fall to their knees. I stayed upright, but my hand went unbidden to my pocket, feeling the cool, reassuring metal ring. If I hadn’t already paid for the ideal location, I might have asked her right there when she smiled a smile that lit up the world.

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.28.2014

  31. Black. Sometimes red. Sometimes polka-dotted. Worn by all genders, but assumed to be worn primarily by men. What an assumption.

    By ManiYani on 02.28.2014

  32. There is nothing better than going out to a formal dinner and getting dressed up. The only chance my husband gets to wear his dinner suit. Although we seem to spend ages getting his bowtie just right!

    By Alexandra on 02.28.2014

  33. the tie that embraced his collar. Then it becomes tighter, tighter. Strangling him, suffocating his neck turning it from a human brown to a ghastly red and stifling his soul to the very extent of oblivion.

    By Bharath on 02.28.2014

  34. The cis man wore a bold leather bowtie. He walked around his home town with confidence as if the world was at his feet. He was a simple fellow. He found joy in things other people never would even consider for more than a moment. He loved the shape of his bowtie. The way the rough leather felt gave him comfort. The color made him feel strong. Everything about it made him smile. He was a passionate young man, euphoric even, and he wore a bowtie.

    By Panty on 02.28.2014

  35. “I wear a bow tie now, bow ties are cool” My brother grinned coming downstairs.

    I rolled my eyes and suppressed a grin. Leave it to my brother to quote Doctor Who at the time when you are late for a wedding, no thanks to him, and trying to get out of the house. I loved his nerdy references but NOT when I was going to be late for my best friends wedding.

    By Adriana Gabrielle on 02.28.2014

  36. bowtie. I wore a bowtie at my sister’s wedding. It is too bad, she doesn’t talk to me or anyone else in the family. I’m not sure why. If I had to guess I would say it is because she feels it is the only way to escape “family patterns”. For that then, I think she’s probably doing the right thing. Too bad she couldn’t find another way. Is there one?

    By Jim on 02.28.2014

  37. he was a square. we all thought he was weird. a weird square. but then we saw him tying that tie and watched the dexterity it took to tie that sucker. a new found admiration crept over us.

    By Lee on 02.28.2014

  38. She wore a bowtie. It seemed a bit weird at the time but the bowtie adorned her neck just perfectly, giving her a smart, well put-together look. Everyone smiled. The bowtie went perfectly with her cute little pant suit as she took the stage and everyone smiled. They should smile. The bowtie completed her.

    By Alexandra on 02.28.2014

  39. Pirates in bowties: A new thing. They swirl among us, apes at the party. We laugh, feed them speared salmon on silver forks, but really, at the end of the night, who wants them there? When the servants are cleaning up, and the last guests are leaving–only these “guests” stay. Don’t they realize they’re entertainment, not guests? I will tell them. Their captain. I will tell them and they will leave.

    Here I go.

    By RS Bohn URL on 02.28.2014

  40. He carefully removes his bowtie, considering the day now long behind him. When did he become so old, so frail. He longs for the days when he would remove his bowtie during the wee hours of the morning, relishing his conquests from the night, the friends, the laughs, the women. Gone are those days.

    By Katelyn on 02.28.2014