December 3rd, 2012 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “both”

  1. Both of the prisoners yelled with pain done the hall.

    By jake URL on 12.04.2012

  2. Both of the parties were good but they had no party games

    By gorge URL on 12.04.2012

  3. Both are everywhere. Either part of each other or not part at all. But as long as they are together near by, they are both.

    By minecraftplayer101 URL on 12.04.2012

  4. when the vase fell, both kids got scraped feet and a beating.

    By twiz URL on 12.04.2012

  5. when both colide the world shall end, all will be destroyed as they battle inside the world, but it will be many years before they hit, they slumber soundlessly until they awak, the world is safe, but when it happens……..

    By James URL on 12.04.2012

  6. Both you and me are as equal as a slice of pumpkin pie! :P

    By Sammi on 12.04.2012

  7. Not just one or another, but together, both. It is a delicious combination. With both spongy spheres nestled and tucked together ever so carefully in saran wrap. I’ll miss Twinkies.

    By kommie97 on 12.04.2012

  8. both of us you are gone in washington dc and i am here in africa we never talk anymore that’s my fault i never write to you but i am deeply in love with you both of us in a car both of us on a roof both of us alone running at the wall like magnets with a coffee table in between separate separate matches i want you i need you
    i miss you
    we’re not meant to be apart
    i want to love you so much for so long that i can never untangle from you
    i want to fall completely into you and all that is you

    By Molly on 12.04.2012

  9. together. two. love. friendship. peace. force. union. light. change. walk. talk. chat. listen.

    By Maíra Wiener on 12.04.2012

  10. both of us, once again, standing here in the sun-drenched meadow, looking back at our lives, they way we have heart each other, been so selfish. but turn around! there is a future, there in the distance, just visible on the horizon. let’s run into tomorrow, together.

    By g on 12.04.2012

  11. both people need to love in order to exist as one, and that is a key to life and some are unlucky not to experience that, and its a shame.

    By rebecca brogan on 12.04.2012

  12. I have two homes, as everyone knows. I grew up in a tropical country surrounded by the people I love dearly and it is such a beautiful place. I then went back to the place I was originally born and started a new life, rediscovering myself. No matter what, I will always have the best of both worlds.

    By abigail rae on 12.04.2012

  13. Both time and distance are one in the same. For the time it takes to go a distance has been spent, and the distance you’ve traveled to arrive on time is no more.

    By sara URL on 12.04.2012

  14. Both of the desserts were amazingly delicious.

    By Cody URL on 12.04.2012

  15. When you live in another person’s pocket for long enough, it’s like you become one entity. I don’t ever want to become too attached to any one person or thing. I like being independent but now that I’ve met you, I feel like I’m far more attached than I want to be and that’s just kind of scary.

    By Simra on 12.04.2012

  16. both you and I are to be hidden in a cave somewhere. Somewhere no one can find us…a place where no one will look. I want you forever to just myself. And I want you to want me forever as well.

    By drysaphhiregin on 12.04.2012

  17. You and I both know that this relationship is non-existent. It was all one-sided, it was all my fault, I thought that there was something between us going on. Why am I still waiting for something that will never happen?

    By abigail rae on 12.04.2012

  18. Both the beauty and wretched
    speak of the same divine.
    each fellow his all
    knows not what it is that’s mine.
    and all the steps and all the breaths
    lead one down a line,
    but all start in a Spirit
    that is one of Thine.
    each and every and all and both
    walk the world and always doth
    moving towards the great divide.

    By t44 on 12.04.2012

  19. both of us were walking down the street when a man came up and askd if he wanted to buy roses for his pretty girlfriend. he accepted paid for the roses and gave them to me . we continued to walk and another man approached us selling earrings and asked if he wanted to buy a pair for his lovely girlfriend. my boyfriend said sure bought a pair of earrings and helped me put them on. walking on we went by an upscale boutique with lovely dresses in the window. as i approached the window to look a woman came out saying she needed a model for an outfit and asked if i would do it. looking at my boyfriend he said why not we’re in no rush. so i went inside the store and tried the clothes on. the saleswoman was so taken back at how well it looked on me she proclaimed that i must have the outfit and let me keep with with no charge. confused i tried to give her money but she simply rushed me out of the door and i was left standing in front of my boyfriend in this amazing dress. laughing at how ridiculous that had been we came across a vendor selling hair accessories. the young girl working the stand said that she had the perfect hair clip that would go with my dress and she then proceeded to sit me down and arrange my hair with the clip. i looked in the mirror and told her that she did a fantastic job and before i could say anything more my boyfriend paid the girl, thanked her and we were on our way. we continued to walk when a group of band players walked by and asked if they could play a song for the lovely couple. my boyfriend agreed and they began playing a beautiful song. i was too enthralled by the music that i didnt notice the group of people that had formed around us. when the song ended i turned around and first saw the group of people that had gathered and then noticed my boyfriend. he was down on one knee with a ring on his finger. “will you marry me?” i was speechless but i managed to say yes. the group clapped and that wass when i noticed that they were all friends and family. He planned the whole thing.

    By Gloria on 12.04.2012

  20. just the both of us. forever and always. nothing between us. just us both. forever and always. thats the promise we make. nothing between us. love and security. love between the both of us. forever and always.

    By Gloria on 12.04.2012

  21. Both of us, we want this. I want you and you want me. But we can’t make it. We’re not able, so it would seem. And it hurts so bad. We cry and we say we love each other but it doesn’t work out. We both know it all too well, thats why we cry.

    By aske URL on 12.04.2012

  22. It was their hands, clasped so tight they thought they might fall of, that kept James from plummeting into the depths below them.
    “Let me go,” he said quietly. She shook her head, tears pooling across her face.
    “Never. If you go, I go.”
    She smiled.

    By Julie on 12.04.2012

  23. Bottoming out. Both through the top and the bottom. How can that be? Implosion, of course. The secondary result of implosion is BOTH a bottoming out, out the bottom, and the squirting of inner-energy also out the top!

    By charmed on 12.04.2012

  24. both the cecil and him are lame and dumb

    By Tim on 12.04.2012

  25. We both love to swim in the ocean. The fish are beautiful and the plants. They both are beautiful.

    By Devin on 12.04.2012

  26. I have both a blue sock and a yellow sock they are really awsome!!!!

    By shelby on 12.04.2012

  27. They both said that the haunted canyon was just a myth but then they figured out that it wasn’t when they took a trip to see.

    By chase on 12.04.2012

  28. Both me and my girlfriend decided to take a break. But we will be getting back together. We both agree to that.

    By Ryan on 12.04.2012

  29. i like both cheese and grass. chicken tastes good. both combinations are amazing-tasting.

    By danieler on 12.04.2012

  30. Both me and ryan george are retarded. Only sometimes.

    By riley on 12.04.2012

  31. My friend and I both have the same kind of shirt.

    By Kyla on 12.04.2012

  32. Two different things that have similarities, something that makes the two as one being. No matter how they change they are ‘both’ of the same being.
    Such as if we are literally talking about a body, one arm may have a bunch of tattoes where as the other one just has a few scars from childhood accidents. They are still both arms of the same body.

    By Akira on 12.04.2012

  33. Both the teachers are in the classroom working on our test tomorrow for math the students will hate the test.!

    By jazzy on 12.04.2012

  34. both timmy and ryan got destroyed by me A.K.A. Cecil :D

    By cecilm on 12.04.2012

  35. We both walked together.

    By james on 12.04.2012

  36. Both purple and blue are my favorite colors.

    By Brianna on 12.04.2012

  37. Both means two people or something that has a pair.

    By gabrielach on 12.04.2012

  38. Both is two… or a couple…… for example: Both the boy and girl went to the movies.

    By adriana on 12.04.2012

  39. we both are houmins!

    By Nicholas on 12.04.2012

  40. Both of my friends have fish by i don’t, I have a dog named Max.

    By lissamc on 12.04.2012