January 9th, 2017 | 46 Entries

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46 Entries for “boarding”

  1. “boarding! it’s boarding!” come the calls of the immigrants. i can see the lines of them, all the way down the hill, coming for a new life. a life of the US. i smile, because i am here to guide them there, one boat at a time.

    By Pandyfish on 01.09.2017

  2. I didn’t know what was happening or where i was going. All i knew is that when i was boarding this train i was leaving behind everything, my friends, family, my memories. all gone.

    By yaz on 01.09.2017

  3. Harrison, my father’s best friend, was ready to put his daughter Max in boarding school. His reasoning: She was being rebellious, not doing well enough academically, and overall seeming to be psychologically unstable. Two of those reasons were false. The true reason – the rebellion – was partially due to me, and all the times I picked her up from her house late at night so we could steal booze from the liquor store and kiss in my car.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.09.2017

  4. We were boarding at the gate
    You were still breathing poorly
    Your eyes rimmed with red
    And you wouldn’t look at me
    Not even when I asked

    We were standing in the aisle
    Waiting for the others to flow
    To their seats

    By Serene URL on 01.09.2017

  5. She takes her first step onto the boat. The wood beneath her feet sways like it is made itself of ocean; and then she looks down and has to squeeze her eyes shut to remind herself she isn’t going to drown.
    One last look at her homeland; fierce wind stinging her cheeks and bitter cold kissing her lips; and then it’s off to the Americas; to a new land; maybe someplace better.

    By SentientExistence on 01.09.2017

  6. I would like to study aboard in Canada and to get a job there. Living in Malaysia has not been my most favourite thing and i decide to go other countries. What i like Canada is that they are much more peace than America and it has Winter with lots of snow.

    By Attitude on 01.09.2017

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  8. Boarding a plane to the next leg of your journey called life.
    Boarding the ship which carries you away from the shores of your past.
    Boarding, snowboarding and skateboarding on the pavements of heaven. (Counting Crows)

    By Radhika Saraf URL on 01.09.2017

  9. She is to late, he was already boarding. there was nothing she could do now but accept the goodbye.

    By Brook on 01.09.2017

  10. “So, this is where I’ll be boarding?” She paused to eye the train of spiderwebs tangled over the bookshelf. “It’s very… homey,” she chirped determinedly.

    By Aubra URL on 01.09.2017

  11. The boarding permits we required to leave the country were not in unison with our passports. As I turned to look out of the window behind me, hoping to stop sweating and catch my breath, the girl in charge pulled out her gun.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 01.09.2017

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    By Abnomit URL on 01.09.2017

  13. Boarding a plane will never be the same again.
    They were the dots that connected our relationship.
    Every arrival and departure was another adventure. Another chapter in our relationship.
    Airports and airplanes.. they’ll never be the same again.

    By yl915 on 01.09.2017

  14. i am boarding my plane when suddenly the rain came pouring hard and the people are running for cover. i have no idea what will happen next, but the rain sounds really bad that i’m afraid to take a flight in this condition. therefore, i am booking the next flight

    By Tasya URL on 01.09.2017

  15. boarding up my walls
    the past i’ve lived and all of the mistakes i’ve made
    and all of the things i loved that are gone
    i miss her and nobody understands me
    screaming with my head barely above water
    only enough time to say one thing
    before the wave takes me in
    and you still don’t believe me
    won’t perceive things differently
    you still not understanding
    so monotonously repeat everything i’ve been repeating?
    seem twisted and greedy
    and self alleviating..?
    or give up?
    give in,
    i hate that it means you win
    whatever though
    my life will not be the same Again
    i was already broken and wandering hopeless waiting for the days to end
    yours is still steady
    run .. while you can still see the horizon

    By chel sea on 01.09.2017

  16. i am boarding towards satna.

    By shubham shrivastava on 01.10.2017

  17. Du willst an Bord und du willst es nicht. Da ist der schmale Gang, deine Hände schwitzen, durchnässen die Boarding Card in deiner Hand, die Stewardessen lächeln: “Willkommen an Bord”, und du willst dein Leben nicht in die Hände eines Unbekannten legen.

    By Lisa URL on 01.10.2017

  18. I cruise down the road, the sun hot on my back. I finally feel free. the sound of the sea is crashing inside my head. The taste of saltwater on the tip of my tongue. It is evening, people begin to die down as I awake. Heading ever forwards.

    By Daisy Leason on 01.10.2017

  19. Getting on some vehicle; surfing; a way of saying getting on

    By Gavin Comer on 01.10.2017

  20. a place to stay, an action of stopping and being, staying with someone else, not being in your own place, a temporary place, getting on a boat.

    By sheila on 01.10.2017

  21. boarding a plane, he smiled and knew that he would never look back again at his past life in shame but in pride that he was able to walk away and start anew.

    By trkstr67 on 01.10.2017

  22. The whistle blew and her hair whipped into her face as she rushed around, trying desperately to find him before the train pulled away. He was just here. She just saw him. Where could he have gotten to? People all around her were rushing the platform, waving goodbye, and she scanned their faces furiously, looking for her dead brother.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.10.2017

  23. someone living in my house with me. They are a border.

    By Lori on 01.10.2017

  24. Once upon a time, somewhere in America, there was an German boy named Tommy. Tommy says hi”. Tommy grew up in a boarding school. He grew up in a boarding school because his parents didn’t want him anymore, so they dropped him off at the closest place to them. Tommy’s best friend also grew up in a boarding school. His friend’s name is Johnny. Johnny was also German. The school allowed each student to own one pet each. Each of the boys had a lizard. Tommy had a boy, and Johnny had a girl (they had to keep them away from each or else you know what would happen!). Anyway, the boys are all grown up now, and they are both married with two kids. The both have twins. Because they both married twins. Tommy and Johnny are also twins. So of course, the twin gene carried on. It carried on for 3 generations. The fourth generation absolutely refused to marry twins. So that is how the twin tradition was broken. And all because two men wouldn’t do what their mother and father asked of them as their last dying wish. And now, the twin men wanted nothing to do with their parents, and their parents have passed away and gone to heaven, and the men have married, and had children. And now(though they do love the family they have), they wish they could’ve upheld their parents dying wish, and said goodbye before they passed on. But it’s too late. And now they’ve grown old and died themselves, and their two sons happened to be twins. And so they decided to carry on the twin tradition. The two men’s names are Tommy and Johnny. And they lived happily ever after.


    By Julianne Engel on 01.10.2017

  25. Last year for my birthday, I really wanted to go surfing. The problem was my birthday is in December, and we could not afford to travel to a warm place so I could, so I didn’t get to go surfboarding… :(

    By homeschooler on 01.10.2017

  26. Boarding the plane, she felt her worries leave her. Most would be ashamed to say that they were happy to leave their home, their children – but all she could think about was the freedom. A fresh start was all she had wanted for years, and no one had given that to her. I had to do this, she thought, there was no choice. It’s better for them.

    By A.W. on 01.10.2017

  27. Alles ist bereit.
    Dein Sitz bereits reserviert.
    Du musst nur noch vorwärts gehen.
    Du musst nur –
    den ersten Schritt –
    ganz alleine gehen.

    Alles ist bereit.

    By Anuri URL on 01.10.2017

  28. skate surf knee snow flow balancing and tilting and making your body one with the board the board is you unless it’s new then you might be a little off but after a while your fee will start to melt and the wheels and the ice and the water does too

    By Julia Donnelly on 01.10.2017

  29. There were 2 different ways I could get to where I was going. I decided that boarding a train might be my best bet. Would I be on time? The on-going question; always.

    By Marie on 01.10.2017

  30. the boarding of a new conversation can leave me adulterated,
    chatter is capricious, life is complacement if you can quiet
    that talk in between your eyes
    its just a brain sty
    ill eat wheat bread or rye,
    blessed with bread and water
    that’s the only fuel I need to get up get out
    and feed my daughter
    desiccate the rain off car doors with faster driving
    I’m always striving
    even when im hard of reviving
    laconic yet laudable clouds rise up when boarding occurs, a spur of the moment

    By Milad URL on 01.10.2017

  31. “I have to get on board the ship before its too late. oh no. i”m too late, hey wait! come back!”

    By Noah on 01.10.2017

  32. Im coming on, Im taking over, Im running away
    Here’s my seat, my window, my aisle
    Take me away
    From this boring boar of boredom,

    Im boarding, take me away

    By smattc URL on 01.10.2017

  33. I think of boarding as onboarding. To be onboard as part of a team. To become part of something.

    By Ang on 01.10.2017

  34. Snowboarding through the Alps with the wind blowing in your face as you rush down the hill in a fury of speed is one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever encountered.

    By Nicole on 01.10.2017

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    By Masonblire URL on 01.10.2017

  36. boarding pass in hand
    all the adventures await
    memories dont die

    By procrast URL on 01.10.2017

  37. When a conductor says, “ALL ABOARD!”, he is telling everyone to start boarding.

    By Jada Engel on 01.10.2017

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    By Stewarterags on 01.10.2017

  40. i was boarding my bags for the plane trip back home hopefully it was going to be exciting and not boring. Here we go!!

    By ashton on 01.10.2017