February 24th, 2012 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “blast”

  1. we had a blast visiting friends in Florida this past week! There was constant belly laughter and sharing of stories. We all seemed to be lifted off our routine into some joyful stratasphere! So, yes, it really was a blast!!!

    By Kathy on 02.25.2012

  2. having fun is a blast. it’s been a long time since i felt that. I think kids feel it a lot, all the freedom they have with being able to run freely and not worry about what they look like or what others are thinking of them. It’s so sad to watch that disappear as students get older.

    By Linda on 02.25.2012

  3. I had a blast last night cuddling up with my hubby and watching a romantic comedy. As he fell asleep, I was reminded how much I love him!

    By Davis on 02.25.2012

  4. Loud noise fun great time boisterous explosion dynamite

    By Darcy on 02.25.2012

  5. blast! that’s what i said as the enemy came into the place i shot my missile but yet he stayed there, still alive, i decieded it was time to fire a nucular bomb but i realised the only thing burning was the rage inside me so i killed myself instead.

    By Timothy Komodo Dragon on 02.25.2012

  6. Any time I am with my family we have a blast. It is nice that we all get along. We share food, memories, stories, laughter. It is the core of people I have the most history in common with- reminiscing is a blast!

    By Krista on 02.25.2012

  7. I always have a blast when we go on vacation to see my aunt. We have a blast swimming in the pool, going out to dinner, and just chatting. I would love to live closer to her because having a blast would happen more than three days a year.

    By Sharon on 02.25.2012

  8. Blast can mean so many things.
    The power of a firework.
    The sending of a message.
    Having a great time.
    Power of movement.
    When I think of blast I think of energy.

    By Richard on 02.25.2012

  9. The room shook and the table cracked.

    Everything was torn up.

    And when the phone rang in the serene office building miles away, he already knew.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 02.25.2012

  10. Underline me, Adeline. I’m waiting for you to notice me, sitting here, passive. I won’t move or run or jump or lie or untangle my mood to suit your whim. I’m just waiting for you to notice me, so I can blast the rhythm of my heartbeat into the warm palm gripping the stylus.

    By Kristen Leigh on 02.25.2012

  11. Then the building blasted and filled in the air with smoke. The screams were loud and the dust was very thick. Life seemed to end, but we all knew that it wasn’t over, but just the beginning of a long hard life.

    By Johnathan Bell on 02.25.2012

  12. Blast. Boom. Bang. I hear you. Please stop yelling. We can work through this. It is going to be alright. Put down the chair. I love you. I love you.

    By Johnathan Bell on 02.25.2012

  13. The blast was defeaning. It rung out across the city, shattering glass and bringing people to their knees with their hand over their ears. Next came the suffocating heat. It was so intense, you could hardly breathe and your eyes stung with ash.

    By Mairead Eleanor URL on 02.25.2012

  14. Blast. The sounds rings in my ear. Hoe did i get here anyway. Was i not supposed to be somewhere else. The ringing gets louder and Boem it´s gone again

    By Kim URL on 02.25.2012

  15. i went to the park and it was a blast my goal is to be a blast girl today and fun i love the word blAST AND I LOVE THE WORD BLAST ITS A FUN WORD SAYING BLAST SO IF YOU HAVE FUN USE THE WORD BLAST.LOL

    By nay on 02.25.2012

  16. When a snatched open the door, a blast of wind hit me. It was more than that though, because it made me turn around.

    By Skye Blue URL on 02.25.2012

  17. I have a blast at sea work. The rocket will blast off the blast from the explosion was loud it was s blast. The métier will blast thru

    By Michelle on 02.25.2012

  18. każdy kto znalazł się w obrębie zielonego kręgu musiał umrzeć
    śmierć przychodziła z różnych powodów
    ze śmiechu
    z wyczerpania
    z masturbacji
    za każdym razem przyczyną był zielony krąg

    By Żebro on 02.25.2012

  19. bombs going off spaceships in the air red orange yellow black fireworks wars fourth of july loud booming boom boom pow explode hollywood Jason bourne

    By Angela on 02.25.2012

  20. It was a blast of cold air that woke him up, and he realized quite suddenly that he was outside, in his boxers, on the cold dewey lawn, and the sun was just barely peaking over the hill. With a start he jumped up and went inside, his Grandmother looked angrily amused as he came in. He knew immediately that A. he had overslept, and B. he had obviously neglected to do one or more of his responsibilitie’s, in either case, he was in trouble, and embarrassed at having awoken on the front lawn in naught be his boxers. Worse yet was it was a particularly crowded street that they lived on, and somebody had seen him, or a lot of somebody’s.

    By Anne on 02.25.2012

  21. Still, I had the night. Nothing could change the possibilities of nine o clock. Not a lazy friend. And definitely not a cheating boyfriend. So I grabbed that pair of boots I was saving for Coachella and stomped out the door.

    By Ruben URL on 02.25.2012

  22. A hole in the wall. Nothing left but rubble. A new home but torn form pieces of ash. The future at last and the end all come with a blast.

    By Hunter on 02.25.2012

  23. I was gonna shimmy and shake, I was gonna charm and take a few hearts to break. Anything was possible when the chains of those around you are loosened by the disassociation of acquaitances

    By Ruben URL on 02.25.2012

  24. I heard the blast early before the sun came up. I opened my eyes, looked around and the sat up in bed. There were bright colors dancing on my bedroom walls. I went to investigate.

    By C P on 02.25.2012

  25. rocket, explosion, space, fun
    sour candies, dangerous
    sore, soar
    travel, future

    By char on 02.25.2012

  26. Take a hint and take it fast,
    blast apart your heart;
    take it in. You are
    the one doing this,
    this shit that you call love.
    You don’t get
    that there is more
    to this than that thing
    inside your chest.

    By Emily URL on 02.25.2012

  27. wow what a ride! It is so much fun to zoom down the hill and watch the world in wonderment. the trees, feel the breeze and the sun shining down kissing my face with delight. I can only hear the rush of the wind.

    By Brandi Davis on 02.25.2012

  28. b + last = blast

    By Me on 02.25.2012

  29. I had a blast when i went to the beach last July. it was relazing and fun. I didn’t worry about a thing. I love looking for shells and finding sandollars. i have lots of frinds there. My family comes to visit me. I go out to eat

    By Dawn on 02.25.2012