February 23rd, 2012 | 324 Entries

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324 Entries for “loss”

  1. What a loss it was to our team when we lost the final game in the tournement. We should have won. We will try to get better so that we can go to the state finals next year. We have a star player who can help us get to this goal. The coach said he believes that we can win also. It is never easy to take a loss.

    By Vicky.gullickson on 02.24.2012

  2. sadness
    missing puzzle piece
    broken heart
    ever searching
    empty space

    time to move forward

    By jt on 02.24.2012

  3. I fear loss. If I lose a family member, it hurts. If I lose my wallet, it’s scary. If I lose my memory it’s embarrassing and frightening. Losing can teach you lessons though. It could help you avoid loss.

    By Lonni on 02.24.2012

  4. Is many things and is very heart breaking, but some times people learn from these losses. For example, people lose a family member or friend, thats sad,or a pet/companion that hurts, but you learn to progress in life. I know kids that lose a special toy and learn a valuable lesson on taking care of their things, even us grown ups lose things that are very imporntant to us, but we (due to our superior brains and intelect) eventualy find them because of our past experiences as children.

    By spencer maize on 02.24.2012