February 24th, 2012 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “blast”

  1. a giant sound with a negative impact. my mind has blasted with all the examples. THe gun blasted, exploded with a dangerous blast. The rocketship blasted into outerspace to look at the moon.

    By Hannah on 02.24.2012

  2. It was a blast. Not a burst, or a spread, but a blast. Its always aggravating when people get those two confused. I understand that they are exaggerating for emphasis, but it is a very simple distinction. Just get it right please?

    By TheBlueFool URL on 02.24.2012

  3. from the past – like dynamite – a mediocre lasting memory – not an a-last – always looking to move up to having a blast – love how it sounds when I say it –

    By ann on 02.24.2012

  4. the sky blasted with stars, exploding with the light of billions of suns. The rocketship blasted into outer-space to recieve a special code enabling it to blast all the way to pluto. Blast refers to a giant sound or fast action.

    By Hannah on 02.24.2012

  5. This week is the worst week ever. It is the opposite of having a blast. I’m so pissed right now.

    By ashlea.schweigert URL on 02.24.2012

  6. Wenn ihr blast, dann blast richtig. Nein, nicht die Backen aufpusten. Die Luft muss ganz tief reingehen, bis in den Bauch, den tiefsten Teil des Bauches, nein, eigentlich sogar bis ins Becken. Die Schultern bleiben locker unten. Ja, so geht schön viel Luft in die Lungen rein. Wusstet ihr, dass man das Lungenvolumen durch das richtige Training sogar erweitern kann?

    By Lisa URL on 02.24.2012

  7. My thoughts erupted in a blast
    I can’t stop the flow
    like drained rivers of mirth

    By Yasmeen on 02.24.2012

  8. Having a blast is having a lot of fun. I love to have a blast with my friends and family. It is more fun to have a blast at something than to be completely bored with it. Having a blast means to enjoy what you are doing to a great degree.

    By Shana on 02.24.2012

  9. A blast from the past. That’s what he said. Words escaped me. My heart raced. How had he found me. I’d been so careful. I thought the nightmare had ended. I realised now that I was still asleep and dawn was a lifetime away.

    By Jane on 02.24.2012

  10. A

    By mimi on 02.24.2012

  11. I had a blast at Disney World. It was so much fun. I wish I could go back.

    By Lauren on 02.24.2012

  12. I gazed out at the lights of the surviving half of the town. If I was to look towards the right, I could see the rubble and ash of the earlier blast. I still can’t believe he’s gone. Suddenly, I sensed a presence behind me. How did anyone get into my room?
    “I know you must miss him,” the person said. The voice was familiar, but not exactly comforting.

    By Chabo on 02.24.2012

  13. A girl I knew during my teens and early twenties said this a lot. “It’s a blast.” “Living away from home is a blast.” “We’ll have a blast.” I always wondered why other descriptors never seemed to apply. Fun. Liberating. Something.

    By Dawn on 02.24.2012

  14. kaboom
    rash roar
    good times

    By Jennifer on 02.24.2012

  15. The blast shook the house last night, waking me from a deep sleep. T stumbled from the bedroom with my flashlight and wandered around the yard searching for the damage. The sky was clear except for the smoke swirling up toward the street light.

    By Sheila Good URL on 02.24.2012

  16. fun bang people party good times together loud
    bang volcano 911 hurt roar run loud angry crowd

    By Jen on 02.24.2012

  17. It was a blast going to the moon the star were shining all around me as I floated through the darkened skies I want to live in space forever

    By L on 02.24.2012

  18. Blasts of molasses fill us with thickening masses.

    By Marianne URL on 02.24.2012

  19. “it was a blast!” This is how we used to describe things that were fun. I wonder what the phrase would be today? If I used this frame I’m sure that my kids would get the gist of my meaning, but I’m sure it would be something that would verify that I am ancient to them. Do I still experience things in life that are a “blast?”

    By lecia on 02.24.2012

  20. I always have a blast at the lakehouse. In fact, I can’t think of a place that I have ever had more fun at (well, maybe bunco!). When I am at the lake house, I spend my time outside under the hot sun. You might find me floating out in the water or crusing on one of my super-fast jetskis. Whatever the task, you can count on me having a blast!

    By abby on 02.24.2012

  21. “Thanks for inviting me to the party,” Sammy said with an ear-straining grin. “I had a blast.”

    Jesse responded with a toothy smile. The two had spent most of the time sitting on the black leather couch in the corner, drinking rum concoctions from pink plastic glasses and giggling about the latest Oscar nominated films. Both cinephiles and both lovers of the classics as well. It was lovely.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.24.2012

  22. Christ, I didn’t want that blast from the past. Seeing him standing on my doorstep sent me reeling and I didn’t know if I should call the cops, or invite him in.

    He and I had some cataclysmic moments before, but nothing like this one. It felt like there was a ticking time bomb in my kitchen, just waiting to explode.

    By laurapacker URL on 02.24.2012

  23. I had a blast from the past when I saw him standing in the corner of our high school reunion. I whispered to Michelle, my old best friend and said “Is that Pimple face?” And it indeed was, but his acne had cleared up and he was now one spicy bit of man beef.

    By Alyss URL on 02.24.2012

  24. A blast of cold air engulfed her, nearly knocking her off her feet. She stared in horror through the open door at the cooler within, fearing what she’d find, knowing she had to move forward. She walked cautiously through, glancing to the left and the right, and found…nothing. The cooler was empty. Shelves were cleared of all boxes, hanging racks were holding rope but nothing more.

    A bang behind her caused her to jump and spin. A shadowy figure glared at her from the window of the now closed door before dashing out of sight.

    By Nastassia on 02.24.2012

  25. I had a blast at the birthday party last week. We had cake, punch, and I got tons of presents. Which is way better than usual, cause I’m a twin and usually you only get half the stuff. It’s sad.

    By mrs. conlon URL on 02.24.2012

  26. Bang and then go, it is a blast, we had a blast, I hope a blast some more. The gun sounds and it makes the crowd go, the runners start and their muscles explode. Blast.

    By James Cook on 02.24.2012

  27. A time in my life when I had a blast. Have I ever honestly, truly had a blast? Had so much fun that I can’t imagine anything else in my life being any more fun? So far it would probably be the days with Laura and Andrea.

    By mary on 02.24.2012

  28. Blast ……. could be short for blastphamy …… I don not like blastphamy!

    By matilda URL on 02.24.2012

  29. Matilda meant blastphemy!!!!

    By matilda URL on 02.24.2012

  30. Our raw souls blast radiance into the sky, into the stars, into something even greater than space.

    By stephaniewrites URL on 02.24.2012

  31. Suddenly the wind picked up and toyed with my hair and caressed my face as it gave me the sensation that I was flying in a storm. It was almost violent enough to shake the trees around me, but somehow the blast of cold air brought me peace and serenity.

    By Livy on 02.24.2012

  32. How did I know that they’d leave so quickly? We were having a blast, everyone was relaxing with a cocktail, laughing and joking. OK, some of the jokes were a little, um, risky that people were saying. Then as if on cue they said they needed to leave. Their son wasn’t really interacting with the other kids, and her husband sat down in the other room. It was just awkward altogether. I found myself monitoring and censoring things. It became more relaxed after they left. I guess it’s OK>

    By Heather on 02.24.2012

  33. Try this! It’s a blast. I’m so glad I got the chance to write about all of the fun that we had.

    By Michelle on 02.24.2012

  34. Today, I had a blast at the gym. I know that it may seem a little unusual for most to think of actually enjoying a workout, but pumping your triceps, strengthening your calf muscles, and lifting your body weight not only gives great physical results, but also keeps you in shape mentally.

    By Brock Buchanan on 02.24.2012

  35. Spending time with my family. Cooking in our kitchen our favorite super tasty recipes. Going on family outings with my husband and children. At the park pushing my children on the swings and hearing my children laugh uncontrollably because they are having so much fun. Hugging my children before bedtime and answering their questions about life.

    By Anna on 02.24.2012

  36. i had a blast. it is a blast to go on vacation. A blast is bad if an explosion happens. It is so much fun to have a blast with your friends. I think that working with children is a blast. There are loud noises that blast and can hurt someones ear drums. I think that a blast can be scary if you don’t expect it. This website is a blast and a great way to get my students to write. I like the idea of focusing on one word. This can be a difficult blast.

    By Penny on 02.24.2012

  37. blast it all. I cant write to save my life. Why did I bother signing up for another writing comm when I have a ton of papers to grade?! How long does this thing give you anyways?

    Reminds me of my Art II class where we had seconds to sketch the nude model. modle. model. model yeah. Funny how a word looks funny if you stare at it too long :/

    But back to Art II. Black guy named Willie, you cant make this stuff up! But the guy was a cutie :) I dunno how he did it, day after day. To stand there naked and be scrutinized by a studio full of people who are unknowns on Day 1 and are drinking buddies on day 12345? I was never any good at drawing people realistically. But this chick next to me, maaaaan. Her fingers flew. And there he was, Willie in all his glory, captured in lovely sienna tones.

    My conte-smudged fingers giving up after a faceless figure had taken shape. I guess I just cant draw real people. I can draw people, just dont hold up my pic next to the person and compare :/ I always fail to capture them THEM. Their essence. Its all in the eyes, I think. And I could never get them quite right. Give me a landscape anyday :) But then is that just me taking the easy way out? Should I have made more of an effort?

    Well, I’m over this experiment. The bell’s about to ring and I’ve got miles to go before I sleep :)

    By dragon_queen_98 on 02.24.2012

  38. I like the word blast you can use it like swearing but it’s not really swearing so you can say it in front of anyone. “Blast, did you see that crazy driver?” So much less offensive that other words. Maybe cause of the fifth letter.

    By Kellie Spreitzer on 02.24.2012

  39. To consider going out with him would mean deserting the plans I’d made with Missy two months ago. But how could I miss out on the chance to finally kiss Blake? Missy would understand. No she won’t. And would I really enjoy my time with Blake knowing what a good time I’d have at the water park?

    By Ruben URL on 02.24.2012

  40. I had a blast when I went to Disneyland with my family. The best part was watching my kids BLAST off on Star Tours. I love Star Wars. Never thought I’d say that, but through my boys eyes….it’s fantastic.

    By S.L. on 02.24.2012