June 25th, 2013 | 174 Entries

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174 Entries for “blamed”

  1. The thought was there. Lurking, swimming inside her skull like a haunted spirit. This was her fault. She would be blamed. She had disobeyed. Worse yet, she had disappointed. How would she cope? How would she make him understand, forgive, forget?

    By Winter Lotus URL on 06.26.2013

  2. lets not place it but take it and we will all relieve each other because it is what loved ones do. doesn’t that make sense? that we give peace to each other even if it means take it from ourselves?

    By Desiree Das Gupta on 06.26.2013

  3. We liked wondering in the darkness. We were young, walking in the woods but at the end of the day i got blamed for getting us lost. We were all young.

    By Airakeiko on 06.26.2013

  4. He blamed her for the gnawing pain he felt. Every morning when he woke, saw her name on junk mail, or vacuuming that rug she insisted they buy, the one he still loathed but could not part with, he thought of her and ached. Ever since that day on the salt flats, desperate for water, fearing he would never make it back to the city, he promised himself he could never forgive her. She had no right to die before he did.

    By One and Only Profligacy on 06.26.2013

  5. ‘violence is never the answer’
    and ‘you should have fought
    harder for your rights’
    are two sentences that can only
    logically coexist in one place:

    the oppressor’s mouth.

    (the irony that logic itself
    has been historically
    dictated by oppressors
    does not escape the author).

    By h. b. on 06.26.2013

  6. I am not one to be blamed. Lowest on the totem pole, trying to reach up closer to my dreams, I am certainly not the one who caused the whole pole to fall. But, when my boss decided to cut down the pole, sawing through the wood as fast as his wobbling arms would move, I was the one blamed. I couldn’t do my job right, and it just wasn’t worth it.

    By redpinkandwhite on 06.26.2013

  7. She blamed me for everything. And inside I was boiling like a kettle ready to explode. I am innocent of all crimes that she swears I’m guilty of. The only thing I’m guilty of is being around. Maybe that’s the answer to all of my problems…just start walking. But that wil

    By Farica Woods on 06.26.2013

  8. She blamed me for it, but that was nothing new. Whenever something in the office went wrong, there was always something I missed that would have helped her save the day if I had been competent enough to catch it. I missed a note, I wrote the note but failed to email her an update. I emailed her, but she never checks her emails so I should’ve known to send a text instead. I’d be such a good employee if I knew to catch on to the little things.

    By B. Rhodes URL on 06.26.2013

  9. People often feel blamed when things go wrong. We must try not to blame others and let others know that we forgive them. No one likes to be blamed even when we’re at fault.

    By Sarah Johnston on 06.26.2013

  10. Who had caused such atrocities…? Was it… me? No, I’m not capable, not powerful enough, not… detestable enough. I’m the good guy. I’m a good guy….

    By Emphaticallyjack on 06.26.2013

  11. She never learned how to take responsibility. Her life was lived as a victim. She blamed others for any problem. This led to her ultimate destruction. She didn’t know that there is freedom in responsibility. In selflessness. In love.

    By Shyla Marie on 06.26.2013

  12. always have been. For something. Most erroneously. Mostly erroneously. Why do people feel that what they dont like has been done by someone they can’t love? Have I ever been loved?

    By Vianna on 06.26.2013

  13. Blame it on the 60’s. That’s what the people at the office always said. I never really knew where that phrase came from, but then again, I was also not even born yet. Either way, it made the office feel even more disperate than it had since I began working there.

    By Sal on 06.26.2013

  14. I blamed you for how I felt. I blamed you when I looked into your eyes. I blamed you when I felt for you with more and more with every word you spoke. I blamed you when I had to avert my eyes when the true you began to shine. It was your fault. I couldn’t help it. You’re too much of everything I like and love. There will always be a piece of me that’ll want you. And I still blame you.

    By John on 06.26.2013