June 25th, 2013 | 174 Entries

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174 Entries for “blamed”

  1. Trying for peace,
    Cited for war;
    Improving an after,
    But blamed for before,
    And the future to be;
    The present awaits,
    Ahead of the game,
    But ever too late.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 06.25.2013

  2. Why am I the one who’s being blamed for this big mess? It’s not my fault, it’s YOURS. Get a grip.

    By Jason on 06.25.2013

  3. How can anyone place blame? The actions of someone else directly affects their own life. In order for it to affect your life, you must let it. In this sense, you can only blame yourself for your feelings and emotions. Never let the actions of someone else interupt your life.

    By Mleigh on 06.25.2013

  4. evil, guilty, judgmental. dogs, shame, lack of empathy, lack of understanding, parent, boss, manager, innocent, no proof, framed, isolated, isolation, bad,

    By Morrighan on 06.25.2013

  5. He could only blame me, for the mistake we both did. What do you expected after all this time I was the only one to blame. Sometime I wonder if that’s the only thing that brought this flame of heat in to our hearts. I knew I just had to let him blame me for something that my heart could not see but only feel for that deep lust we felt.

    By Claudia URL on 06.25.2013

  6. The scapegoat. The target. That’s me. All my life whenever things happen … I am the cause — or others say I am at any rate, which amounts to the same thing. It is less that I mind it — it is part of who and what I am, and what I was raised to be. The Alun’quai are made to take the burden of blame upon their shoulders.

    By terradi on 06.25.2013

  7. They blamed it on me. Said it was my fault, and all I could do was stand there looking helpless. traitors. All of them. Backstabbers. They said they were my friends, but I know all too well that, that is a lie. I blame them for being trapped in their terrible minds. They don’t realize just how stuck they all are. Stuck into their evil ways. Stuck tormenting those who they deem helpless or worthless. But not me. I won’t allow them to blame me anymore.

    By Cessali URL on 06.25.2013

  8. This is nonfiction. It will be nonfiction until it is not. And even then it will be a gradation of truth. An elaboration, if anything. Tiffany is the name of a woman who holds me accountable. Being held accountable for something is a stately way of saying you’ve been blamed. And so I have. Tiffany is in therapy because I am a caustic, impossible to communicate with narcissist. I say that can’t be true because I acknowledge daily the fact I am a tired, tedious man. I will peak, gradually, over the next ten years, and then my knees will shrink, my hair will fall out, I will get heartburn at family reunions and become unpleasant when my brother-in-some-odd or cousin or nephew-in-law has the wrong brand of Tums and I’ll have to sit around a dinner table with people I hate whose concern with politics manages even to bore the family’s dog. Just like them. Just like anybody else.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 06.25.2013

  9. Sometimes we are blamed for things that we did not do.I know if I did not do a thing I don’t want to take the blame for somebody else.My motto is ,You should not blame someone for something that you are not absoultely 100 percent certain whether they did it or not.We should be careful for the blame game.I mean aft er all ,if the shoe was on the other foot,how would you feel.We must be considerate of other peoples feelings.

    By Sylvia Faircloth URL on 06.25.2013

  10. There’s no central heating in my house? THANKS A LOT, OBAMA!

    By J URL on 06.25.2013

  11. They blamed me for everything. Said I was perfect, when really, I feel like I was an awful human being this whole time. I was the one who was truly at fault for all of it and sometimes I can’t really handle that. I feel like my insides are just exploding constantly because

    By Arina on 06.25.2013

  12. It’s freeing, isn’t it, when those two words pass your lips? Shoulders heave, eyes roll, exhale, drag out an endless whinge of an “I’m sorry,” and suddenly it’s not your responsibility anymore. I mean, what else do I want you to say, right? Well Honey, blame and responsibility aren’t the same damn thing. It’s still you’re fucking fault you miserable bint. How about this? Not being such a bitch, so that there’s nothing to forgive.

    By Katya on 06.25.2013

  13. Blamed. The mark of her shame was in front of her, for all to see should they take a second glance. It made her peer ahead to make certain she would not run into anyone likely to take their anger out on her. It made her glance behind in shadowy alleyways to make certain no one would attack her to make her feel the shame even more.

    Blame. It hung heavy on her, because it was her fault that this had happened, her fault that she had not been careful.

    By Maria URL on 06.25.2013

  14. You blame me for reasons I don’t know of. I would like to think I deserve to know but you kept shut. You kill me with my own curiosity and you don’t care. Yet I care so much and I wish I don’t.

    By Nia on 06.25.2013

  15. blamed…
    for everything
    even if its not my fault.
    trying to justify
    just taking all
    the blame

    By caty steffek on 06.25.2013

  16. She blamed herself for her death. She had tried to visit that day, insisting to come over to talk about something important while her sister wasn’t there. She needed to talk, but it was different this time. Her niece said yes and waited for her arrival. She arrived, nervous. Wanting to break the ice she asked a few questions about a current project they had discussed just to break the ice, but the two didn’t get far with any conversation. The sister arrived. An argument ensued, resulting in the mother/sister sending the niece from the room against her will. The expression on the aunt’s face was one of loss, disappointment, and something else. The niece listened, but no important discussion began; just the endless babble of someone not looking to listen, only tell. The promise to catch up alone to talk later whispered from across the room never happened. She was gone forever just a few weeks later. Phonecalls never answered, story never told, a chance to understand… lost forever.

    By JDwrites on 06.25.2013

  17. I blamed the economy for the lack of work, but my own resume may be causing my current employment dry-spell. Blame is an interesting thing, though. Makes us sad and makes us fearful, and angry at and about other people who have work.

    By Rebecca URL on 06.25.2013

  18. They blamed me for all of it. They needed someone to blame. What would life be without a scapegoat; an escape; a reason to not be ashamed.

    By Aj URL on 06.25.2013

  19. for the first time in fifteen-hundred lifetimes, over the course of millions of years, kaworu wonders if maybe he’s the reason shinji can never be happy.

    By heartful on 06.25.2013

  20. I remember your eyes – they screamed accusations at me from across the crowded room. Your mouth was no better, lips pressed into a hard, thin line, a grim reversal of the smile I had always been so familiar with.

    By LordSriya on 06.25.2013

  21. There is always personal blame. It obliterates the whole notion of fair.

    By cadypie on 06.25.2013

  22. They seemed to blame me for everything that I did. My father’s death. After that, there was no relenting. I had to get out of the house. Onto the street. Away from their ugly wrath that managed to strangle me at every turn, every chance.

    By Kami on 06.25.2013

  23. Blamed. I blamed her. He blamed me. Nothing gets resolved and I’d rather just forget about all of it and pretend it didn’t happen at all. I’d like to go take a nap.

    By rachelzana URL on 06.25.2013

  24. She extended her hand and the old lady shook it, noticing the birthmark as she did so. That gave the game away. She withdrew her hand, looked Alice in the eye and said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if you blamed me after all these years…”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.25.2013

  25. She extended her hand and the old lady shook it, noticing the birthmark as she did so. That gave the game away. She withdrew her hand, looked Alice in the eye and said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if you blamed me after all these years…”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.25.2013

  26. How could I be blamed? They all blamed me. I was the only one who tried to help the damn girl. They all stood by and watched her die slowly. I try to break through to the girl and help her grow and heal. Was it my fault that she died? Maybe it was. No. No. It wasn’t my fault. I did the right thing. The one in the right is always blamed.

    By Jack on 06.25.2013

  27. You love with a heart of shame.
    For any wound, you’re to blame.
    He has you tied on a leash of guilt
    Growing tighter with each tear spilt.

    By Carly URL on 06.25.2013

  28. I wasn’t the one that did it, but I got blamed anyway. Isn’t that the way it always is? You do a million thing wrong and never get caught, but the one thing you for sure didn’t do, you get blamed for.

    By Pat on 06.25.2013

  29. Guilt stabed through him like a vicious blade. He was blamed for murder. The man’s mind swirled in ebony nightmares that bubbled with images of the victims he had so swiftly slain with a slice of their throats. Consciousness slipped from his grasp and soon he was just like them- lifeless.

    By Sydney on 06.25.2013

  30. it wasn’t me, I didn’t do it the child said huddled in the corner. Don’t blame me you should have blamed him. He was the one , I should have known he would do this the tatter tail that he is.

    By Andrea Gray on 06.25.2013

  31. hate being blamed for things that arent my fault. someting happens, and everyone trys to put the blame on someone other then themselves. why dont people realize that sometimes its not bout blame? maybe its about learning a lesson. maybe its for your own good that this thing happened to you. why do you try to blame someone all the time, when it could be you who is to blame?

    By Ray on 06.25.2013

  32. I could’ve blamed anyone else for my misfortune. However in reality, it was my own fault to be blamed. I should have blamed who I am. You died, they left, I was alone. All alone in this nasty world. I could have blamed my behavior or my habits. I could have blamed anything. But in the end, I just hold regret in my heart.

    By Amber M. on 06.25.2013

  33. being blamed for anything sucks. even when it was your fault. damn.

    i dont have much more to say…

    thanks though.

    By sam on 06.25.2013

  34. all the people blamed for situations that they can not even think about being in. its horrible the way people are blamed for issues that can not be resolved and that are not started by purpose and if so they hold no meaning to this persons life.

    By Lindsay on 06.25.2013

  35. The thought of being targeted. The thought that it wasn’t meant to be. Perhaps some barter of self-armor by attacking the one harmless. That’s not something we’re proud of. It wasn’t meant to be. Yet, it’s what it came to be.

    By Bobert on 06.25.2013

  36. I blamed everything on my sister. It wasn’t fair, she didn’t deserve it. I love her, it’s just hard to blame in on myself. Its easier to go through life blaming your problems on someone else, someone who doesn’t deserve it. I don’t think this is fair at all. What if you were the one being blamed? Bet you don’t feel so great now. People need to take others into consideration and their feelings before they go and accuse someone of something because it may hurt them.

    By Coral on 06.25.2013

  37. And it was he who blamed me. He blamed me for dying on the inside. Blamed me for hurting him. Blamed me for hurting. Blamed me for giving up when I was the only one giving. He blamed me. I didn’t blame him. But I was so tired of blaming myself.

    By Shay on 06.25.2013

  38. When I was young, I was blamed for alot of things that were either:
    1. Not done by me
    2. Not done on purpose.
    I think this was because: 1. I’m the oldest sibling, which gives me the neverending task (until I go to the US) of taking care of my brother when my parents are away. And trust me, that is not easy.

    By thedarkestsheep on 06.25.2013

  39. Blame it on the alcohol. So many people say things that mean so much when they drink, and then are scared to repeat it when they are sober again. Why can’t we all be as happy and carefree every day as when we are drunk? Maybe the world would be a better place if we were just plastered all the time.

    By Megan on 06.25.2013

  40. I dont think that you could have really blamed anyone else except for yourself for what you did. You knew what you were doing and the situation you got yourself into sucks but you need to accept responsibility. You make your own decisions, nobody else decides for you.

    By Lee on 06.25.2013