April 4th, 2009 | 307 Entries

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307 Entries for “blackout”

  1. lights out for good when will they be back? When? It seems a blackout has hit the land every family every man!

    By Robert Fadley on 04.05.2009

  2. Me and my sister were in that blackout in New York. Girl, the cops just started shootin’ everyone! We were dodgin’ and duckin’ and there were bullets whizzin’ all around us! They thought we were the Son of Sam.

    By kdp on 04.05.2009

  3. There was a blackout in my neighborhood the other night. I know it doesn’t seem like it would be hard to get through, but it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. I’m guessing it’s because i’ve always been afraid of the dark. This problem has been around since i was a child. I’m the youngest of three boys.

    By Matt on 04.05.2009

  4. So.. blackout means a lot of things to a lot of people. If you didn’t pay your electric bills black out means they’re on to you. If you are clumbsy black out means you fell down. If you drink too much… well… you know what it means.

    By kelly on 04.05.2009

  5. It was difficult to understand what went wrong that Friday night. Though, it being another night in Scranton, Pa, with the college children running around in some awkward game of tag, the blackout was easy to understand. The source still has not been discovered but Clay Ave is likely the culprit, as the most college students were concentrated in that area around the start of the widespread darkness, 10 p.m.

    By ashley on 04.05.2009

  6. blackout. always makes me think of theatre. cue at the end of a scene. Sudden. harsh. Very different from fade to black. The difference between sudden death and long, lingering.

    By Amy on 04.05.2009

  7. I once had a blackout at a party I was at. I think someone slipped me something, or maybe I was abducted by aliens. I’m not sure. But it was memorable.

    By Lisa on 04.05.2009

  8. i lost my fingerprints
    when i traced the street’s
    yellow pulse,
    stroking it like the belly of a snake
    i am too scared to swallow.

    By Hannah Wells on 04.05.2009

  9. Damn. Another blackout. Musta been, ’cause I don’t remember those curtains, or that couch, or the tattooed man sleeping next to me. He’s wearing a wife-beater that’s probably never met soap and water. Neither has his face.

    By heidi on 04.05.2009

  10. dark unthinkable society urban city nighlife brown out babies lots of people getting together who wouldn’t otherwise darkness red shoe with lots of white on the sidewalk after midnight it is the end of the beginning but never again will i blackout and die because i am here to stay.

    By beatrice on 04.05.2009

  11. If the black is out then the light is inside. By keeping the darkness at bay, we can truly cultivate a more true inner spirit, and show our true spiritual selves to the world.

    As spiritualists, we must keep darkness and negativity at bay.

    By rhonda on 04.05.2009

  12. I am in heaven,
    I sit without knowledge,
    without existence,
    No memories,
    no sadness,
    not worrying,
    just bliss.

    By Robert Fuson on 04.05.2009

  13. he stared straight ahead of him.

    except he couldn’t see anything.

    he felt out of place.


    quietly wishing it wasn’t dark.

    quietly wishing that he was /home/

    By Blair on 04.05.2009

  14. one word is all you need to get a conversation started. You would be surprised what one could accomplish by mentioning just one word.

    By Kim on 04.05.2009

  15. The lights have all died, leaving me alone in the dark. I silently rise from my bed, unsure of my footing, and fumble around in my desk to find a candle. Once located, I search vainly for matches. Remembering that I used the last match yesterday, I sit in the dark and relax.

    By Jacob C. on 04.05.2009

  16. The blackout caused a horrific accident that ruined the life’s of many who were involved. The only positive result was the peace that one family felt due to the lack of disturbing phone calls they regularly received.

    By Phillip on 04.05.2009

  17. I have to think of New York city power outages. I’ve never experienced anything like it. We lost power once in Ruidoso for almost 24 hrs. It was a little scary, but cool at the same time because it was so quiet and dark. I don’t think that quiet is usually associated with a blackout, but it is just amazing how much background noise goes away when the electricity goes out.

    By billie sue on 04.05.2009

  18. the storm. februrary, it was raining and i came up to your room with the lights out. blackout. that was one of our first kisses. our best kisses.

    By Tony DeGenaro on 04.05.2009

  19. one night there was a man and he was trapped in a small house, although there was one cat no noise came from him. the lights suddenly darkened. the cat spoke.

    By Alex on 04.05.2009

  20. We had gone to bed, some resting outside, some inside. We were talking among ourselves. Suddenly blink! The lights disappeared! I opened the door and looked outside. Silence. Then a door opened. Rooms 10 and 12 came to life. I went out into the night. It was mostly the men that had gathered, wondering what happened to the power. The women in our entourage were safely ensconced in their beds, not caring much about the blackout.

    By visqueraient on 04.05.2009

  21. darkness… nothing… blank and void. the contrast of what could be or might be the wholeness in nothing. the without, empty… blackout

    By makailah on 04.05.2009

  22. very black, no light, i cant see anything. Remote control cars, making ramps. Getting the candles out, can’t see anything, we play monopoly by the candles. We go too sleep, wake up and its light agian

    By sebastian on 04.05.2009

  23. Blackout: Obviously an omen; Barack Obama is bad for America. BLACK OUT!! The man’s a joke, he’s just like Will Smith, only with power. Americans are fucktards.

    By Leon James Hegarty on 04.05.2009

  24. The sky went dark. The land went dark. The air felt dark. Not a light was to be seen. No sound filled the air. No sigh nor whisper. No laughter or sob. No dream was unturned, no nightmare unbroken.

    By Kathy on 04.05.2009

  25. it was a dark night to begin with, before the power went out. But now it was pitch, tar, coal black, a black so deep not a single shard of light made it to the cornea of the eye. And yet it was a warm dark, the dark of mid-july when thunderstorms raged and people sat inside their air-conditioned houses and watched their gardens flood.

    By Cat on 04.05.2009

  26. the blackout of the city caused not quite what we would call a commotion. it was quiet for once. and from what i believe, everyone who witnessed it was astonished. and for once, the citizens were silenced. everyone stood around silent, staring at something so surreal.

    By elizabeth ashley on 04.05.2009

  27. last night. something I’ve been doing too often lately. I want answers of what happens during them. I wish I knew more, I really do. I hate phone calls during these when I can tell someone said something stupid and I can’t remember what they said. I just want my memory back, I don’t know why I keep giving it away. I deserve it.

    By maggie on 04.05.2009