April 3rd, 2009 | 237 Entries

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237 Entries for “flutter”

  1. bird fluttered in the air… i like the fluttering sound

    By mrinalini on 04.04.2009

  2. I am a butterfly. I like butterfly’s I like flying. Do you like flying? And I am fluuter. Because of banana and your daddeh is… errm… I can’t think of anything else to say about flutter. Flutter of a hummingbird and stuff like that is hot and funny and your mom is awesome.

    By Danny on 04.04.2009

  3. fluttering is fun for butterflies. They enjoy fluttering around the world and letting people look at their beautiful wings. Girls can flutter too. But only in ballet and it’s not as good as the butterflies fluttering.

    By Becca P/ on 04.04.2009

  4. I flutter from here to there.I am so lost here. I wish i could go back, back to where i belong. m sick of this new environment. I hate this change. I want my old friends, my old campus, my teacher. I cant beathe in this college. Cant even flutter with ease.

    By Trish on 04.04.2009

  5. he said words. hurtful words. curse words. true words. and she wished they would just go and flutter by. but she can’t even pretend that she doesn’t care.

    By crashtestdummy on 04.04.2009

  6. Flutter like a butterfly. Flutter rhymes with butter. Blutterfly. Flutterfly.

    By Matt on 04.04.2009

  7. What makes my heart flutter? It seems like today is the day for that – my boyfriend and I reached our three year anniversary and all I can think about is how much he made my heart flutter three years ago. That’s one of the best feelings in the world.

    By andrea on 04.04.2009

  8. the beat of wings, a thought as it channels through your brain going a million miles a second, so fast that you can’t remember what it was moments later, its the beautiful feeling that leaves you warm and happy and unable to place it, its living in the moment.

    By Zahava Cheropovich on 04.04.2009

  9. A bird flutters with it sfeathers blowing in the wind. Skip and flip gymnastics you flutter all over and do skips its quite graceful. It also reminds me of that sport they do with the ribbon its almost like a bird and its really pretty and graceful maybe the ribbons are like the wings.

    By Lorin Martin on 04.04.2009

  10. shake
    move slightly

    By Florencia on 04.04.2009

  11. A butterfly fluttered alongside the gusting wind. The start of a beautiful morning for the citizens of Everett, Washington. The first day of spring was finally here after a long winter of snow.

    By Chloe Cudaback on 04.04.2009

  12. Butterflies. Flutterflies, someone told me that this name makes so much sense. She was so right. What do butterflies have to do with butter? Flutter, on the other hand, that’s exactly what they do. They flutter.

    By Elyse on 04.04.2009

  13. I see plenty of people fluttering around, physically. And I see them fluttering through life. My friend has begun to wonder if this is the way to go. “Maybe I ought to just stop trying so hard and just flutter through this. Those people seem to get everything they need.” To this, I would reply, if you don’t have any goals, they’re easy to achieve. Stop fluttering, start flying.

    By I Achsen on 04.04.2009

  14. His eyes fluttered like insane the moments before he fell down on to the wooden floor. His friends gaped in momentairly surprised shock before someone shouted for an ambulance and another jumped on the phone.

    By Andrea Gustafsson on 04.04.2009

  15. butterflies should be called flutter by’s. It matches them better.

    By dave on 04.04.2009

  16. There was one time when I was awoken in the predawn hour by the flutter of wings above my head. It was a bat.

    By Scott on 04.04.2009

  17. wings flutter.
    feathers flutter.
    flutter sounds like butter.
    i like butter.
    it is very unhealthy.
    my mom always buys baking butter.
    i tell her it doesn’t taste like the good stuff, but she doesn’t listen to me.
    she doens’t listen to me about pretty much anything

    By anonymous on 04.04.2009

  18. butterflies flutter swiflty through the field
    my skirt flutters when i run through the sand
    my hair flutters in the wind
    my heart flutters when i see you
    flutters with every step closer
    your eyes flutter over me
    embrace me
    my heart soars
    no longer fluttering
    fluttering in the wind
    with the wind

    By rowan on 04.04.2009

  19. Flutter. flutter rhymes with butter. butter sounds like better. better could be best. best sounds like worst. worst makes me think of past. the past is gone. gone sounds like home. home is where i am. home is where i should be. home rhymes with alone. i am alone…

    By evelyn on 04.04.2009

  20. When I see you smile
    my heart begins to flutter
    and take flight inside.

    By Leon Choo on 04.04.2009

  21. The bird fluttered in to the sky never to be seen again with the man tie in beak. he watched it till it disappeared into the breeze of the early Sunday morning. He was only a boy.

    By Dana on 04.04.2009

  22. There is nothing changing the fact that I am only human. That I am fallible like all other humans, and that sometimes my breathing is ragged, and sometimes my hair is messy. Sometimes my heart can’t slow down enough for me to talk to you, but when you press my hand to your heart so that I can feel your heart pounding from the drugs, I’m sure my heart does a tiny inhuman flutter. I know that it shouldn’t, and that this is the worst time, with my hand pressed against your hard chest, but I feel your hand giving warmth to my tiny one beneath it and I feel like I am no longer human, and I am a balloon, high above everyone else, listening to your heart beat twenty times faster than it should.

    By Ashley Nicole Brooks Flowers on 04.04.2009

  23. The butterfly fluttered across the garden. Sam was filled with a sense of contenment to see it flying there. The beautiful insect helped her to remember all those times with here dad, and to appreciate the small beauty in the world. Even when there doesn’t seem to be anything else.

    By Gena on 04.04.2009

  24. i flutter with the lives of thousands in the balance. i flutter when i see the world’s most beautiful girl sit next to me and smile. i flutter when i see my favourite soccer team score 2 goals.i flutter like a sigh exhaled from the lips of unearthliness itself.

    By saksham khosla on 04.04.2009

  25. It looks like twitter, isn’t that sad. maybe it’s the font or the lowercase-ness, maybe it’s the tt. I spend to much tiome online, I guess we can infer from theat

    So flutter, there’s a line in M Mahy’s 24 elephants, ‘butterfiles all flutter-byed’ and then I can’t remember the rest.

    By manx on 04.04.2009

  26. butterflies flutter, they are beautiful – they dont care wat anyone else things – fluttering is free and careless and wandering. its an art of not caring its an escape from urself and a trip through beauty its a form of expression

    By carina on 04.04.2009

  27. Birds, wings, butterflies, hearts. Many things flutter. I think fluttering is intrinsically linked to the wind, and though it sounds whimsical is actually related to a far deeper struggle. As you flutter you fight in a medium that lacks the density to support you, and make your way on your own.

    By Andrew Meare on 04.04.2009

  28. The paper is fluttering away

    By Vos on 04.04.2009

  29. the butterfly fluttered off into oblivion no one knew were it went or what it was doing but admired its beauty in the night sky.

    By KBG on 04.04.2009

  30. My heart flutters. He is standing there, pointing that knife at me and telling me to give him my money. I don’t have a dime on me. I have my debit card, but I’m not giving him that. Why did I come out here for a break all by myself? What am I going to do. He stabs at me. He missed. Didn’t he?

    By Lisa on 04.04.2009

  31. fluttering along the path of dreams, the butterfly joyfully floating along. All of a sudden out of the blue, a foot comes crashing down upon the poor butterfly. Going through his life as a caterpillar, to being in a cocoon, to being a butterfly. It was too short. Too sudden.

    By patrick leduc on 04.04.2009

  32. My heart is aflutter about an angel that I met a few days ago. Beautiful and strong, its name is Grace. I’m only human though so this love- is it real?

    By Kyle on 04.04.2009

  33. flutter, my heart flutters. i see that damned boy at pitter pat, pitter pat. the fluttering begins. it doesn’t end until he is long gone. the perfume he leaves behind…flutter. the apples, the oranges, the taste. fluttering my heart.

    By Emmagine on 04.04.2009

  34. butterlies go around and my hearting to the beat of its own drum. How could i love sooo hard that we cnt even be aprt for 24 hours. You makes me smile and ive nevr loved like this b4. U mean the world to me and i wanna be ur wife. Kids oooo kids

    By Tucora on 04.04.2009

  35. The butterflies wings pulsed in the light. Colors flexing, ripples of minute muscles working hard to keep the body afloat. Azul shadows mark the ground underneath the branch, slowly lightening as it flies away.

    By Kerry Rego on 04.04.2009

  36. In the corner of the yard, something flutters. I walk towards the forsythia bushes, to get a closer look, but nothing. Then I see another wiggle in the air to the right, by the daffodils. I run this time, but nothing. I’m beginning to think I’m going nuts, then a yellow spring of wings scribbles just past my nose, and my heart flutters.

    By Brian Slusher on 04.04.2009

  37. flutter away

    By ff on 04.04.2009