June 17th, 2014 | 62 Entries

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62 Entries for “billiards”

  1. We clicked together like a pair of billiard balls on the table of life. I don’t know what I would have done without you, although I suppose I have to try and figure that out. You’ve been gone a long time, but it still seems like yesterday that I found out. I still feel that loss so keenly, even if seeing your name doesn’t cause me to feel physical pain anymore. I may be lost without you, but at least it’s an adventure- the one thing you told me I needed on the day before you passed into the great beyond…

    By Excruciata on 06.18.2014

  2. Milliards of billiards. Many billiard balls falling, rolling downhill, hitting people, smashing cars’ rearview mirrors, breaking glass windows, celebrating anarchy and vivid colors.

    By Hank Moody URL on 06.18.2014

  3. we play billiards til dawn. the crackle and snap of the balls slamming into each other still haunts me. i hear the instant pop in my dreams. it pains me as with ever snap my heart breaks

    By Safon on 06.18.2014

  4. Werewolves playing billiards again at Sam’s. I hang back, watching. They’re pretty good; they’ll take you for a twenty or so. They’re not out for blood. Not like the kids in their hoodies, pretending to be sixteen. Now them, you need to watch out for. They’ll take you for everything you’ve got.

    By RS Bohn URL on 06.18.2014

  5. Billiards. She was playing billiards and I was just there, staring at the balls. Big shiny, smooth balls, reflecting faces of people all around.

    By Loulou on 06.18.2014

  6. I have never played billiards. I have, however played pool as a young person. I enjoyed it but never really was that good at it. It was fun to play with friends and I liked the competition. There were those who were exasperated with me for being so bad at it.

    By cn on 06.18.2014

  7. And then the crack, the break sounding sharp, scattering the whirls of smoke around the table like dust twisters across a dry, restless valley.

    By L on 06.18.2014

  8. its all in the angles. a bit like life, but with green felt. you must think ahead without really thinking. intuit and then do it. chalk this one up to a nice metaphor.

    By Lee on 06.18.2014

  9. Quels que soient ses peurs et ses désirs, ses ennuis du moment, Tom n’aimait rien de plus que de s’allonger sur le tapis verdoyant et doux d’un billard.

    By Narin on 06.18.2014

  10. Ziele, rechne, treffe,
    die Kugel rollt.
    Triffst du das Loch?
    Verfehlst du es knapp?
    Eine Frage des Glücks?
    Eine Frage des Könnens?
    Eine Frage der Technik?
    Es zählt nur eins-
    ist sie drinn oder nicht…

    By Anuri URL on 06.18.2014

  11. She was the last one in the room. Panting, she cried out as she took the long steak knife out of her thigh. It all started with a nice game of billards…

    By Chloe on 06.18.2014

  12. I know it’s a game I am not good at.

    By matt on 06.18.2014

  13. Accomplished, innovative, and goal-driven professional with 15+ years of significant and solid experience in facilities management, maintenance operations, and personnel supervision complimented with an excellent background in business and federal grant administration encompassing project scope development, pricing approvals, and space management. Strong administrative skills, including budgeting, project management, customer, and vendor relationships.

    By richard on 06.18.2014

  14. i was in pinamar playing billiards with my father and i hit the ball it road on the floor and crushed a window

    By lautaro on 06.18.2014

  15. it was a cold night, iwas in a bar playing billiards, i was qith my whola family and some friends, we were celebrating my birthday, it was a

    By Tomas Paladino on 06.18.2014

  16. Some men were playing billiards in a casino. One of them lost and got angry, very angry. His friend felt very bad.he should apologized but he didn’t

    By pilyyy on 06.18.2014

  17. One day I was with my friends at my house and we were verry bored so we started playing billiards. Most of my friends didnt know how to play so i explained them

    By Jimena on 06.18.2014

  18. I was with my brothers, yesterday at home playing billiards when I loose and I screamed that my brother was hateful. They stay all day playing billiards and that makes me hate them even more because THEY ONLY PLAY BILLIARD and nothing else

    By Belu URL on 06.18.2014

  19. I was on the bar of new zeland and a boy came in he said me that I was good billard player. And we played.

    By Delfina Urquizu on 06.18.2014

  20. Two many bad memories about this place, I thought. Gilly’s Bar & Grill used to be the favorite hangout of the missus and I. We were regular patrons, here pratically every night. Our corner of the world was the billiards table.

    By John URL on 06.18.2014

  21. We have corn, and … Well, I guess so. Please don’t feed the cars. It’s not for the sake of brevity. Thank you very much!

    By Jim Ranger on 06.18.2014

  22. with my family we started playing billarrds in my house mey brother didnt now how to play

    By Santi URL on 06.18.2014