July 9th, 2017 | 35 Entries

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35 Entries for “beware”

  1. beware of the bear
    and the cupbearer
    and the maiden fair

    brace yourselves
    Game of Thrones is coming!

    By cup on 07.09.2017

  2. Beware the man who cannot trust you but cannot be asked for answers.

    By Kerry Strong URL on 07.09.2017

  3. beware of the monster under the bed. beware of the monsters stuck in your head. beware of the lies that people have told. beware of snakes but remember be bold.

    By Lizzy on 07.09.2017

  4. Beware the jellyfish, said the sign on the beach. Lucas kicked it. He had been looking forward to going to the beach on hhis time off for a month, and now he couldn’t even go swimming. Beware the jellyfish. Why hadn’t jellyfish gone extinct years ago? For all the animals that had gone extinct in the last two decades couldn’t jellyfish be amongst them?

    By Zhelana on 07.09.2017

  5. Beware — Life can be great or it can be ugly. No matter how it goes, it’s how you react to it that is important. I had a great time this weekend, followed by some disappointment. Nothing would change that disappointment, so why let it bother me. Why not just accept what is.

    By Sherri on 07.09.2017

  6. The Skeleton king carefully weighed the sand in his bony hands. He carefully poured out enough to match the weight of the idol. BEWARE beneath the idol’s feet. “Ancient English?” The Skeleton King wondered aloud. Just the the boulder began to roll. The Skeleton King fell into a pile of bones and laughed at the ludicrousy of the trap. He swept the idol up in his hands and laughed.

    By Rover on 07.09.2017

  7. Beware friends who are not there for you. Beware heartache caused by heartache. Beware loneliness when you desperately want to be alone. Beware caring about those who don’t care enough to care about you. Think before it.

    By Mara on 07.09.2017

  8. i love animals more than anything, they can be cute and sweet but they can also be dangeruos. in life animals are not used to seeing human beings, nor are they used to being priveldged with safety like we are. they have to fight for themselves and that means against anything they feel threatended by.

    By Taylor on 07.09.2017

  9. sometimes animals can be very scary but so can humans. beware of them and their animalistic ways. animals aren’t always scary, they can be quite loving too humans on the other hand, are scary.

    By tory breaux on 07.09.2017

  10. She could still taste the sirens words on her teeth. It made her quiver as she relived what she knew had to be the last encounter they shared, as she heard that voice replay once more. “Beware.”

    By ramjetstardust on 07.09.2017

  11. Beware of the flying monkeys. They are crazy fast and as if something flying and trying to kill you werent bad enough already: This is a whole fricking monkey with thumbs and teeth!

    By Rachel on 07.09.2017

  12. never knew to be scared
    scar tellin me beware
    Do i dare be the bearer of terror through nightmares
    Or do i hide in the shadow of fear it aint fair

    By Eric James West on 07.09.2017

  13. The woods were dangerous around these times. Not even the bravest of men would be willing to go out on a night like this. The crows were cawing, the sky was devoid of any and all stars, and it was eerily silent. Anyone would brains would know not to go inside. And if they didn’t have any internal signals that went off just being near them, there was a large sign with a single word spray-painted in red: BEWARE!

    By MissRainbow13 on 07.09.2017

  14. Keep your eye out just in case there is something dangerous. You need to be safe while exploring, and no risks can be made. Be cae

    By cece on 07.09.2017

  15. “Look, I missed seeing the sign! I was walking, looking straight ahead, like I usually do. I didn’t see anything that said ‘Beware.’ As soon as I got past the doorway, I heard the growling. I figured that it was a dog. The last thing that I expected was a werewolf. How was I supposed to know that they were real?” How was I supposed to know that they had a support group for new Lycanthropes?

    By MsShel330 on 07.09.2017

  16. The forest are too dangerous to be exploring. Even throughout the night, when the moon awakes. Darkness spreads around and leaves you alone. BEWARE!!

    By cece on 07.09.2017

  17. The worn down sign no longer told me to beware of the dog; in fact, the text was so worn down that it looked merely like a black smudge from a distance, with no Beware or Dog or Of The to speak of. Still, I could hear the rattling of a chain behind the fence, as well as a low, subtle stream of growling that didn’t seem to stop, not even when I was about two houses away.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.09.2017

  18. Beware of the mist. It doesn’t always have time to warn you of its toxicity, but it tries. It tries so it doesn’t have to kill you. It never wanted to be anyone’s end, but it can’t help what it’s become.

    By Kimberly Loftis on 07.09.2017

  19. There was a bear that was native to the forest it had a sign the had in bold letters the word beware there is dangerous animals around here

    By Ethan on 07.10.2017

  20. I’m beware of wolfs and lions.

    I beware o people hitting me.

    By Jessie URL on 07.10.2017

  21. beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware be

    By Fiona Sun on 07.10.2017

  22. beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware beware

    By Fiona Sun on 07.10.2017

  23. “Beware of tiger!”

    By Jessie URL on 07.10.2017

  24. “Beware of tiger!”kirra said.

    By Jessie URL on 07.10.2017

  25. The chamber of secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir… beware.

    A sentence could change a life, but none I know could’ve changed my seven-year-old me this much. If this little sentence hadn’t been there at the right moment, I wouldn’t be alive.

    Funny, how history always finds a way to move on.

    By Anastasia on 07.10.2017

  26. beware

    By jason on 07.10.2017

  27. Beware of the fire

    By jason on 07.10.2017

  28. Beware of some of the posts on this site… you might think that others out there are like you, enjoying a small challenge to write for sixty seconds. So you read a few posts and realize that not everyone has your standards where vulgarity and hateful content is concerned. Makes me not want to read other posts sometimes, so just… beware.

    By C on 07.10.2017

  29. beware

    By Liz on 07.10.2017

  30. She ignored the sign and ducked under the fence after him. “Will you get back here please?” she hissed.
    He laughed, too loudly, and she shushed him. He was too far away to make out, but she knew his warm brown eyes were gleaming with joy. “Come on, sweetie, it’s fun.”
    “Don’t you dare call me sweetie.”

    By Bridget Grace on 07.10.2017

  31. Beware. The word ran through my mind in endless circles. That was the last word my father had said before he ran out into the world to fight the diseased. I still had no idea what it meant but I knew it must have been important, he wouldn’t waste his last words.

    By Tammy Fox on 07.10.2017

  32. Stop running towards them. Beware they are evil. THey destroyed me broke me and now they are trying to end you too. I will protect you. I have to protect you. You cannot let them harm you, I must be there always. This will kill me to write this letter. Leave it there and let you see it before you enter. Don’t go. stay with those you love. Stay. Beware

    By Elizabeth on 07.10.2017

  33. Look out
    on your guard
    kept on your toes

    By Mandy on 07.10.2017

  34. Beware of the fire that can catch if you’re not careful. You will either burn something to the ground or start a dream that you will forever chase. Just beware.

    By HHB on 07.10.2017

  35. warning, it’s really scary past this point. keep going if you want to but i’m just letting you know, it’s pretty rough after this. sure, whatever. keep going i don’t care. but you were warned. good luck, i wish you the best.

    By Caroline on 07.10.2017