March 10th, 2016 | 81 Entries

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81 Entries for “believe”

  1. I believe in you* said friend. Okay* what do I do..* said Tina. Watch?* I said.

    By Ruby URL on 03.10.2016

  2. I believe that the world is a much better place than what we credit it . There are amazing people all around, if only we look out for them.

    By lingo on 03.10.2016

  3. Do you believe in yourself, she was asked during her job interview. She hesitated. That was a hard question. To be honest, no, she replied sadly.

    By Bluered on 03.10.2016

  4. Religion. It’s funny isn’t it? How one person can believe such a completely bazaar idea that you completely disregard. And it doesn’t matter how certain someone can be of their faith. They don’t really know. No one can ever really know, even if you think you know, you don’t know. You can’t possible know until you die, or maybe we know pre-birth. I don’t know.

    By BA on 03.10.2016

  5. I believe, you believe in what, and will I make a better life for myself because of my beliefs? The Question is not whether I believe, but rather after believing in a statue or command, will I be a better person.

    By victor URL on 03.10.2016

  6. Everytime I expressed my doubts, there was this quiet voice whispering at the back of my mind to “believe”. it might not be much, but “believe”…believe in yourself, believe in the power of positivity, believe because you will “be” able to “live” then

    By Sree on 03.10.2016

  7. I think the hardest part about believing in something is believing in it even when you know you’re only believing in it because it’s what your heart needs to hear. Some things we need to tell ourselves, even if they’re not true, and we need our hearts to believe them.

    By Archanza on 03.10.2016

  8. ” I believe I can do it,” she said, ” I’ve done it at my house.”

    By Katy on 03.10.2016

  9. “Do you beLIEVE in life after love?” came the belted lyric, screeching into my room through the clock radio speakers. Time to wake up and see if, maybe today, I can find my answer.

    By Emily Brien on 03.10.2016

  10. I never believed in love at first sight, laughing at the dreamy gaze of hopeless romantics and scoffing at the sweeping plots in storybooks, but the way my heart leaped over each rapid beat of joy when you looked my way and the way my fingers shook in anticipation, aching to pull you close, when you first shook my hand, made me cling on to the belief such a thing was possible.
    Even more so, I hoped you believed in it too.

    By Ami on 03.10.2016

  11. She does not believe this (this reality or the shadowy echoes of it). She does not see the smile in his eyes or the sweet sound of his laughter. She can not. She cries.

    By I_have_no_words on 03.10.2016

  12. Unicorns are real, I believe. I mean, why cant they be real? They’re freaking awesome!

    By Em on 03.10.2016

  13. “I believe I am next.”
    “An act of faith, I am sure.”
    “Dance with me.”
    “I will not.”
    “Why not?”
    “Simply because I do not want to, plainly because I never want to, and always because I do not want YOU.”

    By Bridget Grace on 03.10.2016

  14. I believe that if you practice hare at something then you can achieve almost anything! Although no matter how hard you try you can not fly. Or you can not

    By Caden on 03.10.2016

  15. I believe that the dinosaurs might not have eaten plants or meat because there were no people alive then that have survived from that time.

    By Caden on 03.10.2016

  16. Some kids believe that if they try hard enough that they can do almost anything but they cant fly no matter what.

    By Caden on 03.10.2016

  17. Believe in God. Believe that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the Hope for us. Our only hope. Without him, we are nothing. Believe that you can do all things through him who gives you strength.

    By Me URL on 03.10.2016

  18. she stopped believing in god a little after she turned 16, a benevolent god, anyway. her god was right outside that door. she wasn’t going to worship him. when she found out she was pregnant, she started praying again.

    By bridget on 03.10.2016

  19. what else can you do when nothing else is working?

    By Vic Rose on 03.10.2016

  20. Believing is dreaming and my dreams are nightmares.

    By Nikana on 03.10.2016

  21. believe is….. what… what should I write about it. ok… still have time? I believe.. believe is some entity of thought that has been made by experiences and intuitions

    By Joy on 03.10.2016

  22. “Breathe, breathe, breathe darling, breathe.”

    She whispers the words under her own shortened breath like a prayer; fingers rubbing circles into the sobbing boy’s back rather harder than the child probably wanted, but it was the only way to stop her hands from shaking.

    “Everything’s gonna be okay.”

    By Saya URL on 03.10.2016

  23. belive in yourself. belive in others, have others believe in you. Belive in God, trust him. Belive in yourself, you will do great things. Belive that everyone has a story. belive that hope exists. Belive in faith, bleive in trust, belive in hope for the future, and today. Belive in fatih and love and hope.

    By Amanda Harder on 03.10.2016

  24. “what are you doing,” asked the girl as she walked up to her friend, “Beliving,” her friend replied. “Ok, in what?” “In God.”

    By Amanda on 03.10.2016

  25. Believe said her friends
    Believe said her family
    Believe said the birds
    believe said every one
    Ok she said but in what?

    By Amanda on 03.10.2016

  26. my mom believes that i cant sing this week at my church why because im behind in my school how dumb can people get that job is my LIFE SERIOUSLY this is to crazy this isnt even funny how come shell let my brothers do anything uuuuggggg

    By mackenzie grace URL on 03.10.2016

  27. “I believe that everything happens for a reason,” she said and she closed her eyes and took a drag of her cigarette.
    I stared at her and thought, “bullshit. Last week, she would have believed that we are all in control of our own destiny. That nothing happens by chance.

    By Kerry on 03.10.2016

  28. She sat down, scanning the room for anything that would help her out. The dark walls were surrounding her. “I believe that this is the end of my life..”

    By Kellian McKenna on 03.10.2016

  29. She sat down, scanning the room for anything that would help her out. The dark walls were surrounding her. “I believe that this is the end of my life..” She desperately searched for something to cut the chains she was attached to. She found nothing but an old razor blade, and she realized what she had to do. The chain will not cut, but her skin will.

    By Kellian McKenna on 03.10.2016

  30. I believe in websites working properly. This one is not among those. Though I also believe that it soon shall be among the properly working websites of the world. I suppose I should never have upgraded in the first place. At least it worked before.

    By oneword URL on 03.10.2016

  31. To believe is to have faith in something or someone. When you believe that anything can happen it can.

    By Christy on 03.10.2016

  32. To believe in something is to put your trust in that certain thing. A person, place, or animals are examples of something you would put your belief in.

    By lucy on 03.10.2016

  33. I never considered myself much of a believer in anything, until late one night when I was too depressed to sleep. I squinted shut my eyes, which were sore from crying, and realized that there must be something out there. Not necessarily a Creator, but more of a Force that connects us all together.

    By Anne B. on 03.10.2016


    By cowmom on 03.10.2016

  35. I walked down the marbled steps. The wind swirled the leaves from tree to air to ground, again and again. I turned the corner on the end of the block. I heard the bells chime. A funeral. Goodbye to the soul. Goodbye to my belief.

    By pontificatori on 03.10.2016

  36. I believe in things that many people choose not to believe in. I believe in Santa Claus and in miracles. I believe in my Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ. I believe things happen for a reason. We may not know the reason until later though.

    By Kim on 03.10.2016

  37. I believe I am not made for this kind of world, but I also believe that noone really is. Noone is prepared, but belief is what keeps us strong. Whatever faith one has, believing in something is, I think, the best power someone can have. So even in the darkest times, I will make myself believe in something, anything. And everything will be okay.

    By Luna on 03.10.2016

  38. I wanted to believe that everything was going to be okay. I wanted to believe that Wayne would wake up from his coma; that my mother would stop drinking long enough to see straight when she visited him in the hospital; that my father, as arthritic and hunched over as he was, could get away from both the physical and emotional pain. At this point, however, that sort of hope had gotten away from me. It was like trying to catch sunlight and keep it in a jar.

    In the meantime, I stayed by Wayne’s side and listened to the beeps and whirs of the machines that kept him breathing and his heart rate steady; I didn’t want to be anywhere else.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.10.2016

  39. It is an easy thing to believe that life will never get better; that people are basically evil; it’s an easy road to take toward vowing that you’ll never have faith again in God or your country or your family or even in the guy you get your coffee from in the truck. It’s easy to walk away from hope and reject change and live in a place of gloom and bad thinking and cursing out your fellow man. God only knows they give you plenty of reason to believe they just plain stink. This happens especially in the middle of election years, when anybody and everybody promises you things that they can never, ever give you. Better jobs, more money, peace in our time. Once, they promised to ban the bomb and stop sending troops to fight wars and killing each other. They never do it. Not because they lie, but because they’ve got so much hubris, they believe that they can actually do it. Which, as time has proven over and over again, they can’t do without taking a bullet to the head and becoming martyrs. If the 60’s taught us anything, it’s that, if you believe in something that people with a lot of money and power don’t want, and don’t want you or anyone else to have, you are going to most certainly die. Maybe you’ll become a martyr. Maybe they’ll put your picture on a some kind of currency. But that doesn’t change the fact that you will never live on this earth again or see your family or smell the summer air or do anything we humans all love to do. Politicians, like everyone else, learned a long time ago that dying for what you believe is just not worth it. And there’s a sort of trickle down that happens with that. Would you go out there and put your neck on the line so some nut could make sure you never did it again? It takes a certain kind of person not to be afraid to believe in something. That’s why you will never see the likes of Martin Luther King or Gandhi ever again. And why it’s easy to believe that this world is pretty much headed for oblivion. Well do your best not to believe it. It’s all you have. And all your children have.

    By ruby on 03.10.2016

  40. I never really believed in devoting myself to god, even if I do think there are gods in this world. It’s just something I find redundant. Stupid, maybe. Is it not enough to just.. believe?

    By Kisshy URL on 03.10.2016